How to Run Scheduled Backups for Sage

How to Run Scheduled Backups for Sage?
Still, Sage is considered a world-recognized accounting software provider. This company offers a wide
range of accounting programs that are pretty easier, cost-effective, faster and efficient in every
manner. This program boosts your company’s performance by endeavoring a myriad of
functionalities beyond one’s expectation and scheduled backup is one such function.
Creating data or backup of your transactional data is an important thing to do if you are against the
data breaching. Fortunately, Sage let us do this using the automated function. This is an inbuilt
program that runs in the background and automatically manages the backup while you are working
on it.
The Experts of Sage Support are Here with an Information to Setup the Backup
▪ Open up the accounting application, and use your credentials such as registered email address
and password to access.
▪ Now, on the main menu bar, click the File tab to access the drop-down menu.
▪ Here, choose the Select Scheduled Backup button.
▪ Thereafter, choose the Settings tab to continue further.
▪ Here, you need to make a few following inputs:
➢ Backup Schedule: This option allows you to configure the timeline and functionality.
➢ Company/Brand Name: To do it for another organization; select a one and uncheck the rest of
➢ Sage 50c Accounts: To save a copy to the cloud, use it.
➢ File Types: Using it you can choose the types of your files. To select all, click ‘All File Types’
➢ To change the default backup location; make changes under the Backup Location submenu.
➢ Editing Folder: Sometimes, you may need to edit a file at a much deeper level. In that case, click
it and give the desired location.
▪ Once you have applied; click the Save to confirm.
These steps are pretty easy to follow through. But if issues persist or need help related to another
product of Sage, contact our experts by dialing Sage Technical Support Number Canada 1-844-8883870 or do a live chat by visiting our website.