WHAP Period 4 Unit Test specific study guide

WHAP Period 4 Unit Test - Study Guide 1450 – 1750
Maps and Images
Spanish Colonial Empire
Spread of silver from the Americas
Catholic vs. Protestant Europe map
Habsburg (Hapsburgs) land and Charles V map
Taj Mahal
Hagia Sophia (mosque version)
Drawing of a Brazilian sugar plantation
Native American effects from the Columbian exchange
Racial paintings from Latin America
Importance of the Virgin of Guadeloupe as a symbol of
Pacific trade route to Manila
W. Europe and maritime expansion
Spanish colonization in Philippines vs. Portuguese trading in Indian Ocean
British East India Company (India) vs. Dutch East India Company (Indonesia)
Protestant Reformation and women
Printing press and ideas
Encouragement of reading and the reformation
Colonization and global connections
European universities and the Scientific Revolution
Renaissance and Reformation leads to the Scientific Rev
Race relations and interracial unions in N vs S America
Native Americans and Spanish (early interactions)
Early Spanish economy
Catholicism and native religious beliefs
Slavery in N vs S America
British colonies in N vs Spanish/Portuguese colonies in S (European traditions)
Peak of the Atlantic Slave Trade – which years? Century?
Most Africans sent to…
Catholics vs. Protestants in colonies throughout the Americas
Europeans reaction to African religions
African slave kidnappers
European merchants
Portuguese forts
Slavery different from the past; based on what…
Ivan III and the Mongols
Peter I and Westernization
Catherine the Great and government
Success of Catholicism in the Philippines
End of the nomadic peoples in central Asia due to…
European trading vs. Asian commercial networks (water-based)
Global silver trade, China vs. Japan
Wang Yangming and Confucianism
Influence of European science
Global silver trade, China vs. Japan
Shogun attitude towards Christians
Discovery of silver mines in Japan
Influence of European science
Origins of…
Christian children/boys
Spread of Islam into Balkans
Global silver trade, effects on Ottomans
Influence of European science
Origins of…
Russian children/boys
Abbas I and trade
Origins of…
Akbar and Hinduism
Bhakti and society in India
Islamic World
Slavery and status in military
Wahhabi movement
Sikh and Islam
Sikh and gender equality
Sikhism and defense of beliefs