Introduction to CCMS

Introduction to CCMS
Once you have registered and been issued with your username and password, navigate to the ‘LAA Online
- Portal Sign In’ screen by following this address: and click on the Log in
to the LAA online portal link on the right of the home page.
View the Terms & Conditions before logging in.
The List of Services shows a list of LAA Systems and the roles available within each.
If you are an existing LAA Online user, your username and password will remain the same.
Enter your username and
N.B. Click the request a new
password link to change your
password or unlock a frozen
From the Forgotten Password
screen enter the user name and
email address.
Contact Online Support if an
email is not received within 5
NOTE: If you have access to more than one LAA Online System, you will see a list of available applications
– simply select CCMS. If you only have access to CCMS you will be directed straight to the CCMS home
Introduction to CCMS – Quick Guide
Version 1.5 24/03/2015
Introduction to CCMS
Click the Home tab to return to
this screen from any screen
within CCMS.
Click Create Request to send the
LAA a non-case/non-application
related query.
Click Start a New Application to
create a new application for
Click Your Actions and
Notifications on the main black
navigation bar to access actions and
Alternatively, you can use the
separate links under the Your
Actions and Notifications heading
on the top left of the homepage to
access actions or notifications.
To search for cases and applications
use the Search for Cases or
Applications section on the top right
of the homepage or the Your Cases
and Applications on the main black
navigation bar.
Introduction to CCMS – Quick Guide
Version 1.5 24/03/2015