Mr. & Miss tri-Pride Pageant - Tri

Mr. & Miss tri-Pride Pageant
Thursday May 7th 2015 at Sizzle
Application Form
Contestant Eligibility
 Pageant is open to Drag Kings and Drag Queens as well as Bio Queens and Bio
Kings who hail from the Tri-cities area. Contestants who do not reside in the
Tri-Cities area will be required complete the 'Out of town contestant form'
(See page. 5)
 There is no Gender restriction to compete however contestants must stay
in their choice of Gender Representation for the duration of the competition
All contestants must be age 19+
All contestants will be limited to one backstage assistant
 Interview
Presentation in Theme (Living History)
Show Your Pride (Pride Wear)
Evening Gown
Question & Answer
Duties of the Winners
Both winners will receive a yearlong contract during which they must
Uphold the tri-Pride Mission and Values
Attend a minimum of 3 tri-Pride meetings throughout your reign at your
Plan at least one Fundraiser preapproved by the tri-Pride Board of Directors (be
creative and have fun)
Attend and volunteer at the majority of tri-Pride fundraisers and events
Perform on stage and act as a co-host at the tri-Pride Music Festival on Saturday
June 6th 2015
Appear as invited and represent tri-Pride at a minimum of 4 PAID appearances
throughout your reign
Mr. & Miss tri-Pride Winners will receive a variety of prizes including,
but not limited to, a Crown, sash, flower bouquet, plaque & cash prize.
Winners are guaranteed a performance at the tri-Pride Music Festival 2015.
Code of Conduct
Any contestant visibly intoxicated during the duration of the pageant as well any
event or gathering in which they are representing tri-Pride, will be immediately removed
from the pageant or if a winner, striped of title. This decision in made at the discretion of
the tri-Pride board of directors.
Any misrepresentation in any format over the course of the reign is not tolerated
and will result in the title being stripped. Examples of misrepresentation include, using
the title to receive discounts, speaking on behalf of tri pride without consent of the triPride Board of Directors, etc.
Discrimination, Inappropriate Sexual Behavior, Violence and Criminal activity of
any sort during any tri-Pride event or at any point during the reign representing tri-Pride,
will result in immediate removal of titles.
Crowns become the property of the winners upon completion of their contract. If
crowns are damaged or lost and need to be replaced over the course of the reign, the
title holder is responsible for absorbing this cost. If the Title holder is unable to obtain a
new crown at least 7 days before their next mandatory event, they will be stripped of
their title and be billed for the cost of a new Crown.
More information and a contract package will be sent to you
after the Pageant Coordinator receives this application
Application Deadline April 24th 2015.
Mail completed form to: 250 King Street West, PO Box 26018 (mailing only)
Pageant entry fee is $20.00
Payment must accompany your application.
Name: ______________________________________
Over 19 check here _____
Address: ____________________________________ City: _____________________
Phone #: (____) - ____ - ________ Email: ___________________________________
Gender Appearing: ___________________________
Signature of Applicant: ______________________________ Date: ____/____/______
100 Points
Each contestant will be interviewed by a panel of judges. Contestants will be asked
questions and be judged on their ability to respond as well as how
they progress through the remainder of the interview.
This category will take place prior to the beginning of the pageant
and will be conducted in a private atmosphere.
Your choice of attire should reflect that of a formal interview.
100 Points
Showcase a look featuring you as a piece of Tri-City living history. Use your creativity
and imagination to transform into your vision of a notable occurrence from the past
present or even future! Your only restriction is that the location must be Tri-City
(Kitchener, Cambridge & Waterloo).
From tri-Pride Festivals past to Oktoberfest of the Future, The Choice is Yours!
Contestants will be judged on their Creativity and Uniqueness. Each contestant will
have the opportunity to speak on microphone to make a brief introduction.
SHOW YOUR PRIDE 100 points
Present a look that showcases your PRIDE.
Contestants will be judged on the uniqueness and creativity of their look.
Each Contestant will be given 1 minute 30 seconds to make their way to the stage
and given 30 seconds to briefly make a statement about
Contestants will be judged on the creativity and execution of their statement.
200 points
Lights, Camera, ACTION!
It's YOUR time to shine for the Talent portion of the competition.
Each Contestant will be given 6 minutes to showcase their choice of Talent. Sing,
Dance, Lip-sync, Play an instrument or more, the choice is up to you!
Contestants will be judged on entertainment value & skill and
the creativity & uniqueness of their choice of talent.
** Please note that this category is worth 200 points and comprises a large portion of
your final score.
50 points / 50 points
Showcase a complete evening wear look.
Contestants will be given 2 minutes to make their way to the stage.
Each contestant will be judged on the appropriateness of their Evening Wear
as well as Creativity and Imagination.
Contestants will Enter Question & Answer upon Arriving on stage and
each contestant will draw one question at random.
They will then be given 2 minutes to answer the question.
Contestants will be judged on the Confidence and Uniqueness of their answers.
Out of Town Contestant Applicant
(Only to be completed by contestants who
do NOT reside in the tri-cities area)
Being a contestant who resides outside of the tri-cities area (Kitchener, Cambridge &
Waterloo), we require an additional signature on your application. Below you will find the
Out of Town Contestant terms and Conditions. These terms and conditions are basically
a light representation of the winning contract. tri-Pride has asked out of town
contestants to agree to these terms and conditions to ensure that they are aware of
their responsibilities before obtaining this title. Please carefully read the following terms
and conditions before signing and dating the bottom.
Out of Town Contestant Terms & Conditions
Upon successfully winning the title of Mr. or Miss tri-Pride, 50$ of Winnings will be
subtracted and Held as a Deposit. These winnings will be returned upon successfully
completing the reign. At any point during the reign if the winner is unable to complete ANY
mandatory appearance, 1st runner up will be crowned and the deposit will be provided to the 1st
runner up. Should the crown NOT be returned, the individual will be billed an additional $50 as
stated in the winning contract.
Winners agree to be available for ALL paid appearances as well as the tri-Pride Music
Festival (Saturday June 6th 2015) .They also must attend at least three tri-Pride meetings at
their convenience. tri-Pride agrees to provide a minimum of 60 days advanced notice to appear
for an event that was not finalized before May 07th 2015.Winners may be paid for mandatory
appearances in Per Diem and are not considered to be hired entertainers from tri-Pride.
Mandatory Appearances that have not yet been finalized will be communicated as they
are made available. Should the title(s) be won by Out of Town Person(s), they will be given a
planned event schedule in an effort to provide as much time as possible to secure their
Winners agree to plan and execute at least one major Fundraising event, pre-approved
by the tri-Pride Board of Directors. This fundraiser may be done together with your reigning
partner. Having fundraisers outside of the tri-cities area is permitted but only with pre-approval.
Transportation and costs associated with having to travel to the tri-cities area due to residing
outside of the Tri Cities area will NOT be covered at any point.
I _________________________________ acknowledge that residing outside of the Tri-Cities
area has no impact on my ability to uphold the terms and conditions listed above. I agree that
failure to uphold any of my contractual obligations upon obtaining the title of Mr. or Miss triPride, will result in being immediately stripped of my title and loss of pay. Should I be unable to
uphold my contractual obligations I agree to contact tri-Pride and arrange for a replacement. By
Signing this form, I also agree to the terms and conditions listed above.
Legal Name: __________________________ Stage Name ____________________
Address: ____________________________________ City: _____________________
Phone #: (____) - ____ - ________ Email: ___________________________________
Signature of Applicant: ______________________________ Date: ____/____/______