How To Resolve The USB Issues In Lexmark Printers?

How To Resolve The USB Issues In Lexmark
When you get error messages in any of your devices, it is extremely annoying and especially
when you do not have time at all. Though the world is aware that Lexmark Printers are one of
the bests in the market currently but no matter which brand you choose, there will be some
unfortunate issues. Many of the times, you will get problems because known reasons and many
of the times unknown or accidentally. Ione of those unfortunate issues are USB issues in
USB error occurs to many printer brands these days leave alone Lexmark. So, in this case, if
you are seeking solution to this issue, Lexmark Customer Support is here to serve the
purpose. After trying the below mentioned method, surely the problem will be resolved:
Reasons behind USB Issues & Ways to Fix the Problem:
Docking Stations - If you are using a docking station, try using the printer with a standard
computer with parallel equipment as a test. If the printer does not function properly, then the
problem is directly linked to the computer and the hardware may be at fault. Still you can
conduct a printer self-test as well.
Converters/Adapters - Lexmark printers do not support USB/parallel adapters or any other
parallel constructed cables, therefore, this does not work. These printers require either an IEEE
1284 bi-directional parallel cable, or a USB v.1.0 or 2.0 A/B style cable.
Software Interference – Many of the times software creates the issue between the printer's
communication ability. Prevent software applications other than Windows from loading when
the system starts.
1. Open the Run dialog box.
2. Type MSCONFIG and press Enter.
3. Now the System Configuration Utility will appear, choose Selective Startup and
deselect Load Startup Group Items.
4. Now click on Apply and then OK.
5. Next, you will be prompted to restart your computer. Click Restart.
6. After your device restarts, only the Windows operating system should be running. In this
stage, you will not be able to see any icons, beside the clock.
7. Try the procedure again. If it the problems gets resolved then there was more than one
application loaded into memory.
8. Now, go back to the original configuration by clicking opening Run box again.
9. Type MSCONFIG and click OK.
10.Now, select Normal Startup, then Apply and OK.
11.Now your system will restart normally.
The mentioned steps will resolve your problem and if not, you can contact Lexmark Printer
Helpline Australia @ +61-283173447 at any time of the day. Just like Printer error never come
looking at the clock, similarly we work around the clock to fix problem fastest and the most