Cable Throw PASSIOKNIT (WOOdSmAN) 12ply CHUNKY YARN Skill level - Intermediate

Cable Throw
Skill level - Intermediate
13 x 100g balls
Cable Throw (Intermediate)
Width (approx) 85 cms/34 ins
Length (approx) 180 cms/71 ins
13 x 100g balls
A pair 9.00mm (US 13), (UK 00) Knitting Needles or
size that gives correct tension/gauge.
A Cable Needle; A Yarn Needle.
1 Panel = approx 17 cms/7 ins (slightly stretched),
using 9.00mm (US 13), (UK 00) Knitting Needles.
Note - Correct tension/gauge is essential for a
successful handknit.
9th row - K6, P2, C12B, P2, K6.
10th row - As 2nd row.
Rep 1st and 2nd rows 4 times.
Last 18 rows form patt.
Cont in patt until work measures approx 178 cms/70
ins from beg, ending with a 15th patt row.
Next row (WS) - P3, K5, P2, (P2tog) 4 times, P2, K5, P3
= 24 sts.
Knit 2 rows garter st.
Cast/bind off loosely knitways.
DO NOT PRESS. Using yarn needle, darn in ends.
Using yarn needle matress st seam, sew panels
Side Borders - With RS facing and using 9.00mm (US
13), (UK 00) Needles, knit up 179 sts evenly along one
side edge of throw.
Knit 2 rows garter st. Cast/bind off loosely knitways.
Work other side edge in same manner.
St/s - stitch/es, K - Knit, P - purl, garter st - every row
knit, stocking st - 1 row K, 1 row P, RS - right side, WS
- wrong side, inc - increase, beg - begin/ning, patt pattern, rep - repeat, cont - continue, P2tog - purl 2
sts together.
C12B - slip next 6 sts onto cable needle and leave at
back of work, K6, then K6 from cable needle.
Throw (worked in panels)
Panel (make 5)
Using 9.00mm (US 13), (UK 00) Needles, cast on 24 sts.
Knit 2 rows garter st (1st row is WS).
3rd row - P3, K5, P2, inc purlways once in each of next
4 sts, P2, K5, P3 = 28 sts.
Beg patt - 1st row (RS) - K6, P2, K12, P2, K6.
2nd row - P3, K5, P12, K5, P3.
Rep 1st and 2nd rows 3 times.
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We cannot be responsible for variance of individual knitters, human error or typographical mistakes.