“We, who are many, are One Body.” Our Mission

26th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Sep. 29, 2013
“We, who are many, are One Body.”
1 Corinthians 10:17
Our Mission
We, the people of St. Anthony of Padua,
are a joyful Roman Catholic Community.
We believe Our Lord calls us beyond membership
to become His true disciples
and live as One Body in Christ.
Therefore, we choose to use our unique gifts
to build a welcoming, interconnected
gathering of the faithful that will be a beacon,
a light to the world.
St. Anthony
Adopted on September 8, 1998
Birthday of Our Lady
Stephen Wilson, Stained Glass Artist
Monday & Friday: 9AM
Tuesday & Thursday: 9AM & 6:45PM
Wednesday : 6AM & 9AM
Saturday: 10AM (Daily), 5PM (Vigil)
Sunday: 7AM, 9AM, 11AM, and 6PM(Life Teen)
Horario de misas en español: Todos los domingos a
la 1PM.
Holy Day Vigil Mass: 7PM (the evening before)
Holy Days: 6AM, 9AM, 7PM
(times may vary, please refer to our website)
Rosary: Mon.—Fri. at 9:45AM (Church)
Liturgy of the Hours: Mon.—Fri. at 6:30AM (Church)
Sanctuary: Open daily from 8:30AM until 10:00PM
Reconciliation: Saturdays from 8:30AM-9:30AM and
Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30PM
Baptism: Please see our Faith Formation page.
Marriage: Please contact the Parish office at least
nine months prior to your desired wedding date.
Reconciliación en español: Todos los sábados en la
capilla del Santísimo 3-5PM.
Misa de quinceañera: Se pide a los padres que se
registren en nuestra parroquia, de manera que se
inicien los preparativos a los 14 años recién
Bautizos de niños: Es necesario que los padres y
padrinos asistan al curso de preparación. Nuestra
parroquia ofrece cursos en español durante el año,
el cual, es válido para los siguientes tres años. Para
mayor información, habrá que contactar la oficina
parroquial o visitar la página STAOPTW.ORG
Los miércoles de 10AM 12PM, habrá la posibilidad
de contar con un servicio en español para resolver
las dudas que se tengan con respecto a la vida y
actividades parroquiales.
7801 Bay Branch Drive, The Woodlands, TX 77382-5312 — STAOPTW.ORG
281-296-2800 (metro) 281-296-7238 fax
26th Sunday of Ordinary Time, September 29, 2013
Pastor: Rev. Tom Rafferty
Pastor’s Assistant: Carol Doutel
Parochial Vicars:
Rev. George Vattappara, M.S.F.S.
Rev. Jaison P. Thomas, M.S.F.
Legionnaires of Christ:
Fr. Rodolfo Caballero (bilingual)
Charlie Duck
Robert Keller
Mike Mims
Mike Mort
Ralph Risk
Leo St. Aubin (retired)
Tom Vicknair
Preston Quintela
Director of Pastoral Life:
Dn. Tom Vicknair
Director of Education:
Renee Nunez
Director of Administration:
Robert Rios
Director of Parish Faith Formation:
Barbara Beale
Director of Spiritual Life:
Sue O’Connell
Director of Communication & Resources:
Catie MacKrell
Pastoral Care: [email protected]
Finance: [email protected]
Stewardship: [email protected]
Education: [email protected]
Parish Office Local Line: 281-419-8700
Parish Office Metro Line: 281-296-2800
Parish Fax: 281-296-7238
Parish Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30AM-4:30PM
Evening Receptionist: Mon-Thu 4PM-8PM
Weekend Receptionist: Sunday 8AM-1PM
Little Saints: 832-381-2093
(Early Childhood Program)
Assistance Ministries:
St. Vincent DePaul: 281-466-1920
St. Anthony’s Bread: 832-482-4210
Saturday, September 28
10AM †David Jester
5PM Dn. Leo & Lerry St. Aubin
Am 6:1a, 4-7
1 Tim 6: 11-16
Lk 16: 19-31
Sunday, September 29
7AM †Bob Minieri
9AM †Paul McLean
11AM Our Parish
1PM †Sofia Mendez
6PM Barbara Kwiatkowski
Monday, September 30
9AM †Dorothy Dunnican
Tuesday, October 1
9AM †Robert Owen
6:45PM Mary Feldman
Wednesday, October 2
6AM Nicholaus & Christopher Tyler
9AM †John J. Spokes, Jr.
Thursday, October 3
9AM Sam Ifeanyi
6:45PM Chijioke Family
Friday, October 4
9AM The Iloabachie Family
Saturday, October 5
10AM †Oziel Lamas
5:00PM †Rosemary Frigar
Monday, Sept. 30
Zec 8: 1-8
Lk 9: 46-50
Tuesday, October 1
Zec 8: 20-23
Lk 9: 51-56
Wednesday, Oct. 2
Neh 2: 1-8
Mt 18: 1-5, 10
Thursday, October 3
Neh 8: 1-4a, 5-6, 7b-12
Lk 10: 1-12
Friday, October 4
Bar 1: 15-22
Lk 10: 13-16
Saturday, October 5
Bar 4: 5-12, 27-29
Lk 10: 17-24
Hb 1:2-3; 2: 2-4
2 Tm 1: 6-8, 13-14
Lk 17:5-10
Please remember the following in your
Max Trainor, Shirley Sims,
Jacqui Gillispie,
Mary Litton, Eileen Meier
Marcheta Huerter,
Rolando Benitez,
Ronald Petit,
Maria Elena Biondi,
Michael Epton
and Carlos Granadillo
[email protected]
Events This Week
Sunday, September 29
Faith Formation Classes
Bishop Sheltz Hall: Scout Pop Corn Sales
9:30AM RCIA Children Easter 2014, PLB #202
10:30AM ACTS—Men Spanish Retreat Brunch Gym
4PM Older Children Sacramental Prep., PLB #213
6PM AA Meeting, PLB #209
7PM TGA ACTS, PLB#202, 204, 205
7:15PM Cornerstone Leader Mtg., PLB #203
7:30PM Life Teen Night, AMR & Youth Ministry Room
Thursday, October 3
9:45AM FITF Prayer Group, Cry Room1
10AM TGA EPIC, PLB #203, 204, 205
12PM Pequenia Comunida de Fe, PLB #202
1PM TGA Facilitator Meeting, PLB #203
5PM Children’s Choir Rehearsal, Music Hall
7PM Al-Anon, PLB #105
7PM RCIA CTK & Easter, PLB #205
7PM RCIA Easter Sponsor Meeting, PLB #203
7:30PM Bronze Bell Rehearsal, Church
Monday, September 30
Faith Formation Classes
9:30AM Catholic DVD Series, PLB #204
10AM Divine Mercy Cenacle Meeting, PLB #209
1PM TGA Facilitator Meeting, PLB #203
7PM TGA BTL PLB #105, 108, 202
7PM Church History, PLB #205
7PM Cornerstone Bible Study, PLB #203, 204
7PM DOL Meeting, PLB #209
7PM Spirit Song Rehearsals, Music Hall
Friday, October 4
5:30AM TMIY, PLB #201, 202, 203, 204, 205
9:30AM Free Style Friday Bible Study, PLB #209
10AM TGA – Matthew, PLB #203, 204, 205
10AM TGA BTL Small Group, PLB #202
Tuesday, October 1
Faith Formation Classes
10AM Cornerstone Core Team Mtg., PLB #202
10AM TGA Exodus, PLB #203, 204, 205
6PM Squires Meeting, PLB #209
6:30PM ACTS Women Spanish, AMR
6:30PM Grief Support, PLB #203
6:30PM RCIA Middle School, PLB #208 (PERC)
7PM Edge, Hall, GYM, Youth Ministry Room
7PM Education Council, PLB #204
7PM Knights of Columbus Meeting, PLB #205
7PM Taller de Oracion, PLB #202
7:30PM First Saturday Devotion Meeting, PLB #105
7:30PM Faith in the Fire, Time of Prayer, Cry Room1
7:30PM Stewardship Council, PLB #209
Wednesday, October 2
6:30AM Scripture Reflection and Coffee, AMR
10AM Cornerstone Bible Study, PLB #202, 203, 204,
and 205
12:30PM TGA – ACTS, PLB #202, 203, 204, 205
6PM AFF Committee Meeting, Break room
6:30PM Reconciliation, Confessionals 1 & 2
7PM TGA – EPIC, PLB #105, 203, 205
7PM Confirmation Teacher & Assist. Mtg., Youth
Ministry Room
7PM First Reconciliation Parent Meeting, Church
7PM MBC – The 3rd Option, Bishop Sheltz Hall
7PM Divorce Survival Guide, PLB #107, 204
7PM Confirmation Classes
7PM St. Anthony Choir Rehearsal, Music Hall
7:30PM Men’s Familia, PLB #209
Saturday, October 5
7:30AM Men’s Prayer Group—Gospel, Cry Room1
8:30AM Reconciliation, Confessionals 1 & 2
8:45AM Baptism Class (Spanish) PLB #209
9:30AM Rosary—First Saturday Devotion, Church
10AM Daily Mass– First Saturday Devotion, Church
10AM Chant Choir Rehearsal, Music Hall
11AM 1st Saturday Meditation & Procession, Church
11AM to 4:30PM 1st Annual Fall Festival
3PM Reconciliation (Spanish), Confessionals 1 & 2
7PM Family Rosary (Spanish), Day Chapel
Fundraiser Cruise with Pastor Tom Rafferty
Celebrate with Friends, Family & Parishioners
7 Nights: December 8—December 15, 2013
Departing Port Galveston
Grand Cayman—Falmouth—Jamaica—Cozumel
$1045.55 Balcony—$825.55 Oceanview—$655.55 Inside
Above pricing is per person & early booking rates
Prices are subject to change based on availability
(includes all taxes ($271.50), meals, entertainment based on
double occupancy) (plus $35 donation pp. for fundraiser)
(does not include gratuities ($84) or insurance)
Call Strickly Travel, Tom and Carol Stricklin
(281) 580-5793 or (281) 923-8772
The Gift of Treasure / Administration
September 22, 2013
Registered Families
Through September 8th, 2013
As the summer has come to a close, many of our
ministries are starting up again this month. The most
convenient and secure way for your weekly
offering to fund and support our Parish’s ministries is
eGiving through Faith Direct. During this especially
busy time when school is starting, allow Faith Direct
to save you time and ensure St. Anthony of Padua
receives your offerings.
Collected and Applied
Go online to FaithDirect.net and use our Parish
code TX503 or fill out an enrollment form from the
Parish office and mail the form to Faith Direct.
God Bless you and your family during this new
school year!
Toward Parish Debt
Pledges Outstanding
As of September 8, 2013
Archdiocesan Loan 1
Through September 23, 2013
Parish Goal
Parish Amount Pledged
Parish Contributions
Number of Participants
Avg. Participant Pledge
Propagation of the Earth
Oct 20
Campaign for Human Development
Nov 24
Retirement Fund for Religious
(Sister’s Collection)
Dec 8
Please remember to list your four digit parishioner ID
on your checks to ensure that you are properly
credited for your offering. Your parishioner ID is
located on your contribution envelopes OR can be
obtained by contacting the Parish office.
As part of the Archdiocese’ commitment to ensure
the safety of our children, the Archdiocesan Safe
Environment Program requires that clergy, staff and
volunteers (ages 18 and above) who have regular
contact with children and youth are required to
attend a VIRTUS workshop.
Upcoming Protecting God’s Children (PGC) workshops
at St. Anthony:
PGC—Saturday, October 19th, 1pm, AMR
Upcoming Keeping the Promise Alive (KPA) “Refresher”
workshops at St. Anthony:
KPA—Saturday, October 12, 9AM, AMR
KPA—Saturday, October 26, 9AM, HALL
 “Refresher” workshops are required for those
who completed PGC in 2008 or prior.
 VIRTUS workshops can be taken at any
location throughout the Archdiocese.
Please visit our website at STAOPTW.ORG for a list of
VIRTUS workshops in our area and for more
information about the VIRTUS Program.
Special Parish Event
Spiritual Life / Liturgy
As Catholic Christians we are a part of the Church founded by Christ himself and therefore as the one, Holy,
Catholic and Apostolic Church, we are Christ to the World. We are his disciples and therefore we follow
Him. Not His concept but Him, the incarnate Word of God, fully God, fully man. As his disciples, each one of
us is called to a Vocation—it not as a Priest or Religious woman or man, then as a lay person. Each one of
us has a vocation/apostolate uniquely set aside from the beginning of time by our Triune God. If we are
open to God’s call and listen to His voice, then we are able to discern what that vocation is and act upon
His selection. If we listen and become aware of His call through discernment, then as a participant in our
vocation we will become the “best version of ourselves.” In our correct vocation, we are joyful, welladjusted and find a sense of well-being and fulfillment.
If one receives the unique call to become a priest, brother, sister, or deacon then one is blessed with the
charisma necessary to live a full life completely dedicated to Christ. They must be willing, along with their
families to be open to this special call and respond to the call. For many others, the call may come as a
single or married person who responds as a lay person to be focused upon a ministry that serves Christ in
Christian Education, counseling, Church administration or other professional Church capacities. For others
the call may be as a faith formation catechist, a council member, a faith formation teacher or a Spiritual
Director. For many of the rest of us lay people who spend our day in the secular world, we are blessed by
God in our homes. As lay people we are each called to be Christ to others and so many of our “others”
need Christ. We have such a wonderful opportunity to witness to a broad spectrum of people that, due to
their focus and dedication, our clergy are unable to reach. But we can do the reaching and we can be His
disciples, each and every one of us!
To aid all of us in our Parish to discern our vocation and the nature of our call by God, there will be a multiple-year effort to bring a “culture of vocations” to our Parish. This means that vocations are an integral part
of the life of our Parish and is known as such to the members of the Parish family as well as those external to
the Parish. The Parish will keep before us, through bulletin prayers and articles, seminars, vocation activity
alerts, youth and school messaging, website information and through social media, what it means to discern one’s vocation and how to respond to the call. Exploring
with those who can help us discern and understand God’s call
should be an easy effort in our Parish.
Please look forward to different vocations prayers in each week’s
bulletin and monthly articles on discernment and vocations.
The Vocations Committee and our clergy are always available
to assist you in your discernment, i.e., finding the answer to the
most important question in your life.
Spiritual Life / Liturgy
Director of Spiritual Life: Sue O’Connell
Coordinator of Liturgical Ministries: Charles Giardina
Spiritual Life Assistant: Jeannie Halbach
All Are Invited Each Weekday in the Church on behalf of our
Parish for the petitions, praise & thanksgiving to God of those
in our Parish community. Morning Prayer starts promptly at
6:30AM and is completed by 7AM to ensure we all have time
to get to our daily concerns. On Wednesdays, Morning Prayer follows the 6AM Mass and ends no later than 7:15AM. We
use the Breviary or Christian Prayer in their bound forms as
well as the personal device downloads to cell phones, etc.
provided by Laudate and Divine Office. We are all asked to
embrace the Liturgy of the House as the “Church’s Prayer.”
It’s a great way to start and orient our day to God.
Adoration begins Sundays at 7:15PM and
ends Saturday at 10AM. The Chapel is
open for visitors between 8AM and 8PM
daily. We are always in need of more
committed adorers to make this 24-hour
Adoration possible. Please contact
Rae Switzer (281) 296-9209 or via email at
[email protected]
Below are the hours where we are MOST
in need of additional adorers:
Sunday: 9PM
Monday: 1PM, 3PM, 5PM
Tuesday: 1PM, 2PM, 8PM
Wednesday: 7AM, 8AM, 7PM
Thursday: 1PM, 6PM, 8PM
Friday: 12PM, 1PM, 6PM, 8PM, 9PM, 10PM
Saturday, Oct. 12
Sunday, Oct 27
Thursday, Oct 31
Friday, Nov 1
Healing Service following the 10AM Mass
12PM Outside Fatima Rosary
Healing Service following the 6PM Mass
All Saints Day Vigil Mass 7PM
All Saints Day (Holy Day of Obligation)
Masses: 6AM, 9AM, 7PM
Saturday, Oct 12 following 10AM Mass
Sunday, Oct 27 following 6PM Mass
The monthly Holy Hour schedule has
changed. The Holy Hour has moved to a
quarterly schedule and will not necessarily
meet on the last Monday of the month.
The remaining 2013 Holy Hour schedule is:
Monday, Nov 25, 7-8PM in the Chapel
Vocations Awareness Sunday is Oct 13
Please continue praying for our Priests,
Deacons, Seminarians, all those in religious
life, and pray for an increase in religious
and lay vocations.
In the most remote corner of the world, at
times in the midst of persecution and at
great personal risk, your missionaries
preach your Gospel to those who have not
heard of you. They endure loneliness, fatigue and misunderstanding, yet they bear
it all with love, so long as they can see your
love take root in the hearts of those people
to whom they reach out. Lord, send us
courageous men and women missionaries
to serve your Church. Amen.
The Secret
of the Secret
of Fatima
Oct 10th
Sheltz Hall
Join us on Saturday, October 5 for 8:30AM Reconciliation,
9:30AM Rosary, 10AM Mass, 10:45AM Scripture Meditation,
11AM Procession & Reception of the Pilgrim Virgin Stature of
Our Lady and Brown Scapular enrollment. Refer to our website for more info, or contact Katrina Leyden via email at
[email protected]
All are
to attend.
Parish Education | Excellence Strengthened by Faith
St. Anthony of Padua
Catholic School
13th Annual Golf
Friday, Oct. 25, 2013
Woodforest CC
and make a difference!
“Bullying Awareness Week”
Mon. 9/29—PTO Sponsored Rosary Group, 8AM
Thurs. 10/3—PTO Sponsored Rosary Group, 2:30PM
Fri. 10/4—Staff Development:
Archdiocesan Catholic School Seminar
No Classes for Students, BAASP Closed
Sat. 10/5—Parish Fall Festival 11AM—4:30PM
Oct. 25—PTO/Booster Club Golf Tournament
Dec. 6-7—PTO St. Nick’s Market
March 1—SAOPCS 13th annual Auction Gala
Jan. 26-Feb 1—Nat’l Catholic Schools Week 2014
Please visit the school website, www.staopcs.org,
for a complete schedule of up-coming events.
Don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook too!
Each and every member of our parish plays an
important role in the ministry we call St. Anthony of
Padua Catholic School. Your participation in the
Annual Golf Tournament provides funding for the
PTO and Booster Club. It allows our students to
achieve success in the areas of athletics, fine arts,
extracurricular activities and ongoing educational
programs. Thank you for your support as a player,
donor, and/or sponsor. Visit www.staopcs.org for
more information and registration forms.
Friday, Dec. 6th, 10AM-4PM
Saturday, Dec. 7th, 10PM-5PM
Visit www.staopcs.org and
click on Santa for more
information and registration forms.
Don’t miss out on this popular holiday event!
SAOPCS is seeking two knowledgeable,
enthusiastic and passionate individuals
as Middle School Boys Basketball
Coaches. The practices and games
usually occur weekdays after 3:30pm.
Some Saturday Tournaments are scheduled.
Practices will start in late October. This is a stipend
coaching position only. If you love basketball and
are looking for a rewarding challenge – please
contact Athletic Coordinator, Dale Quickel at
(281)296-2800 ext. 181 or e-mail at
[email protected] for more information.
SAOPCS students enjoyed sharing and learning
during our 1st Quarter “Paduan Pods” activity. Our
8th graders are assigned to lead groups of students
from grades K-7 in faith-based activities. “LIKE” us
on Facebook to keep up with all of the amazing
ways our students and staff are practicing
discipleship and growing in our Catholic faith.
SAOPCS has been
working to address
the traffic situation on Kuykendahl and Bay Branch
during school hours. There has been a greater
police presence in the past few weeks and we
hope it will continue. The officers enforce the limits
and laws with all vehicles, including school and
parish staff and families. Everyone’s safety is our
greatest priority. Thank you!
Parish Education | A Foundation Nurtured by Faith
The Archdiocese Safe Environment Department
requires that all school volunteers who have
frequent, ongoing or recurring contact with
students complete the VIRTUS-Protecting God’s
Children workshop.
School volunteers that attended Protecting God’s
Children over 5 years ago are required to attend a
VIRTUS-Keeping the Promise Alive refresher workshop.
You can register for workshops on the VIRTUS
website at www.virtus.org. If you have questions,
contact Cathy Russell at [email protected]
Oct. 4—No School: Archdiocese Early Childhood
Oct. 8/9—School Pictures
Oct. 24 & 25—Harvest Fun Days
Upcoming Keeping the Promise Alive refresher
workshops at St. Anthony of Padua Parish:
Sat., Oct. 12
Sat., Oct. 26
Upcoming Keeping the Promise Alive workshops in
the surrounding area:
Wed., Nov. 6 7PM at Sts. Simon and Jude
Tue., Dec. 3 6:30PM at St. Martha
St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School
Reneé B. Nunez, Director of Education, Principal
Assistant Principal: Susan Leddy
Phone: 281-296-0300
Website: www.staopcs.org
Accredited by the Texas
Catholic Conference Education
Little Saints Early Childhood Program & Nursery
Coordinator: Katie Kozak
Phone: 832-381-2093
Website: www.staoptw.org
Licensed by State of Texas Child-Care Licensing
We have had a wonderful beginning to our school year! The
children are all settling in nicely
to their new classroom routines,
meeting new friends, and exploring their new learning environment.
Thank you to all of our
parents for helping your
children with this major
Thank you to all who attended the Meet and Greet
last week. Please be on the look out for more info
about upcoming volunteer opportunities. You will
receive emails from your room parent.
The nursery is open for the Sat. 5PM Mass, and Sunday Masses at 9AM, 11AM, 1PM, and 6PM.
Children ages 9 mos.—3 yrs. old are welcome in the
parish nursery, located in PLB #102. No reservation
is necessary, but space is limited to the first 18
children. Children must have a sippy cup with
water, diapers/wipes, and may bring a small snack
such as pretzels or goldfish if they’d like. Parents
must sign children into the nursery and all items must
be clearly labeled with the child’s name. Children
must be picked up immediately following Mass.
Faith Formation
Ministry News
& Sacraments
Director of Parish Faith Formation: Barbara Beale
Children’s Sacrament & Formation Coordinator: Kristine Marlow
Elementary Faith Formation Administrator: Mary Jo Vogel
Preschool Faith Formation Administrator: Carolyn Bennett
Infant Baptism: Charles Giardina
Administrative Assistant &Registrar: Rhonda Woodward
Parish Faith Formation Office: 832-482-4147
We had a wonderful First day of Elementary Faith
Formation classes! Over 1300 Students are attending.
THANK YOU to all of our Catechists, Volunteers, and
Parents for your help in making this a fantastic start to
the year!
We are still accepting registrations for Elementary Faith
Formation classes. You must come into the Faith
Formation Welcome Center M-F, 9AM-3PM to register.
First Communion & First Reconciliation for 2nd-6th graders
is accomplished through the Sacramental Preparation
program. Registration has begun for the 2013-2014 school
year. Please review the requirements below:
Your child must have completed Faith Formation or
attended Catholic School the previous school year
(2012-2013). If your child attended Faith Formation or
Catholic School someplace other than St. Anthony of
Padua you will need documentation from that Parish
stating that your child completed catechesis for the
(2012-2013) school year when you register your child
for the (2013-2014) school year. Sacramental Preparation is a 2-year program, the first year is grade-level
2. Sacramental Preparation is a SEPARATE registration
and session other than the grade level Faith Formation
class held each week. If you plan to prepare for First
Communion/First Reconciliation you must fill out TWO
SEPARATE registration forms (one for Faith Formation
(unless in Catholic grade school) and one for
Sacramental Preparation.)
3. Your child must also be registered for and attend
weekly Faith Formation classes at St. Anthony of Padua or attend a Catholic School for the 2013-2014
school year.
4. Bring a copy of your child's Baptismal Certificate to registration. Registration is not complete without this document. This needs to be turned in even if your child was
baptized at St. Anthony of Padua. If you do not have a
copy of the Baptismal Certificate please contact the
church of Baptism for assistance in
obtaining a
We look forward to partnering with you to prepare your
child to receive First Reconciliation and First Communion!
We are excited to be introducing the
“Alive in Christ” curriculum to our
Elementary Faith Formation Students
for the 2013-2014 school year.
Infant Baptism is for children
from birth through 6 years of
age. All children 7 years of age
and older who have not been
baptized will receive their
sacraments through the Rite of
Christian Initiation, adapted for
The Sacrament of Baptism is held once a month on
Sunday afternoon at 3pm. Baptism classes for parents and
godparents are also held one Saturday a month 8:45AMNoon. See Parish website for monthly dates. Call the
Parish Office at 281-296-2800 for questions about the
Sacrament of Baptism or to register for classes. Baptismal
packets are available in English and Spanish.
Youth Ministry: Edge & Life Teen
For all the latest Youth Ministry information
Please visit: StAnthonyYM.org
Life Teen Youth Minister: Jonathan Cardinal
Administrative Assistant: Maureen Halbach
Confirmation Coordinator: Shelly Wilson
EDGE & 20somethings Coordinator: Kathleen Cardinal
We are now joining up with the North Houston
Group: John Paul II Catholic Young Adult Ministry
(JP2CYAM). JP2 is a great group with many young
adults and at least two events each week. This is a
great way to meet other Catholic young adults
and to grow closer to God with them. If interested
contact Kathleen Cardinal [email protected]
For more info, visit their Facebook Page
October 2nd from 7-8:30PM
in the Youth Room.
Class Topic: Being Catholic
We will discuss what it means
to be Catholic and discover
how our faith is handed on to
us through Scripture and Tradition. The Catholic Church
is not just one of many Christian denominations to
“choose” from. It is the Church that Jesus founded!
The Catholic Church alone contains the Fullness of
Christian truth. As Catholics our mission is to Know
our Catholic Faith, Live our Catholic Faith, and
Spread our Catholic Faith!
***Every teen preparing for their Confirmation will
be given their own personal copy of The Catholic
Faith Handbook and a LIFETEEN Bible.***
Upcoming Service Projects for Confirmation Teens
Sat., Oct 5th—FALL FESTIVAL at St. Anthony
Sat., Oct 12th—PRO-LIFE DAY of PRAYER at
Catholic Charismatic Center & Planned
Parenthood (Parent Drivers are Needed!)
Contact Shelly Wilson at (832) 482-4138 to volunteer
for one of these Service Project Events.
Parent Life is a joint project between Youth Ministry
and Adult Faith Formation to build a bridge
between you and your teenager’s faith formation.
We will meet once a month at the same time that
Life Teen is meeting (7:30PM-9PM). Open for any
parent with any age child! There is no cost. There
is no obligation to attend. There’s no guilt trips
here. Only an invitation to connect with your
teens, with other parents and with your parish
home. Come and see. Our first Parent Life night is
presented by Mike Gormley.
7:30PM-9PM—Join us as we continue our semester
on Theology of the Body.
Sign up now! Deadline Oct. 6th!
Adult Faith Formation
Adult Faith Formation Coordinator: Michael Gormley
Administrative Assistant: Nadine Romero
Director of Parish Faith Formation: Barbara Beale,
Saint Anne’s Society:
First Mondays, 9:15-11AM
The Woodlands Children’s Museum
[email protected]
Sep 30th:
Book Club Meeting
That Man is You (TMIY)
Fridays, 5:30am—7:00am
PLB #205
Kevin Williams
[email protected]
Church History Class
Mondays, 7:00pm – 9pm
PLB #205
June Mabry
[email protected]
Cornerstone Catholic Scripture Study
Evening Study, Mons, 7– 9PM
PLB #203
Morning Study, Weds, 10AM– Noon
PLB #205
Donna Esslinger
[email protected]
The Great Adventure: Scripture Series
The Bible Timeline Monday from 7pm-9pm
Matthew Fridays from 10am-12pm
Acts Sun., 7:30pm-9pm; Wed. 12:30PM-2:30PM
EPIC Wed. from 7-9pm; Thurs 10AM-12PM
Exodus Tuesday from 10AM-12PM.
Pillars The Creed, Thursday from 7PM-9PM.
Catholicism Series: The New Evangelization
Mondays, after Mass, 9:45 to 11AM
PLB #204
Colleen Stokes,
[email protected]
Freestyle Bible Study
Friday, 9:30AM to 11:30AM
PLB #202
Tina Araujo
[email protected]
Something powerful happens on
Sunday, September 29th at the 9AM
Mass. About 25 adults, and 20
children and teens, begin their
formal discernment to enter into the fullness of the
Catholic Church. Get excited!
This first Rite (or liturgical ritual) is called the “Rite of
Acceptance” for the unbaptized catechumens, and
the “Rite of Welcoming” for the baptized candidates.
Through this they start the Catechumenate, a fancy
Greek word that means “period of intense study.”
For the next 7 months these men and women of all
ages and background will study, pray, and connect
with our parishioners. It is a beautiful process.
The RCIA Team does not initiate these people into the
Church. You do. Our entire parish is responsible for
their initiation, welcoming, and their engagement in
the life of our parish. Cover them in prayer, grace
and love.
Find God. Love Christ. Become Catholic.
Sundays, monthly 7:30PM-9PM
(during Life Night)
Youth Room
Mike Gormley
[email protected]
(September 29, TONIGHT)
Part One | Body of Truth
When was the last time you heard a homily on sex or
intimacy? They aren't popular topics in church, but
because of this silence, even faithful Catholics are
clueless on Church thinking about sexual relationships. It's time we get the Gospel's view of sex,
marriage, and happiness.
We need more than abstinence or even chastity. We
need a grand vision of
human love that says
"Yes" to the beauty,
truth, and goodness in
human love, and is
practical to my life, my
marriage and my
Welcome to the
Theology of the Body.
Marriage & Family
Spiritual Life—Outreach
Director of Spiritual Life: Sue O’Connell
Spiritual Life Assistant: Jeannie Halbach
Coordinator of Outreach: Paul Castello
For more information on any of our Service
Ministries, please visit our website, STAOPTW.ORG
We appreciate all those who
donate food, and use the blue
envelopes to help feed the
needy. Currently the Pantry is in
need of canned Chili, canned
Soup, and canned Meats.
Want to volunteer in the Pantry?
Please contact Paul Castello at (832) 482-4210 or
[email protected]
The St. Vincent de Paul Society
is dedicated to providing
emergency financial assistance
on a person-to-person basis to
residents in our area who have
an urgent need. Many of you
contribute to SVDP through our
“Black Bag” collection on the
last Sunday of each month. Your donations go a
long way to helping those who have critical needs.
The SVDP Society is always looking for additional
volunteers to respond to telephone calls during
weekdays as well as making home visits (usually in
the evenings). We meet on the 1st and 3rd
Sundays of each month at 10:15AM in PLB #205.
If you would like to help, please contact our
President, Brandey Porter at [email protected]
We are pleased to announce our next build, in
partnership with Sts. Simon and Jude,
will be in October. Start date coming
soon. There will be a Hard Hat
collection on Nov 9-10. Our new
campaign of $55 from 1000 parishioners will secure funds for this and future
builds. You can donate to this house
through FaithDirect. We thank you for
your support!
The Fall Caregivers Conference will be held
on Sat. Nov 2 from 8:30AM-2PM at Christ
Church United Methodist. Respite services
are provided with registration, which is available
online at WoodlandsInterfaith.org
The Second Family Care Team, in
partnership with Interfaith
CarePartners, reaches our to
those who are elderly, or physically disabled and need just a little
help to
remain independent. Many of those we
assist have no family members close by and our volunteers help meet such basic needs as transportation to doctor appointments, the grocery store, or
to Mass.
Please remember the
40 Days for Life campaign
Sept 25 through Nov 3
The Dignity of Life Ministry
addresses all Life issues with an
emphasis on Prayer & Worship,
Healing & Outreach,
Education, and Legislative Change.
COURAGE: Courage was founded by His Eminence
Terence Cooke of New York in response to the
great need of persons with homosexual desires.
Call Fr. Mike at (713) 468-9555 or Dr. Colbert at (713)
CRISIS PREGNANCY: Contact The Gabriel Project at
(713) 741-8728, OR Birthright of Conroe at (936) 7563220 provides caring nonjudgmental counseling
and emotional support by those distresses by an
unplanned pregnancy. Birthright offers positive alternatives to abortion.
POST ABORTION STRESS: Regardless of your age or
how long ago the abortion occurred, if you need a
safe place to share your experience and seek healing please contact Project Rachel at (713) 7418728. This is a pastoral care ministry for men and
All calls to programs listed above are Confidential
Hope (Helping Our Pain Ease) is a 7-week long adult
informative grief support group which helps in
processing and learning how to cope with the
death of a loved one lost recently
or in the distant past. There is no
cost to attend. The sessions are
limited to 10 participants.
To register, call the Grief Support
voicemail at (832) 482-4227.
Oct 22, Jan 7, and Mar 4
Music Ministry | Natalie & Charles Giardina,
& Elizabeth Rickard
Spanish Choir rehearses Sundays at 11:30AM in the
Music Hall to sing for the 1PM Mass.
Is the children’s choir in Spanish that will sing once a
month during the 1PM Mass. For more info, please
contact Elizabeth Rickard at [email protected]
Welcome to Dr. Lindsay Medina, new director for our
Choristers. New Season has begun! Children Grades
3-8. Rehearsals are on Thursdays from 5-6PM.
Coro Luz y Sal
Rehearsals are on Thursdays, at 7:30PM. The ability to read music is required for this group.
Rehearsals are on Wednesdays, 7-9PM in the Music Hall. Singers high school age and older can join this SATB
The University of St. Thomas, St. Basil School of Chant is forming a Chant Schola in our area. Participants learn
to sing the Liturgical chants of our Roman rite, sing timeless Russian chants in English and will have opportunities to sing at liturgies here and in surrounding parishes. Rehearsals are held in our Music Hall on Saturdays
10am-Noon For more info, call 281-855-2358, or visit the web site at www.gregorianchantschool.org.
Contemporary Ensemble plays twice a month at 9am mass and rehearse two Mondays a month, 7-9PM in
the Music Hall.
Minis†erio Hispano | [email protected]
Se invita a todos los feligreses a registrarse en la parroquia. Esto le dará grandes beneficios como estar
informado de todas las actividades que ofrece San Antonio y a la vez, ayuda a la parroquia a planificar las
actividades requeridas por la comunidad.
Primeros sábados comunales: El primer sábado de cada mes se celebra los Primeros Sábados Comunales. El
próximo será el 5 de Octubre Iglesia Católica San Antonio de Padua. Las devociones antes y después de la
Misa estarán en español y en inglés.
El horario será el siguiente:
A las 8:30 por la mañana – Confesión, a las 9:30 – El Rosario, a las 10 – La Misa con Eucaristía, a las 10:45 –
acompañamos a nuestro Señor y nuestra Señora por 15 minutos con una meditación comunal de los
Misterios del Rosario usando las escrituras, a las 11 – procesión y la recepción de la imagen de la Virgen
Peregrina, inscripciones para el Escapulario.
Rosario en Familia:
El primer sábado de cada mes se rezará el Rosario en familia en la capilla de la parroquia. El siguiente se
llevará a cabo el sábado 5 de Octubre a las 7PM.
Coordinación de Bautismo
El próximo curso de preparación para Bautismo en español será dictado el sábado 5 de Octubre, de 8:45AM
a 12PM. Favor pasar por la oficina parroquial para recoger la información e inscribirse. El siguiente curso
será el 2 de Noviembre.
Senior Pals
Knights Korner
Senior Pals Mission Statement
We, the Seniors of St. Anthony of Padua, under the
guidance of Our Lord, gather as a support group for each
other by interacting at meetings, on trips, at luncheons,
and other activities.
Council Meetings for October: Tuesdays, Oct. 1st
and Oct. 15th in PLB #205. Meetings begin at
7:30PM, but come early to visit with your brother
Knights. We will have a light meal before the
meeting of Oct. 15th at 7PM.
Greetings again to all of our Seniors!
Our next meeting is on Saturday, October 12th, at
10:30AM in Bishop Sheltz Fellowship Hall. We are
delighted to have Elizabeth Jensen PHD, PD from
The Planetary Institute present the program! She
will discuss outer space and how the weather out
there affects our planet. All of you weather buffs
should especially enjoy her insights. Following her
presentation we will share a light buffet lunch
prepared by members and coffee and tea, so
stick around for some socializing and get to know
some of your fellow parishioners better!
Parish Fall Festival: We will be running the BINGO
Room at the Festival on Saturday Oct. 5 from 11AM
until 5PM. We need Knights willing to work 2 hour
shifts, to help distribute Bingo cards, and assist in
making sure everything goes smoothly. If interested
in helping out with this event, please contact Barry
Sinclair ([email protected]).
Future trips and Activities are:
November 6th (Wednesday) “Bernhardt Winery”
in Plantersville for a tour, wine tasting and a
luncheon. Cost is $50, which includes everything,
including the bus, driver, and gratuity. We will
meet the bus in STAOP parking lot at 10:15AM for
a 10:30AM departure and return at 2:30PM. Call
Arlene McGuire at (936) 271-0315 with any
questions. Your checks MUST be in at the meeting
or call Arlene for her address to mail them.
Corporate Communion: Scheduled on Sunday Oct
6th at the 9AM Mass. Knights and their families will
meet in the front of the church before Mass (so
please come early). We will process in together and
sit in reserved pews. All Knights are invited to join us.
After Mass, we are planning to go to breakfast
together at Skeeters’ Restaurant in the Cochran’s
Crossing shopping center. Please contact Deacon
Bob Keller ([email protected]) if you would
like to join us for Mass, breakfast, or both.
November 16th (Saturday Matinee) “Chicago’
the musical at The Hobby Theater in Houston. The
cost is $85, which includes tickets, bus and driver
gratuity. Call Mary Laskowski at (281) 516-2150 to
sign up if you are interested because show tickets
always go quickly!
Shepherd’s Cup Golf Tournament: Cardinal
DiNardo’s annual golf tournament will be Monday
Oct 7th at The Clubs of Kingwood. Our Council is
helping financially sponsor the event, and STAOP
Knights are running the putting contest. If you are
interested in playing, or if you are interested in
volunteering to help, please contact Brandy Snipp
([email protected]).
December 12th (Thursday evening) “The Houston
Symphony’s Christmas Concert” at Cynthia
Woods Mitchell Pavilion. This will be the same
performance that will be presented Downtown,
and here it will be in our very own venue! More
info to follow!
December 15th (Sunday) “Bake Sale” to benefit
Faith Formation Scholarship Fund! Nidia Drewery is
our Chairlady and she will need lots of HOMEMADE goodies. Please keep this wonderful service
activity on your calendar.
President: William Lessman, (281) 681-0300
Sunshine Lady: Mary Silvestri (936) 242-1043
Trip Chair: Carmela Parisi, (936) 271-4682
Hospitality: Mary DeLeo, (281) 681-1380
Program Chair: Mike Arnold (281) 744-8997
Tamale Sale: The next sale will be Oct. 5–6th
following all Masses until we are sold-out. We need
HELP at our sales tables after all Masses. If you can
help , please contact John Bundscho (281) 719-0093
or ([email protected]).
Interested in joining the Knights of Columbus?
We are a fraternal organization of more than 1.7
million members world-wide. Our members are men
of good moral character and faith who strive to
serve their church, build their community, and
strengthen their families.
There will be an Information
night on Thursday
evening Oct 24th.
Contact Larry Pellerito
at (281)224-3728
Parish Life & Around the Archdiocese
Catholic Singles Ministry
We are a volunteer group
dedicated to supporting
individuals through personal
fellowship, educational events
and fun activities. Membership is open to all
adults who are single, widowed, divorced or
separated. This ministry is not a dating service.
While members are not discouraged from dating,
it is not the primary purpose of this ministry. People
from other Parishes and Faiths are invited to
participate with the group in its activities. COF
events occur on an ongoing basis, please visit the
parish website for details on all events.
September Event:
Sep. 28, 7PM—MASS & MEAL, to be held at St.
Joseph’s New Waverly, TX
The Women's STAOP Spanish ACTS Retreat dates
have changed! ACTS Sisters that speak Spanish,
we need your help for our St. Anthony of Padua
ACTS retreat in January 9-12, 2014. Our first
discernment meeting was held on September
17th. If you weren’t able to make the first
meeting, don't worry! Contact Rocio Phelps at
(210) 394-0944, or
[email protected]
Have you been looking for an opportunity to
meet and socialize with other folks in our church?
If so, becoming members in the St. Anthony of
Padua Dinner Club is your opportunity to meet
other couples in our St. Anthony community.
The concept of Dinner Club is simple. Over a sixmonth period four couples take turns hosting a
dinner while the other couples bring the
appetizer, salad and dessert. The group decides
how formal the dinner, what to serve and when to
meet. This is a great way to meet and enjoy the
company of other families in our St. Anthony
community. The Dinner Club will start again in the
Fall of 2013 so if you would like to sign up contact
Zeke & Ashley Metzler
at 281-703-0146 or
[email protected] for
details. Once sign ups
are completed you
will be notified for our
“kick off mixers party”
to get started.
Parish Council Discernment
The Parish is now accepting nominations for
three Leadership Bodies:
1. The Pastoral Council,
2. The Stewardship Council, and
3. The Education Council.
We are in need of parishioners interested in
serving on these Leadership Bodies who have the
following qualities:
 A desire for spiritual growth in
themselves and the Parish,
 An enthusiasm about the future
direction of the Parish,
 A willingness to listen, to speak honestly
and to work toward consensus,
 The ability to inspire and empower
others, and
 A flexibility and openness with people
and ideas.
Nominations can be submitted on our website,
staoptw.org or emailed to Deacon Tom Vicknair
at [email protected]
October 1, 7PM—Discernment Info Session
October 10, 7PM—Discernment of New Members
If you are celebrating
a birthday or anniversary this
week, please see
one of our priests
to receive a special blessing.
April Sound—Lots for Sale
(936) 900-9040 www.tazdecor.com
[email protected]
St. Anthony of Padua
Margaret 832-482-4114 (cell-281-253-9104)
Marie 281-296-2800 (cell-936-499-2491)
[email protected]
[email protected]
Catie MacKrell, Director of Parish Communication & Resources
832-419-8700 (ext. 362)
832-482-4062 (direct)
832-703-7135 (mobile)
[email protected]
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