How to Upgrade the Template to Sage

How to upgrade the template to Sage?
SAGE is a compact result of accounts. It has made human life easier to the extent that the accountant
doesn’t need to sum up the calculations and arrange it in a way that any third party can understand it.
Some SAGE users are unable to fetch all its features. In that case, you must read the below paragraph.
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Are you hunting the method of upgrading the template? Just do as directed:
Step 1: Move for creating the window icon or you may press in the window (four squares) key on your key
of rows. Then move to all the apps link or option that has arranged set of your framework.
Step 2: Go towards the folder of SAGE Accounting Right + v19.14 document or file.
Step 3: Now, approach the assistance of upgrading the template. In case of Windows 7, go to its tools and
then to the software but in case of Windows 10, the icon of the software will be displayed on the screen.
Step 4: Hit the next option to move further. A dialog box will appear on your screen where two options will
be displayed. Enter up the C:\Plus19 in the source box and C:\PlusClassic in the designation box.
Step 5: Click on the start button down the dialog box to commence the command.
Step 6: If you have checked the functioning of the template, hit the finish link to put a final end to the
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