Volume 3, Year 2012, Edition 10, March 10

Volume 3, Year 2012, Edition 10, March 10th
Here is this week’s edition of The FreeCancer Awareness
Newsletter,highlighting the latest news and research items found all across
the internet.
Don’t forget,March is Colorectal Cancer Month– a perfect time to
schedule the colonoscopy you’ve been putting off – for years?? Also, make
sure to look for related benefits and activities in your area.
As you peruse and read this collection, it is our goal that you find answers,
hope, and peace of mind whether regarding your own illness or that of a
friend or family member.
In this issue, here are the topics you’ll find with the links that follow:
General Information
Breast Cancer
Pharmaceutical Issues
Lung Cancer
Children’s Cancers
Prostate Cancer
Cervical Cancer
Alternative Treatments
Celebrities with Cancer
March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
Our Murky Understanding of Cancer and Chemicals
An audio discussion on the relationship of chemicals and cancer.
Cancer: Solving an Age-Old Problem
Is cancer ancient, or is it largely a product of modern times? And can the latest research on
prevention and treatment strategies make cancer a disease of the past?
A Life Undone
The sad story of cancer treatments gone horribly wrong.
Regulators Dispute Finding of Cancer-Causing Soda
U. S. Regulators dispute claims by watchdog group that some sodas contain cancer-causing
Cancer Fear and Denial ‘is Killing Thousands’
Fear and denial of symptoms are causing thousands of preventable deaths from cancer in the
Hyperthermia Featured as the Fourth Pillar in Cancer Treatment
Hyperthermia presented as next “pillar” in the treatment of cancer at conference in Germany.
Researchers Report Progress in Cancer Immunotherapy
Immunotherapy is one of medicine’s most promising — and most problematic — approaches to
cancer treatment. It aims to charge up the patient’s immune system to attack cancer cells and
halt their out-of-control growth, as it has been shown to do with melanoma.
Report Highlights Understudied, Unwelcome Side of Cancer Treatment
The number of cancer survivors has tripled since 1971, but at a price: heart disease and second
Setback Reported In Research Into Customized Cancer Treatment
Researchers have recently determined that the genetic makeup of cancerous tumors varies
depending on where a biopsy is extracted – bad news for tailored cancer treatments.
Cancer’s Killer Helpers Include Denial and Ignorance
British survey shows that 75 percent of patients do not tell doctors about critical symptoms.
Cancer Rates Fall for Men, Rise for Women (Australia)
THE incidence of cancer in Australian men is expected to fall over the next decade while women
will experience slightly higher rates of the disease by 2020.
Fertility Preservation for Women with Cancer
What options are available for young women with cancer who want to have children in the
Cell Encapsulation Technology Future to Expand Stem Cell Use for Late Stage Cancer
Stem cells: treatment for late stage cancers?
Hospital Tests Genomic Tech to Speed Cancer Treatment
Hospital to test gene sequencer for determining tumor composition in treating cancer.
Coke, Pepsi Skirt Cancer Warning Label
New California law requires cancer warnings on cola labels, so Coke and Pepsi modify their
Woman’s Cancer Scam Prognosis: Five Years in Jail
Yet another cancer scam: woman avoids jail only to be later sentenced to 5 years in prison.
Breast Cancer
Radiotherapy for Hodgkin Lymphoma Can Cause Breast Cancer
Study shows that women treated with radiation for Hodgkin lymphoma have an increased risk
of developing breast cancer down the road.
Three Sisters Face Breast Cancer Together
It’s all in the genes, and in this case, the story of three sisters who share breast cancer.
Estrogen Lowers Breast Cancer Risk in Some Women
Women who have taken estrogen alone after menopause, benefit from a reduced risk of
getting breast cancer, even years later.
New Gene Therapy Could ‘Stop Growth” of Breast Cancer Tumors
Researchers find delivering genes by means of a virus to breast cancer cells causes genes stops
cancer cells’ growth.
Ireland Pioneering Gene Cancer Therapy
Irish researchers successful in using gene therapy to combat breast cancer.
Do Too Many Older Women Get Radiation for Cancer?
Is there overuse of radiation for older women, doing little good but harmful side effects?
Pharmaceutical/Drug Issues
The Challenges of Cancer Vaccines
The first cancer vaccine has been approved by the FDA.
New Jersey CVS Accidently Gives Breast Cancer Treatment Medicine to Kids
Has someone lost their job? This is a major error but thank goodness for purported minimal
Is Lockerbie bomber al-Megrahi getting cancer treatment that is being denied to us?
Vital Cancer Drugs Blocked
Delays in drug approvals by Australian government threaten patient cancer treatment.
U.S. Fake Cancer Drug Probe ay Have Canadian Ties
U.S. investigators are looking at pharmacy companies with possible Canadian connections as
they seek the source of fake cancer drugs.
Zytiga, Prostate Cancer Drug, Improves Survival: Study
New prostate cancer drug improves survival in patients who had not received chemotherapy in
a late-stage study.
Cancer Risk with Hormonal Birth Control Only Temporary
Oral and injectable contraceptives are associated with a temporary increased risk of cancer and
cervical cancer, according to study.
Diesel Exhaust in Mines Linked to Lung Cancer
A long-term study of miners exposed to diesel fumes reveals that exposure to this exhaust
increases the risk of lung cancer
Children’s Cancers
Cognitive Problems Following Cancer Treatment
Children can suffer from cognitive problems after treatment for cancer.
Leukemia Treatment: An ‘East Meets West’ Story
Treatment for leukemia is improved by using a therapy that combines arsenic trioxide, a
traditional Chinese medicine, with the chemotherapy.
Colon Cancer
Colon Cancer Screening Should Start at Age 50
New guidelines from the American College of Physicians state that screening for colon cancer
should begin at age 50.
House Call: Colorectal Cancer Treatment Options
Significant advances in colorectal cancer treatment extending survival rates.
Prostate Cancer
New North American Study Shows Prostate Cancer Treatment Results Using High Intensity
Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)
In the largest study of its kind in North America, researchers determined that High Intensity
Focused Ultrasound is effective in treating men with prostate cancer.
Cervical Cancer
Regular Pap Smear Boosts Cervical Cancer Survival: Study
Getting regular pap smears is critical to ensuring health and survival from cervical cancer.
Alternative Treatments
'Nature Holds Key to Cancer Cure, Prevention'
One complementary alternative medicine practitioner believes the cure for cancer is in nature.
Changing Course in Cancer Treatment
A blog post about alternative cancer treatments.
Celebrities and Cancer
Robin Gibb ‘In Remission’ After Undergoing Cancer Treatment
Bee Gees star Robin Gibb has been told by doctors that he is in remission after being diagnosed
with liver and colon cancer five months ago.
Chavez Faces More Cancer Treatment Before Venezuela Vote
Chavez declares that he will overcome despite needing more cancer treatment before his
country’s October elections.
Hugo Chavez Appears On TV After Cancer Surgery
Wade Hayes Tumor Free Following Surgery and Chemo Therapy for Colon Cancer
Country star Wade Hayes declared cancer free from colon cancer after successful treatment.
Guitarist Ronnie Montrose Dead
Rock guitarist Ronnie Montrose passes from prostate cancer.
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