How Can I Add Contact Records On Sage One Accounting Software

How Can I Add Contact Records On Sage One
Accounting Software?
If there are some customers or suppliers to whom you deal on a regular basis, then you can add contact
records for them on Sage One. Doing this can save your huge amount of time when recording your sales
and purchase of the day and helps you keep track of who owes you capital and who you owe capital to.
A user of this software can also import the contacts from a CSV file.
Now, let’s not waste the time and move forward to the procedure to add a contact. To do this, you have
to follow these instructions:
1. Power on your laptop, open Sage One software by double-clicking on its icon on the desktop.
2. Go to Contacts option and then click on Create contact. Alternatively, this can also be doneContacts> Customer> Create Customer. Also, to create suppliers navigate to Contacts>
Suppliers> Create Supplier.
3. Now, fill up the following details:
➢ Contact Type: Choose from Supplier or Customer.
➢ Contact Details: Type the required details in the given box. Enter the name and company
name of the person.
➢ Address: Type the address of the organization of the person which is added recently.
➢ Delivery Address: If the delivery address is the different from the above address, then
enter the complete details in this box.
➢ Notes: Type any additional info for the customers in this field.
4. Once this is done, click the Save button to apply the changes.
The records are now available to use when entering transactions.
If you have added some wrong information, then don’t worry as these records can be viewed, edited
and deleted if required. Sage One has a simple interface and each and every task is very simple on it.
You just need little guidance if you are a new user. Contact us at Sage Support Phone Number for the
proper guidance for the usage of this software. Customers can approach us if some technical issue is
becoming the barrier in their work. We work with full dedication, so our clients are happy with our
services and don’t feel any hesitation while connecting with us.