Sage College of Albany Sage Graduate Schools School of

The Sage Colleges Libraries are pleased to announce the winners of
The Sage Colleges Helen Marx Harris ’26 Library Research Awards:
Sage College of Albany
Given in memory of Janet G. Grimes
Winner: Kimberly Kern
Paper Title: “Do Student's Beliefs in Themselves and Their Abilies Affect Their Performance?”
Ms. Kern’s paper was wri&en for Dr. Julie Lindenbaum’s class, Social Psychology.
Sage Graduate Schools
Winner: Paula Jacobson
Paper Title: “Research Proposal”
Ms. Jacobson’s paper was wri&en for Dr. Dayna Maniccia’s Research Design class.
School of Professional & Connuing Educaon
Given in memory of Doris G. Robinson
Winner: Kimberly Kulzer
Paper Title: “Pressure Ulcer Prevenon”
Ms. Kulzer’s paper was wri&en for Professor Bridge&e Willams’ class, Contemporary Nursing Pracce.
Russell Sage College
Given in memory of Aggie Sllman
Winner: The winner will be announced at The RSC Honors Convocaon in May!
Thank you to all who parcipated and congratulaons to the winners!
The Sage Colleges Libraries would like to thank all of the judges who helped make the 10th Annual Sage Colleges Library Research Award a success:
Jennifer Anderson, Lisa Brainard, Herbi Coburn, Ken Howard, Nancy Michela, Tonya Moutray, David Salomon,
Harvey Strum, Regina Vertone, Terry Wasielewski, & Chris White.