Yoga Class, Chanting & How-to-Meditate Mountain Yoga

Yoga Class,
Chanting &
Part 1 of 6 weeks with Pierre Couvillion,
national yoga, sanskrit & bodywork instructor
Mountain Yoga • $25* •
January 20
585 Tahoe Keys Blvd · S. Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 · Sunday 4 - 6:30p
This workshop is for everyone!
Beginning and experienced
practitioners are welcome.
We will have a 75 minute yoga
class with postures and breathing
techniques, followed by call-andresponse chanting, concluding
with the teaching of meditation
techniques and a meditation.
Come learn simple tools to
connect to the best part of you!
Everything on this plane is
changing. Meanwhile, the eternal
witness within you remains the
same - pure and vibrant!
Pierre has taught in several yoga lineages,
including viniyoga, ashtanga vinyasa, anusara
and the hot yoga from Yogananda. He is a
Kriyaban member of Self-Realization Fellowship.
Registration / Questions
(619) 723-0137
*$25 pre-paid / $30 day-of / discount
avaialable for 3+ classes
"Pierre is a beautiful, clear vessel where the timeless vibrations of healing, chanting and ancient yoga wisdom seem to effortlessly pass through.
His nature is gentle and calm and I always get a sense that in this gentleness and calmness there is an enduring strength. He is a man for all
seasons, a soul that continues to shine brighter and brighter God-light." - Tom Kelly - yoga instructor, owner, soul of yoga, Encinitas, CA