How Can Someone Reformat A Lenovo Laptop-converted

You can always consider reformatting a hard
drive to make your laptop work faster than
before. Erasing all the data including OS can
make your laptop like a factory finished
product with no built-in programs and of
course no operating system. As we all know
that Lenovo laptops come with only a single
hard drive that makes reformatting the hard
disk impossible on Windows. Now you must
be thinking that how someone can do that,
well, our Lenovo Support has got the answer
for it.
Lenovo Technical Support has given so basic
steps that you might want to consider in order
to reformat your Lenovo laptop’s hard drive
and the operating system.
• First of all, insert the genuine Windows
installation CD in the laptop
• Now, restart the system
• You’ll be shown a message “press any key to
boot from CD” go ahead and press any key on
your keyboard to start the booting
• process
• Now, all you have to do is just follow the onscreen instructions for the process
• Now, click on drive options link
• Then, you are required to select any partition
that you want to format
• Once you select that partition, click on the
format link in the advanced menu options
• As your formatting type, choose the option
“quick format” as the file format choose NTFS
and then click on ok to format the hard drive.
• We recommend that you must continue with
the Windows reinstallation process
With the help of these steps, we guarantee you
that you can easily format the hard drive
without facing any issue or error and most
importantly it won’t take a lot of time. If you
are stuck or you are just questing for
information about your Lenovo laptop, feel
free to call us on our Lenovo Helpdesk
If You have any query regarding laptop and
computer make a call at Lenovo Support
Canada Helpline Number +1778-806-1736.
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