Music at LCCVI

Music at LCCVI
Stage Band
An auditioned group of dedicated instrumentalists featuring trumpets, trombones, saxophones, piano,
bass, guitar and percussion. This electric group performs in a variety of styles, including pop, blues, Latin,
funk, jazz, rock and more!
Jazz Attack
An auditioned group of vocalists, this jazz choir is accompanied by a full rhythm section (drums, guitar,
bass, & piano) and performs in a variety of styles, including Latin and a cappella.
Intermediate Concert Band
A fun mix of grade 9 and 10 instrumentalists who have played their instruments for less than 2 years,
and senior students who are learning their second, third, or 16th instrument….
Senior Concert Band
This group is composed of mostly Grade 11 and 12 instrumentalists who have been playing on their
instrument for more than 2 years. A high-caliber ensemble that is a great balance of fun, challenge and
Pep Band
A high-energy group for instrumentalists of all grades who are interested in adding some groovin’ music
to various LCCVI sporting events and spirit days!
Music students who show interest, initiative and dedication could form a small ensemble of their own!
Music Executive
A talented group of Grade 10, 11, & 12 student leaders and decision-makers in the Music Department.
These folks run fundraisers, plan events such as the Music Banquet, performances, the year-end Music
Trip, school tours, and Music Monday, and help run everything else ‘behind the scenes’. Applications are
accepted at the end of each school year to join this great team!
Music Night
Twice a year the Music Department puts on a Music Night featuring L.C.C.V.I.'s curricular and extracurricular groups. The program normally includes instrumental classes, vocal classes, the Stage Band,
both Concert Bands, and Jazz Attack. Held at the Victoria Playhouse, the Winter Music Night is normally
held in December while the Spring Music Night takes place in April or May.