SGA Meeting Minutes Meeting was called to order by President

SGA Meeting Minutes
Meeting was called to order by President Cody Boone at 4:05pm. Attendance was taken.
Quorum was met.
Officer Reports:
Judicial: “Move to appoint Delegate Glover to the investigatory committee”
WVCU seconded; Motion passed
Board of Governors: No meeting last week; if any organizations have any ideas for summer
camps, please see the Board of Governors representative after the meeting
Faculty Senate: Met on Monday
Secretary: If you are close to losing your voting rights for SGA, I will attempt to contact you via
the number provided or through Facebook if I can.
Parliamentarian: Film Society has lost voting rights
Ombudsman: Received a complaint about not having enough snow days
Business Manager: Did not attend the meeting; no budgets to discuss
Vice President: Be sure to attend your committee meetings. If you have any questions or
concerns for the SGA Executives, we now have a working e-mail that you can reach us
at [email protected]. Also, if you are interested in running for an executive position, please pick
up a shadowing form. Update on the project, we will be painting paw prints for organizations,
starting from CVS to the campus, on April 27th.
President: If you are interested in an executive position, please pick up a shadowing form. Also,
attend your committee meetings.
Committee Reports:
Safety/ADA: No Report
Beckley: No Report
Commuter: No Report
CUSAC: Did not meet last week due to snow, will discuss prep days
Ethics/Affairs: Meeting this week to discuss the Code of Ethics
Higher Education: No Report; Did not attend
Housing/Dining: No Report
Publicity: No Report
Technology: Still working on the mobile version of MyCU, will bring updates as they
Unfinished Business:
New Business:
Vice President: “Move to appoint the AST rep Laken Sutton, Sigma Tau Gamma rep Billy
Tomblin and SAC rep Brad Gibson to the Election Committee”
Delegate Chisholm seconded; Motion Passed
Student Conduct Officer: “Move to appoint Delegate J. Miller to the Arbitor position.”
AST seconded; Motion passed
Vice President: “Move for a 5 minute recess to meet with the investigatory committee.”
AST seconded; Motion passed
**Meeting recessed at 4:24pm, called back to order at 4:29pm**
Phi Alpha Delta: “In the best interests of PAD, I, Saul Harlow, had decided to take over
representation of PAD and announce my verbal resignation as Delegate.”
**Apologies from the Secretary of SGA for getting the minutes from the last meeting
out so late. Could not get them out due to the computer wiping and other personal
Meeting adjourned at 4:34pm
Christian Bell-Osinkosky