How to troubleshoot Motherboard issues of Dell Inspiron

The motherboard is a fundamental part of the
computer system as it transmits the data and power to
other components which are connected to it. The
failure of a motherboard might lead to the freezing
problem and the system would become unresponsive.
The problem might be a minor one and you can resolve
at home with the help of Dell Laptop Customer
Support. In this article, we have tried to assist you by
supplying some measures that you can try before going
to a repair centre and spending your precious money.
Hold down the power button for 10 seconds until the LED light turns off and then shut
down the system
Connect the power adapter connected to the direct current jack and plugged into the
power outlet
Press the power button once again and turn on the laptop
The sound of one or three beeps indicate the failure of the motherboard
Check if some error notification is displayed on the screen
Restart the system if there is no such message and press F12 the enter into the boot
menu when the Dell logo screen appears.
Use the arrow keys to choose the “diagnostics” option
You will then need to run a Pre-Boot assessment; Press enter for that.
After this, the system will prompt you to press “N” key. Press any key from the keyboard
after pressing “N” and it will open the Dell Diagnostics
In order to perform a comprehensive repair, click on “Extended Test” you will be
required to follow some on-screen instructions in case, this test detects an error.
With this process, you will be able to resolve the motherboard
issues. You should not get distressed in case the extended test
did not detect any error and the problem is still not sorted. You
still have the option of maintenance setup. You can press “+” in
this section and select the load defaults to reverse the settings to
the original setup. You can also contact the Dell Technical
Supportand get your problem resolved by them. If you think
that the method is too complicated and you are not able to
resolve it, then you can request the experts to provide a remote
session and troubleshoot the motherboard for you.
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