How to Access Your Personal Wellness Profile Summary

How to Access Your Personal Wellness Profile Summary
You’ve completed enrollment in Love Your Life. Now what? Take a moment to review your Personal
Wellness Profile (PWP) Summary. Available online, you can access this report any time!
Step 1: Login at the Personal Wellness Profile website.
Link is also available on Employee Portal at or on the ARHS Intranet.
Step 2: Click “View Your Latest Report” in the green section on the right side of the page.
Click Here for your Report
Step 3: Review your report by clicking either the PDF report or selecting pages from the Table
of Contents.
Click in either of these
places to view or print
your report.
Helpful Resources Included in Your PWP Summary
Wellness Overview:
Provides you with a one-page summary of the results of your current PWP. Here you’ll see your overall
Wellness Score along with a chart giving you a broad overview of how you are doing in major areas
of health.
Priority Health Recommendations:
Summarizes preventive recommendations for health improvement based on your answers in the
Risk Profiles:
These 4 pages of your Summary give you detailed information about your risk for diseases or
conditions in four areas: Coronary, Cancer, Diabetes, and Osteoporosis.
Wellness & General Health Profiles:
Like the Risk Profile, these pages of your Summary provide you with detailed information and
recommendations about your current health and lifestyle choices in five areas: Nutrition, Fitness,
Stress & Coping, Safety, and Weight Management
Medical Follow-Up Report:
This one-page summary highlights areas you should discuss with your healthcare provider. You are
strongly encouraged to print this page for your provider.
Next Steps – Making Changes:
Specific, actionable recommendations are listed along with information about general risks.
Questions? Contact Employee Wellness:
Martha Draughn, Employee Wellness Specialist
[email protected]
Leslie Roberts, Employee Wellness Manager
[email protected]