Megaflo flat pipe drainage system

Western Highway, Gordon (VIC)
Megaflo® flat pipe drainage system
Victoria’s rural arterial roads are the lifeblood of
a number of major Victorian industries. They
provide vital links between regional centres and
more remote communities.
The Western Highway at Gordon is part of the
principle road transport link between Melbourne
and Adelaide. The highway carries a high
proportion of commercial vehicles and also
provides tourist access to Ballarat, The
Grampians, various wineries and Adelaide itself.
Access along the Western Highway has been
and is being improved by various overpasses
and major highway deviations to bypass small
rural towns. The works at Gordon involved the
rehabilitation of 7.9 kilometres of the Ballarat
bound carriageway. The contract was a design
and construct package and included subsoil
drainage of both sides of the carriageway.
Geofabrics engineers offered Megaflo® 300mm
pipe to the successful contractor as an
alternative to the Class 1000mm round pipe.
Megaflo® 300 was approved by VicRoads and
incorporated into the design of the project.
Incorporating Megaflo® 300 into the overall
project proved to be an attractive alternative with
significant cost savings in backfill, materials and
excavation costs. The overall savings were in
the order of 14%.
Megaflo® 300 is ideal for pavements constructed
on low and even gradients creating rapid flows
as opposed to conventional drains where
settlement of silt occurs at low flows, which can
result in reduced flow capacity or in the worstcase total blockage.