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AbVitro, Inc. 27 Drydock Ave, 6th floor Boston, MA, 02210 AbVitro Inc. to Present at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting BOSTON, MASS., April 16, 2015. AbVitro Inc., a therapeutic and target discovery company announced that it will be presenting data on the Identification of Novel Pancreatic Cancer-­‐Specific Antibodies and their Target Antigens through a Next Generation Immune Sequencing Platform at the AACR Annual Meeting being held April 18-­‐22, 2015 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA. "Our presentation at the AACR will showcase the innovative power of our proprietary single cell next-­‐generation immune sequencing platform in identifying both novel therapeutic antibodies directed against pancreatic cancer as well as our ability to identify their targets. Our technology has the power to interrogate each individual B and T-­‐cell within a tumor sample and determine at the single cell level the sequence of each antibody pair, individual T-­‐cell receptor and other molecular markers being expressed. Our platform has utility in any disease with an immune component with particular importance in cancer and autoimmune diseases” stated Jeffrey M. Ostrove, Ph.D., AbVitro’s Chief Executive Officer. The authors on the presentation are; David A. Fabrizio, Sonia Timberlake, Brian Belmont, Stephen J. Goldfless, Brian J. Booth, Katherine L. Connor, Adrian W. Briggs, William Donahue, Teresa J. Broering, Francois Vigneault. The Poster will be presented on Sunday, April 19, 2015 between 1-­‐5:00 PM on Poster Board 13 in Section 27, Abstract number 643. About AbVitro AbVitro is a therapeutic target discovery company, with a unique technology platform that leverages natural immune responses to address diseases with unmet medical needs. Based on technology developed by the visionary George Church at Harvard Medical School, AbVitro’s technology allows for the identification of -­‐1-­‐ AbVitro, Inc. 27 Drydock Ave, 6th floor Boston, MA, 02210 complete, natively paired B cell antibodies and T cell receptors across millions of single cells at unprecedented resolution. This high-­‐throughput single-­‐cell immune sequencing technology is then used to identify novel therapeutic targets and antibodies to cancer, autoimmune and infectious diseases, as well as utility in any disorder that has an immune component. For more information visit http://www.AbVitro.com For further information please contact; Jeffrey M. Ostrove, Ph.D.
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