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What is Domestic Violence?
Domestic Violence is a pattern of abusive
behavior used by one person to gain power
and control over another in a relationship.
This happens in all relationships, marital or
cohabiting, in all sorts of social, racial, religious, ethnic, economic or educational status and sexual orientation.
"Man cannot free himself from
violence rather than through
Mahatma Gandhi.
Indian politician and philosopher
The abuse may be in different forms such as
sexual, verbal, emotional and financial.
If you think your relationship fits this pattern, please read the following stages of domestic violence.
The Domestic Violence Cycle
The violence in the relationship has a cycle
with three phases. These are presented one
after another and are constantly repeated.
There is no excuse for abuse
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1st phase: Tensions accumulate, the woman tries to
maintain her aggressor
comfortable to avoid him from
2nd phase: The aggressor
explodes with any pretext, blaming
the woman of his reaction. The
aggressor makes the victim think
that she deserves the punishment..
3rd phase: Honeymoon. The
aggressor regrets his actions and
asks for forgiveness. She believes
him because she thinks it will not
happen again. However, the
situation will be repeated over and
over, each time with greater risk
for the victim.
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1. Accumulation of Tensions Stage.
In this first stage tensions build. She is
afraid because she feels and knows that the
man is about to explode, and it can be
about anything; everything that happens at
home gets him angry, small things like the
meal not being on time, or that the children
play, cry or laugh out loud. Despite all her
efforts keeping him comfortable, tension
continues to rise and the aggressor is increasingly irritable. Other factors are criticism, mocks, keeping the victim isolated
from friends and family, controlling everything she does, etc..
2. Phase of violent explosion or acute
At this stage the abuser loses control and
explodes against the victim, assaulting her
physical, psychological or sexually, or all of
the above, blaming her for the attack, because according to the aggressor, the woman
caused his reaction and therefore deserves
the punishment.
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Program for Domestic Violence Prevention
We can help:
• One on one Counseling;
• Group Counseling;
• Education about Domestic Violence;
• Planning safety measures;
• Shelter Information
• A place you can ask for help.
For more information,
Call (609) 518-7171
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all the family!
Domestic violence is an extremely serious
issue. It can have a huge range of consequences if it is not dealt with ASAP.
It is NOT “OK”.
Domestic violence affects the whole family. It never resolves conflicts, only creates more problems between families.
3. Honeymoon Phase or Reconciliation.
At this stage the offender repents and apologizes to the victim, she believes him because
she thinks another violent event won´t ever
happen again, but the cycle occurs again and
again, until something fatal happens. Years
may even pass and this cycle repeats with
increasing violence, leaving serious psychological and physical consequences, resulting
even on the death of the victim or victims.
Domestic violence affects
It can be physical, emotional or mental,
from man to woman, woman to man, father to siblings.
Domestic Violence does not discriminate
on race, color, age, or sex.
Program for Domestic Violence Prevention