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SNAP Up The Savings™ 2015
Earn valuable IDEXX Points rebates
on the following eligible SNAP tests:
Part number
SNAP 4Dx Plus
Comprehensive canine screening:
heartworm, ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease
and anaplasmosis.
30-count box: 99-26193
SNAP® Heartworm
RT Test
Convenient individual patient testing for
canine heartworm disease.
15-count box: 99-09439
30-count box: 99-09440
SNAP® cPL™ Test
Identify “normal” and “abnormal”
canine pancreas-specific lipase levels
in 10 minutes.
10-count box: 99-13419
SNAP® Lepto Test
Pet-side ELISA antibody detection in
10 minutes offers fast answers for you
and your clients.
10-count box: 99-29301
SNAP® Parvo Test
Early, accurate detection of canine
parvovirus for timely treatment.
5-count box: 99-09214
SNAP® Giardia Test
Quickly identify and contain Giardia
infections in dogs and cats.
15-count box: 99-09511
SNAP® Feline Triple®
One test provides comprehensive feline
screening for FIV, FeLV and feline heartworm.
15-count box: 99-0000672
30-count box: 99-0000673
Combo Test
Fast, pet-side results for two serious
feline infectious diseases with just one test.
15-count box: 99-08353
30-count box: 99-08354
SNAP® Feline
Heartworm Test
Convenient individual patient testing for
feline heartworm disease.
5-count box: 99-06721
15-count box: 99-06722
Convenient individual patient testing for
feline leukemia virus.
15-count box: 99-07895
30-count box: 99-07896
SNAP® fPL™ Test
Identify “normal” and “abnormal”
feline pancreas-specific lipase levels
in 10 minutes.
10-count box: 99-14760
5-count box: 99-26954
SNAP® Feline
proBNP Test
The only pet-side blood test to effectively
assess feline patients for cardiac risk.
5-count box: 99-0001173
10-count box: 99-0001174
SNAP® Foal IgG Test
Quick, accurate detection of neonate IgG
levels to test and treat foals in a single visit.
10-count box: 99-09330
5-count box: 99-11863
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