reaching the lost and un

First Baptist Church
of Gravel Ridge
Volume 3, Issue 1
January 2015
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Tim Reed,
Senior pastor
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Eric Roberts,
Youth Pastor
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Joe Botwinick,
Worship Pastor
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Bobetta Grove,
Administrative Assistant
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Rachael Bates,
Financial Assistant
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Many years ago as
young adults, Renee and I
were blessed to have had a
pastor named Dr. Jerry Creek
and he was the king of “one
liners”. One of those “one
liners” that we heard often
was: “We live life forward,
but we understand it backwards.” Meaning that as we
live our lives forward we are
to live it faithfully trusting the
Lord, but it’s often not until
we look backwards and reflect upon all the circumstances and God’s provision
for each one that we fully
comprehend how God prepared the path and carried us
all the way.
As we begin the new
year, it’s exciting to anticipate
what is on the horizon for our
church for 2015. It’s also
amazing to look back at 2014
and reflect and realize how
God’s hand has been at work
in our church.
As it is way to often in
every church and that is trying to be obedient to God’s
call to reach the lost world,
FBC Gravel Ridge faced
great adversity in 2014. In
First Peter 5:8-9 we are told
to “Be sober, be vigilant;
because your adversary
the devil walks about like a
roaring lion, seeking whom
he may devour. Resist him,
steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by
your brotherhood in the
Satan tried to stunt the
growth of believers, discourage and divide families, and
prevent the growth of the
Kingdom. Yet FBCGR
reached out to many, we
engaged our community on
multiple occasions, sent a
mission team to Oklahoma,
and we saw new growth in
the Kingdom with salvations
and new growth in the church
As we look forward to the
ministries that God has for us
in 2015, there will again be
mission team opportunities,
block parties, and outreach
events for the purpose of
reaching the lost and unchurched world. You can
pray, you can give, and you
can actively involve you and
your family in the Kingdom’s
work. I encourage you to
pray about how the Lord
would have you invest your
time, talent, and money into
His ministry of reconciling the
world to Him through Christ.
There is an spiritual avalanche happening in society
today of which most church
members are not aware.
While we sit comfortably in
our churches and sing the
songs of our faith, the millennial generation is running
away from God at an alarming rate. They need to see a
church on fire for Christ, living and giving themselves in
service to the King, sacrificing comfort and cash to reach
a lost and dying world.
So what will 2015 look
like in the “rear view mirror”?
Like 2014, or like something
we can’t explain because
used us, His willing servants,
for His glory and purpose.
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Volume 3, Issue 1
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Saturday, March 7, 2015
Park Hill Baptist
Church, NLR
Cost: $25.00
Price includes dynamic
speakers, engaging worship,
lunch and breakout sessions
designed to inspire and
encourage the women
of your church.
Registration will open at on
January 26, 2015.
A Cooperative Program &
Dixie Jackson Missions
Offering Event of the Mission
Team and Evangelism &
Church Health Team.
First Baptist Church
of Gravel Ridge
CWJC of Central Arkansas will begin classes on Tuesday, January 27.
Classes and Bible study with Encourager/mentors will occur on
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon for eight
9:15 am Sunday School
10:30am Morning Worship
5:00 pm Evening Worship
6:00 pm Choir Rehearshal
9:00 am Quilters & Sowers
6:30 pm Trail Life USA
5:00 pm Evening Meal
5:40 pm Childrens Activities
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Christian Women’s Job Corps of Central Arkansas
1432 Highway 107
Jacksonville, AR 72076
Phone: 501.835.2644
fax: 501.835.5886
[email protected]:
Volume 3, Issue 1
Women who are 18 years old or older, drug and alcohol free, and are in
need of job and/or life skills are eligible for participation. Participants
must fill out an application and will have an intake interview for admittance to CWJC.
Pastors and staff members, or church members may refer women to us for the program.
Applications can be picked up at the NPBA Missions and Ministry Center during normal
business hours.
We are still in need of committed prayer partners, instructors, help with the career clothing
closet, and Encourager/mentors to have weekly one-on-one Bible study with the participants.
The time commitment for most volunteers will be to serve one hour per week. Please contact
Carla Whittington to help or to learn more about the CWJC. Please share this information with
your women’s ministry team leaders or Sunday School leaders. Also, please be in prayer for
this Associational ministry as we work together to equip, encourage, and empower women for
self-sufficiency and finding God’s plan for their lives.
Needed: Volunteers to lead a lady through an eight week Bible Study.
Training will be will be held January 20th—10:00 a.m.
6:00 pm Youth Study
6:15 pm Adult Bible Study
January 4
January 11
Marci Simpson
Ashley Erwin,
Jean & Charles Hensel,
Lisa Goldstein,
January 18
January 25
Sheryl Taylor
Carrie Becker
Cathy Friedl
John McCann