CMS How-To Add a User ADDING A USER to eSchoolView

CMS How-To Add a User
ADDING A USER to eSchoolView
Adding a Staff Member
Administration Options/
Staff Management
Add Staff Member
Fill in all appropriate fields
(125 px photo width is default. Remove this if other
size images are desired)
Adding a New CMS User (Editor)
Administration Options/Online Security
Add New CMS User
CMS User Type: Choose Staff Member User
Or Custom/Admin User (for those outside the org)
Create a User ID
Create a Password (these both are case sensitive)
Force Password Reset is optional.
Assign a predesigned Security Group
Or Choose the User Type (See types and settings info
Select Staff Member: Begin typing staff name. Should
autofill. Select Staff
Building Standard User:
This option will give users access to specific features/content areas within a single building.
EX: A teacher would be able to edit only her page and the Staff Directory in her school building
Building Master User:
This option gives the user full access to all sections within the buildings selected.
EX: A building principal might be given access the District and to his building only
Site Administrator:
This option gives users full access to all site sections in the CMS
Plus any Administrative sections checked.
Site Master User:
Has complete access to everything on the CMS