Ss Peter & Paul Catholic Church Crosby

Anne Brownsell, Wally Reynolds, Paul Garrett, Jim Sheerin, Trish Hodson, George & Wyn Coughlin,
Vanessa Hall, Che Burnley, Ann Sumner, Jonathan Crofts, Mrs Moore, Maria Carragher, Jack Kirby,
May Ruxton, Blair Fowler, John White, Jo Burke, Ann Hughes, Charles Sankey, Joseph Greville,
Maura Murphy, Brian Orford (Jnr), Gerard Tansey, Ian Buchanan, Mary Griffin, Margaret Reynolds,
Helen Burgess, Veronica Duffy, Maureen Hall, Pam McHugh, K Nuss, Annette Hemming,
Ken Hemming, Tommy Carter, Ben Hamill-Hope, Mollie Finnigan, Glen Sands, Joseph Forshaw,
Sheila Cummins, Tommy O’Brien, Mary Rimmer, Philip Goodwin, Maureen De Villier Briscoe,
Helen Downie.
Lately Dead:
Mary Hughes, Mary Halliwell, Frank McCann, Mrs Ward, Ben Herriott,
Anne Mullins, Keith Barrett, George Stuart, Ray Linley, Molly Finnigan,
Edith Mitchell, Marjorie Arnold, Stella Dilworth.
Ss Peter & Paul Catholic Church
5th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Year B - 8th February 2015
Parish Priest:
Rev. Mgr. John Furnival
Asst Priest:
Rev. Fr. Roy Cooper
Rev. Tony Johnson
Rev. Terry Rimmer
Rev. Ernest Diggory (retired)
In Residence:
Rev. Fr. John Seddon
Rachel Ashton, Paul Kindelan, Maura & George Carney, Michael Donleavy,
Edmund Coleman, Patricia McDermott, Desmond Rafferty, Steve Morgan,
Fr. Gerard Weston, Doug. Brighouse, Peggy & Joe Walker, David Jones,
Reginald Peters
Baptisms - We welcome into the church:
15th February - Ryan Stanley & Maisie Evans
14th February - Jake Feeley and Lucy Edwards
Sacrament of Reconciliation
Tuesday 6.45pm - 7.15pm & Saturday 10.30am - 11.00am
Exposition & Morning Prayer
Weekdays 8.30am - 9.10am (except Thurs & Sat)
Benediction & Exposition
Tuesday 6.30pm - 7.15pm
1st Sunday of the month 3.30pm
Stations of the Cross
Every Friday of Lent at 7.00pm
Parish Priest: Mgr. John Furnival
Liverpool Archdiocesan Trustees Inc.
Registered Charity No. 232709
Saturday 7 February
5.45 Jean Carden, Shirley Mullins
& Sp. Int (LW)
Sunday 8 February
9.30 Alice Molly & Sr. Marie Murphy
11.30 Adrian Dalton, Sheila Connolly
& Sarah Ravenscroft
Monday 9 February
9.10 The Cryan Sisters
& Christopher Finnegan
12.00 noon Requiem Mass: Molly Finnigan
Tuesday 10 February
9.10 Eucharistic Service
7.30 Peter Hall, Eileen Traynor & Hilda Byrne
Wednesday 11 February
9.10 Rachel Ashton, John Byrne
& Roy Linley
Thursday 12 February
11.00 am Requiem Mass: Edith Mitchell
Friday 13 February
9.10 Paul Kindelan, Maureen Davies
& George Henderson
Saturday 14 February
5.45 Maura & George Carney & Paul Mercer
Address: 161 Liverpool Road
Great Crosby
Liverpool L23 5TE
0151 928 3456
0151 949 1930
[email protected]
Sunday 15 February
9.30 Michael Woods & Dec. Members of
Woods & Levins Families
11.30 Stephen Farrell, Doreen & Fred Preston
Monday 16 February
9.10 Frances & Bill Moore & Fr Fred Matthews
11.00 am Requiem Mass: Stella Dilworth
Tuesday 17 February
9.10 Eucharistic Service
7.30 Marie Cadwallader, George Stuart
& Edmund Coleman
Wednesday 18 February - Ash Wednesday
9.10 Alice Tansey & John Ryder
& Padraig Walsh
Friday 20 February
9.10 Patricia Mc Dermott, Billy Wright
& Desmond Rafferty
Saturday 21 February
5.45 Fr. Gerard Weston, Mary Hughes
& Steve Morgan
Sunday 22 February
9.30 Frank McCann, Ben Hernott & Sp. Int.
11.30 Doris Brighouse, Peggy & Joe Walker
Engaged Couples Course: Those getting married in our area during 2015 will
be invited to come along for the Marriage Preparation Course, starting on
Tuesday 17th February at 7.30pm, in the Parish Hall at Ss Peter and Paul.
Mass to celebrate Marriage & Family Life: 11.00 am on Sunday 8th
February at the Metropolitan Cathedral, Celebrated by Archbishop
Malcolm McMahon.
CAFOD: The Lenten Family Fast Day will be held on Friday: 27th
February. Donations following the Fast Day can be brought to church;
envelopes will be provided and Gift Aided contributions can be made.
Lent Discussion Groups and Resources: Please see the separate notice
giving details of discussion groups taking place during Lent. One relates
to a National Catholic Conference to take place on 11th July in
Birmingham and parish discussions are encouraged in preparation for this
event. It has the theme “Proclaim ’15” and the focus is on the
Evangelising mission of the parish. The second group discussions are
based on Lenten themes with other Christian churches in the Crosby area.
There are other groups meeting to reflect on Marriage and Family Life as
we approach the Synod in Rome in October.
LENTEN PRAYER & REFLECTION: will be held at Irenaeus, 32 Great
George’s Road, On Wednesdays in Lent – 18th, 25th Feb, 4th, 11th,18th,
March from 10.30 -12.00 noon.
For more information ring: 0151 949 1199 or contact [email protected].
FRIDAYS IN LENT: Each Friday in Lent there will be an early Mass at 7.15
am. A Service of The Word and Communion will follow at 9.10 am after
Morning Prayer. Stations of the Cross will be celebrated each Friday in Lent at
7.00 pm, (please note that there will also be Stations each Friday in St. Helen’s
church and these will also be at 7.00 pm) led by different parish groups.
‘DAY BY DAY’ Booklets with the daily readings in Lent are available for
purchase in our church shop.
KEEPING THE WEEKDAYS HOLY: A group meeting takes place each
Monday evening at St. Helen’s parish centre at 7.30pm. The next meeting is on
Monday 9th February, and will reflect on the scripture readings of the next
The Parish of Christ the King and Our Lady Childwall, MASS IN HONOUR OF
OUR LADY OF LOURDES. Main celebrant: Bishop Tom Williams, 7.30 p.m.
11th FEBRUARY 2015. Everyone is very welcome
Civic Mass: The Annual Civic Mass will take place in the Metropolitan Cathedral on
Sunday 15th February at 11.00am; celebrated by Archbishop Malcolm McMahon.
Bach Cantarta & Evening Prayer: To be held at Christ Church, Waterloo,
15th February 6.30pm.
“Do you Love Me?” is the title of a by Bishop Brian Noble, who was the bishop of
Shrewsbury. The Pastoral Formation Department and the Irenaeus Project invite you
to the launch of the document on Tuesday 17th February, 6.30pm - 8.30pm at
LIVING JOYFULLY 2015 A celebration of consecrated life in the Church during
the Year of Consecrated Life. A series of workshops, discussion groups and light
hearted activities providing an opportunity to meet religious, priests and consecrated
laity and learn more about their lives and what inspires them. The event is to be held
at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King on :- Sunday 8th February
10.00am - 1.00pm, with time for people to browse the various displays around the
cathedral and meet religious and other consecrated persons.
For more information email [email protected]
VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITY: The Crosby Area Food bank project
needs a helper to coordinate the work with a team of volunteers.
See the notice board for details of this job.
St. Helen’s parish centre, Crosby, is on 19th February at 7.30 pm with
speaker Daniel O’Leary. ALL WELCOME.
KEYSTONE: Is a project to help dementia sufferers and their carers.
See the leaflets available in church for more information.
Sunday Readings:
5th Sunday of the Year Job 7: 1-4. 6-7 1Corinthians 9: 16-19. 22-23
Mark 1: 29-39
6th Sunday of the Year: Leviticus 13: 1-2. 45-46 1 Corinthians 10:31 -11:1
Mark 1: 40-45