Add Products to the Software to Save Time by Sage Support Team

Add Products to the Software to Save
Time by Sage Support Team
If you are a Sage user and sell the same products or services to the clients, then to save the
precious time, you can create the record for those times. A user can import the product from a
CSV file to the Sage software.
To add a product in your Sage account, do the following:
Open Sage application on your computer.
Navigate to Sales tab on the top of the window.
Locate Products & Services from the drop-down options.
Now, click Create product to open a new window.
A new window will appear to you where you have to add these details:
▪ Item code: In this box, write the stock code for the product.
▪ Description: Type the description of the item as you wish it to appear on
invoices/ bill.
▪ Type of Sale: Select the type of the sale. To create a new type which is not listed in the
list, go to Create new, complete the details and click Save.
▪ VAT rate: enter the VAT rate of the item.
▪ Notes: Write any note related to the product.
▪ Cost Price: Enter the cost price in this section.
▪ Sales Price: Enter the sale price in this box.
▪ Sales Price includes Vat: The total rate of the item after adding VAT will be written in
this box.
6. Once the details are filled, go to save button to create the product.
Admin of the Sage accounts has rights to change, edit and to delete the product from the
software. However, if the product has been used in an invoice then, it can’t be deleted. If there is
no invoice associated to it then it is possible to remove the item from the records.
I hope, the instructions given above are simple to follow for you. In case of any doubt, make tollfree call at Sage Support Canada and ask as many queries you have. Our executives offer simple
and appropriate method which can be done by the user himself. And if, not then online remote
assistance will help the customer to solve the issue. So, don’t be late and get in touch with us