How To Register with CMS:

How To Register with CMS:
1. Log in to CMS through
2. The page below will appear, kindly read through the page for further details as this would
assist you through the registration process with the CMS Application:
3. You will then have:
The Log-in Section:
4. You will have 2 options on Registration:
a. Registering as a Consulting Firm: If you have selected “Register as Consulting
Firm” then the page below is provided where you will fill in the details of the firm.
For more details on how to register, please click on “Individual Consultant
Registration User Guide” as indicated below:
b. Registering as an Individual Consultant: If you are not engaged through any
Consulting Firm or Entity then you must Register as an Individual Consultant. Fill
in the required information, for more details on this registration process, click on
the user guide below:
5. Once all the required fields have been filled, click on the Continue button.
6. Note that you will receive an email notification containing the details of your CMS
account such as CMS Number and temporary password.