Events schedule Sunday February 8, 2015

Sunday 8th Event Schedule
Main Stage
Business Hub
Lens Hub
Equipment Hub
Fashion Hub
Claire Daniel
Garry Kousoulou
Debbie Harrison
Rick Allbrook
Fashion Show
Urgent referrals for an
ophthalmic A&E
Social media: communication
for the 21st century
“Catch the falling star”:
handling patients with
mobility problems
It’s all about the people:
Busting the myths about
severe sight loss and blindness
Tim Moore
Ask an Expert
Timothy Shakespeare
Mark Kirby
Simon Burgess
Peter Black
Dementia: understanding the
needs of patients in a clinical
Macular pigment & vision:
making good vision,
Maximising sales
opportunities without
the hard sell
Should you really be sending
that away? Repairs and
rimless workshop
Try before you buy
Fashion Show
Walter Berwick
What’s the future of
wearable tech?
Peter Coffey
Nick Atkins
Ceri Smith Jaynes
Stemming vision loss
using stem cells
Patient loyalty’s not good
enough: creating patient
Peer Review with the AOP
Brian Tompkins &
David Bennett
Ask an Expert
Tanya Storey
100% optometry
gastronomy LIVE
Try before you buy
Wendy Sethi
Trust me, you are so
going to want contact
Ten ways to increase
your profits and
reduce your tax bill
Compliance: the secrets
of success
Natalie Edwards
Ask an Expert
Andrew Logan
Caroline Christie
& Peter Karvik
What it really means to
manage dry eye, in practice
Tricks and tools of
the trade
Elaine Grisdale
Dare to be different: creating
opportunities with bespoke
Fashion Show
Frame Workshop
drop in
Paediatric spectacle fitting
skills workshop
John Wild
Let’s face it: impairments of
face perception for eye care
‘Amazing Spaces’: the
Optician’s hut
Pearse Keane
100% OCT - Optical
Coherence Tomography
imaging, the basics
and beyond
Marc Bennett
Walter Berwick
Tricks and tools of
the trade
Prescription lenses in
wrap frames
Eric Papas
Frame Workshop
A FORUM® for combined
structural and functional
assessment in the detection
and management of POAG
Nick Dash
360 Vision’ from the eyes of
elite athletes
Fashion Show
Jim Smith
Fiona Halliday
Five fascinating findings
from mystery shoppers
RX analysis and solutions
for today’s dynamic
Event Partners
Frame Workshop
drop in
Walter Berwick
Tricks and tools of
the trade
Charity Partner