Newsletter - Ancient City RC Flyers

Editor: Mike Ortmayer
Volume No. 22
“Safety is No Accident”
Issue No. 3
Date: March 2015
Ancient City R/C Flyers, Inc AMA #2075
P.O. Box 346, St. Augustine, FL 32085-0436
President: Steve Braxton
[email protected]
Vice President: Paul Oakes
[email protected]
Wx Info:
St. Augustine Airport – 904-824-7084
February Meeting:
Secretary: Mike Ortmayer
[email protected]
Treasurer: Bob Colpitts
Email address not available
Safety Coordinator: Sterling Hart
[email protected]
Field Marshall: Alex Gaillard
President Steve Braxton was not present for the
meeting. The meeting was called to order by Paul
Oakes, the Vice President @ 6:35PM with 16
members with 1 guest present.
The minutes from the January meeting were
read and a motion was made to accept with no
additions, deletions or corrections.
[email protected]
Upcoming Mowing Schedule :
March: 1- Don Peirce
2- Vacant
1- Warren Vanderwell
2- Vacant
1- Sterling Hart
2- Mark Edwards
The complete 2015 Mowing Schedule is available
on the club website at the following link:
The 2015 schedule will be passed around in the
January’s meeting again to fill in the blanks. As you
can see above, there are plenty of vacancies for
mowing this year. If you are interested in helping
the club out with the duty of moving the field, please
email me at [email protected]
You can also contact Alex Gaillard as well if
you are interested at [email protected]
Upcoming Meetings:
The final meeting will be held at the St. Johns
County Library.
March 10 , DuPont Center Library
Bob Colpitts gave the Treasury report.
If you would like to make a donation to any of our
future projects and/or picnic tables, please mail them
to the club’s mail box: ATTN: Bob Colpitts
P.O. Box 346
St. Augustine, Fl
Nothing to report
Alex was not present to give a report. To the best
knowledge from the attending members, there were
no issues that came to mind.
Sterling presented a new list of field rules which
incorporated the new rule of “No spinning props
under the sunshade”. It was distributed to the
members for review. Sterling made a motion and
was seconded by Toni for them to be set as the
club’s new field rules. The vote was unanimously in
favor. The 2015 AMA rules as well as the new club
rules will be posted at the field. A new graphic
depicting the field markings will also be uploaded to
the website.
Joe Lippo was not present and not able to give a
report with Sterling on the new category that they
have been working on. Steve Braxton tabled the
topic in an earlier meeting and it still stands. A report
will be given when they are both present.
Some Useful links:
Members were reminded again that the final
suspense for the club dues is last day in February.
Members were also reminded to renew their AMA
membership. Toni asked when the members voted
on changing the meeting from 0900 to 1000. He
thought maybe he missed that day. A proposal to
change it back was put out on the floor. Bob made a
motion to move it back to 0900, but it didn’t receive a
second. The motion failed and the meetings remain
at 1000.
The newest addition to the field, 80 feet of shade!!
The last winter meeting will be on March 10th.
Future meetings will be back at Parker Field set for
10:00AM the second Saturday of every month.
The next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April
11th, 2015 at 10:00AM.
A motion to adjourn was made by Bill and
seconded by Toni. The meeting was adjourned
at 7:17PM.
The link below will take you to the Flying Giants
page that published the article on our 3D event.
The 50/50 raffle was won by Dave Millonig.
Have something that you want to sell trade or give
away? Email me at [email protected] and I will
get it in the upcoming newsletters.
The story of PBY-5A CATALINA (Strawberry 5)
discovery and restoration for the US Navy museum
in San Diego can be viewed from the link below. It’s
a great story pertaining to the Battle of Midway and
the turning point in the Pacific Theater of WWII.
Upcoming local events
See what’s happening in our neighboring clubs:
Click on the links below
Fly-in will be at the Seahawk Airport on March 21 &
22, 2015. For more information please visit
The “FLORIDA PRO BRO 3D EVENT” Fly-in will be on
March 13, 14 and 15. It will be hosted by Flagler
Rams and sponsored by Wrong