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Acrow Beam Bridge
The Acrow Beam Bridge is an economical and efficient solution to short-span bridge needs.
Acrow Beam Bridges are manufactured to spans of 25, 35, and 45 feet and are supplied in
6´ wide sections which can be combined to widths of 12´, 18´, 24´, etc. The Beam Bridge can
also accommodate a guard rail which can be bolted to the sides of the outer beams.
The standard decking for the Acrow Beam Bridge is steel supplied with an anti-skid epoxy aggregate.
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Beam Bridge: 35´ x 12´
Beam Bridge: 35´ x 18´
Features and Benefits
–Permanent or temporary application
–Fully inspected and load tested
–Quick install with minimal labor
–Standard panel size is 6´ x 25, 35, or
–No field welding, cutting or fabrication
45 feet in length that can construct
–Simple footing design
widths in 6 foot increments such as
–Construction sites
–Anti-skid deck surface
12´, 18´, 24´, 30´, etc.
–Hot dipped galvanized steel ensures no
rusting and reduced maintenance
–Guard rail systems available if required
–Supports live loads ASD HS25; LRFD
The Acrow Beam Bridge is a quick, proven
–Private property bridges
solution for either temporary or permanent
applications for a variety of industries.
HL93; and off-road articulated tri-axle
dumps similar to a Volvo A-40
Acrow Bridge
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