Accessing the BMS Portal
Schools will need to access the BMS Portal via the Quicklink menu on WIRED.
Click the BMS Portal option in the
WIRED Quicklink menu.
You should then be directed to this
screen but it depends on the set up of
individual schools.
(If you have any difficulties logging on
then please contact the Schools’
Service helpdesk email
[email protected] or telephone
0115 977 2010 option 2).
The user id to be entered is
the 4 digit DfE number for
your school followed by
Analysis of Invoice Charges
When you have successfully logged onto the BMS Portal, you will be on the
Biller Direct Open Bills Page. The initial screen will be similar to the one
displayed below. On this screen you are able to view the invoice details and
see who raised the charges.
The bills highlighted in blue
are BMS raised invoices.
Action Buttons
(see key
The bills that are shown in black text are the migrated
charges from the EDSD. The details of the charges are
obtained from the EDSD system - just the balance amount
is migrated to Biller Direct. The invoice number starts with
a DIS for any disputed items and UNDIS for undisputed
To view details of the charges, you can double click on the invoice (similar to
opening an attachment in an email) or you can open up a pdf or xml format of
the invoice by using the ‘action buttons’ at the right of the screen. An
explanation of the action buttons is shown overleaf and will be explained in
this document.
Click to raise dispute / query on this invoice.
Where dispute / query has been raised, icon will change. Click to read detailed
Click to see PDF of this invoice
Click to see invoice in XML format
As stated in the action note, the “Due Date” is the 14th of the month following
the month that any charges are raised.
Arrows to sort “Due date”
You can sort the “Due Date” field by clicking the arrows at the top of the field.
Sorting by date will show you all the charges that will be collected after the
14th day of the month by direct debit.
NB: This will be a key action as a Biller Direct monthly statement will not be
It will be especially useful to be able to sort invoices by due date in the first
half of the month as ‘new’ month invoices will be showing in open bills as well
as those raised in the previous month until after the due date and the payment
has been made. By sorting by due date, invoices relating to the next payment
date can be interrogated and subsequently reconciled.
By clicking on the
icon in the “Action” column at the end of the invoice line, you
can open up a PDF copy of the invoice similar to that detailed below.
to see a copy on screen or
to save a copy on your
computer. However, it is not necessary to save a copy of the invoice as it will be held
in Biller Direct. (Similar to the EDSD, historical statements relating to previous
months and/or years could be viewed).
If you open the PDF, the invoiced charges will look like the screenshot below.
Here you can see what the charges are for, how much the charge is for and
who raised the charge. There is a large text area that can be completed by the
service provider raising the invoice therefore reducing the need for additional
separate information to be sent to schools.
If you are content with the invoice detail then no further action is required in
Biller Direct. The invoice amount will automatically be included in the next
direct debit collection. However, it is recommended that the value of the
invoice should be entered into a school’s local financial information system
and not wait until the direct debit has been processed before a cashbook
journal is processed.
Raising A Dispute
If you have a valid reason to “Dispute” any invoice, you have between the day
that the invoice is created and midday on the “Due Date”. Depending on when
an invoice has been raised, schools could have up to 6 weeks to view an
invoice before a payment is due and therefore raising a dispute could mean
that the dispute is resolved before the payment is due.
To raise a dispute against an invoice, click on the
icon in the “Action”
column. This will open up a screen as below. The dispute will only apply to the
invoice that has been selected.
1) Click on the drop down arrow for the
“Cause” options to be detailed.
Select “Schools Dispute”
Enter any reference here
that you want to associate
with this dispute. If you
leave it blank, then that is
When you have
completed the
dispute details, click
the “send” button to
process your
Enter your comments,
concerns or query here.
This will be used to find
the correct person to
resolve your issue.
When you have completed the dispute details, click the
button. This will be
received by the Income & Credit Control section who, will allocate to a dispute
processor or reject a dispute because not enough detail has been given. It is
therefore important to detail the reason why an invoice is being disputed.
After pressing the
button, the screen will look like the one below with the
at the top of the
Press the “Back” button to
get back to the “Open Bills”
icon has now changed to
icon. You can
use this icon to send more details about the dispute,
ask more questions e.g. requesting an update.
This works as real time e.g. sending emails.
If the dispute cannot be resolved before the direct debit collection, then the amount
relating to this invoice will not be collected by direct debit but will remain as an
outstanding invoice until resolved or released for direct debit collection. The “Due
Date” will remain the same.
Payment of Invoices
Biller Direct can be used by external customers to pay for services from NCC, this is
the reason why there is the option to select bills to pay etc. Schools will carry on
paying via their normal payment method, therefore there is no need to select bills to
pay. The direct debit will collect the payment for all invoices that are not being
When the “Due Date” has passed and the direct debit has been processed. The
invoice details will move from “Open Bills” into “Paid Bills”. If the
in the navigation menu (on the left hand side) is selected, the following screen will be
The drop down boxes can be used to define the search for invoices that have been
paid. The
Stephanie Morgan
Transformation Finance Lead
6th January 2012
search button adds additional search criteria.