How to perform a complete formatting on your-converted

▪ So, your laptop just slowed down and you are
unaware for what to do about it. Maybe you
have just installed multiple applications or there
is any threat or virus running to infect your
system. Also, it is possible that your system
registry has just overgrown. No matter what the
reason is, your Lenovo has become sluggish and
you want it to get back to its original
performance level.
▪ These things can be geared up at a full speed if
you reformat your system. This would save your
laptop and get it working like it is newly
purchased. Be careful for the steps involved in it
as you might lose up your entire data if mistook
any step. Ensure that you are up with the
necessary software to restore your computer
and then use either a Windows OS or recovery
disc for formatting.
▪ • The product key
▪ Before you format your system, ensure that
you have the product key for Windows
installed. If Windows were pre-installed when
you bought it, then the product key will be on a
sticker at the bottom of your laptop.
▪ • Backup of the files
▪ You need to ensure that you have the entire
driver discs and software for reinstalling the
hardware device drivers and programs. In case
some of your programs come from the internet,
download their installation files and save them to
a flash disk or any other storage device.
▪ • Ability for reinstalling the Windows
▪ You need to ensure that you are capable of
reinstalling your Windows. To begin with, you
either should have the recovery disc or the
installation disc on your laptop. If your system
doesn’t possess a disc, it has the entire data for
hidden recovery. Next, confirming the partition
through the keyboard would result to be a
shortcut to boot. The shortcuts are mainly F8 or
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