Dateline: NH W Passage of SB153: A Bittersweet Victory

June, 2009
Dateline: NH
a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
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AIADA Meeting
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Red Flags Enforcement Date
Extended to August 1
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Changing of the Guard: New NHADA
Chair Jay Alosa receives the gavel from
Immediate Past Chair Scott Holloway.
NHADA Annual Meeting
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Passage of SB153: A Bittersweet Victory
Peter J. McNamara, President
hen Senate Bill 153 was
signed into law, I thought of
the opening lines of Charles
Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities, “It was the
best of times, it was the worst of times, it
was the age of wisdom, it was the age of
foolishness, it was
the epoch of belief,
it was the epoch of
the final toll of which could exceed twenty. As I realized with delight we would reach
the goal of amending the DBR, I also
saw that stores would still be shuttered,
workers jobless. I won’t go into details of the new DBR
as that is covered by
our special insert,
which contains all of
Within the past
the changes. Please
months we have
take a moment to
seen the passage of
read the President’s
SB153, which made
Message as I tried
great and sweept o a c k n ow l e d g e
photo by Michael Rosenblum
ing changes to the House Commerce Committee hearing turnout, May 5 – one of the efforts of those
many impressive efforts supporting of SB153.
Dealer Bill of Rights
involved in the
(RSA 357-C). Unfortunately, we are also process. However, it was the NHADA
seeing Chrysler and General Motors begin grassroots – your voice – that made it
the process of purging franchised dealers,
Bittersweet - Continued on page 3
Following the Unique Path to the Creation of
The New Dealer Bill of Rights
Peter J. McNamara, President
he legislative process can be fascinating, tedious, boring, and nightmarish –
sometimes all at once. Considering SB153 took a rather unique path to become law, I thought it would be of interest to walk the membership through
some of the steps we took.
When SB153 was in the Senate, dealers and I met with every Senator to talk
about the bill. We also met with many members of the House Commerce and
Consumer Affairs Committee after it went to the House. Many of the meetings
were 45 minutes to an hour long because of the complexity of both the bill and
Unique Path - Continued on page 8
Dateline: NH
photo by AIADA
a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
Joseph “Jay” R. Alosa, Jr.
Vice Chairman
Roger Groux
Holly Carlson
Donna Gaudet Hosmer
Peter J. McNamara
Joseph “Jay” R. Alosa, Jr., Heavy-Duty Trucks
Frank Brady
Andrew Costello
H. Andy Crews
Jim Fyles
Roger Groux
William Gurney, Non-Franchised
Mark Hesler, Motorcycles
Paul Holloway, Honorary
Scott Holloway
Jay McFarland
Peggy Proko
Chris Weiss
NHADA members met with members of
the federal delegation during the American
International Automobile Dealers Association
(AIADA) convention in Washington, DC, May 14.
(l to r): Donovan and William Fenton of Fenton
Family Dealerships; Massachusetts Automobile
Dealers Association Chair James Boyle, an NHADA
member; NHADA Workers’ Compensation Trust
Chair Emmet Horgan; U.S. Senator Jeanne
Shaheen (D-NH); NHADA and AIADA Director
Peggy Proko; Jack Donachie of Dover AutoWorld;
and NHADA President Peter J. McNamara.
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June, 2009
Dateline: NH Bittersweet - Continued from page 1
possible for the bill to become reality.
As I write this column, Chrysler has
already given notice to six NHADA
members. The General Motors letters
just recently arrived. I anticipate that
the NHADA franchised rolls could
be reduced by a score, which is still
better than what we thought just a few
weeks ago. On the national level, I
flew to Washington, D.C. with several
dealers to meet with our congressional
delegation as part of the AIADA annual
meeting. Peggy Proko, AIADA and NHADA director, Emmett Horgan, WCT chairman,
and Bill Fenton and his son Donovan and
I all pushed the message that the Treasury
Department was reckless in moving this
quickly to eliminate dealers. We asked
June, 2009
a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
our delegation to write the Obama
administration on this issue. Much of Dickens’ novel was interwoven
with the theme of resurrection. So too
with this tale. It is certain that we will
have fewer new vehicle members by the
end of the year. But it is also certain
that we cannot count out any of these
dealers. By their very nature, dealers are
scrappy entrepreneurs – full of fighting
spirit. We also need to recognize that the
remaining dealers will be stronger when
this recession ends and business begins
to grow anew. Meet Your Association Partners
For more
please contact
– The Specialists –
at 800-633-8842.
Doug Coyle, Account Executive; Paul Marino, Regional F&I
Manager; Ken Desmarais, Regional Sales Manager; Mark
Paulhamus, Account Executive; Jonathan Krecidlo, F&I
Executive; Mark Giguere, F&I Executive.
page 3
Dateline: NH
From Your
NADA Director
Jack Tulley
NADA Pushes on All Fronts to Correct
Credit Situation, Stabilize Auto Industry
Throughout April, NADA continued to
push on numerous fronts to shore up
the wholesale and retail auto credit situation and to help stabilize the industry.
In mid-April, NADA met with GM’s
Fritz Henderson and Mark LaNeve. In
late April, association leaders met with
President Obama’s autos task force.
During that meeting, representatives of
the administration said they were considering ways to help dealers access money
to buy vehicles for inventory through the
Small Business Administration. Dealers
told the task force that increasing the
business-size standards and shifting to an
employee-based size standard would help.
Currently, SBA’s loan guaranty program
caps eligibility at $29 million in annual
gross receipts, an amount that the majority of dealers surpass.
A group of 35 U.S. Senators, led by Sen.
Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) also asked the
Obama administration to quickly expand
dealers’ eligibility for SBA loans as well
as to restore liquidity for retail auto and
floorplan lending. The letter was initiated
by NADA.
page 4
a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
NADA Update
Dealers encounter two major stumbling
blocks when trying to push policymakers
and legislators on liquidity restoration.
One is the lack of familiarity with the
dealership business model. Most don’t
know that dealers, not automakers, pay
to keep inventory, hence the great need
for floor-planning credit.
The other is that securitized floorplan
loans don’t tend to experience defaults the
way mortgages do. Among other types of
collateral, dealers’ personal and business
assets back the loans. This is one point
Koblenz made to a group of more than
20 capital and asset management firms
in New York City this month.
Lawmakers Nearing Compromise on
“Cash for Clunkers”
A potential bright spot on the retail side
of the business is the nearing compromise
on a “cash for clunkers” bill in Congress
as lawmakers try to determine the best
approach to such a program. Details such
as total budget, program duration, the age
of older vehicles, criteria for new vehicles,
and specific incentive amounts have yet
to be resolved.
NADA recognizes the significant economic benefit for dealers and their communities that could result from passage of
a “cash for clunkers” program, and NADA
lobbyists are meeting with Congressional
leaders to ensure that dealers are paid
promptly by the federal government and
that any incentive program is available
for all automobile manufacturers. Once
passed by the House, the bill will have
to pass the Senate as well before going to
President Obama to be signed into law.
In other legislative and regulatory news…
“Card Check” has stalled in the 111th
Congress. The Employee Free Choice
Act (H.R. 1409 and S. 560) would allow
a majority of employees to be represented
by a union by signing a card instead of a
traditional election, with secret ballot,
overseen by the National Labor Relations
Board. The legislation has fewer cosponsors this time around, showing weakening
support. In late March, Sen. Arlen Specter
(R-Pa.) said he would not support closure
of debate on the legislation, which put
its fate in jeopardy. Sen. Blanche Lincoln
(D-Ark.) made a similar announcement
in early April. Even so, dealers should urge
members of Congress not to cosponsor the
legislation and to oppose a compromise
measure. Senators should be urged to vote
“no” on any cloture motion on the bill.
Be sure to use the new Form I-9. If you’re
hiring, you must now use the revised
I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
form. The new form took effect April 3.
The main changes to the form involve
documents acceptable for identity and/
or employment authorization.
ARRA includes tax incentives for businesses. The American Recovery and
Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009
provides a number of tax incentives for
businesses, including continuing accelerated depreciation of business assets and
extension of small business expensing.
For a summary of incentives, go to www. and click on “Tax Provisions –
Stimulus Law” in the left-hand column.
Honor vouchers from vets. U.S. veterans
who lose the use of one or more limbs
or become totally blind are eligible for
a one-time auto voucher worth $11,000
Director’s Report - continued on page 6
June, 2009
Dateline: NH a publication
of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
Announcing the
compact & full-size
SUV brand in the
* Based on R.L. Polk 2008 CY Northeast Region vehicle registrations. † See dealer for a copy of limited warranty and details. No
deductible. Non-Transferable. Not available on SRT, diesel and certain fleet models. Jeep is a registered trademark of Chrysler LLC.
Proud Sponsors of the NHADA
June, 2009
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Dateline: NH
a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
Director’s Report - continued from page 4
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21-4502, which includes instructions
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Dealers fill out the VIN and make/model
and the veteran signs and dates it. The
voucher amount cannot be shown as a
downpayment, but must be presented as
a debt that the Department of Veterans
Affairs owes. Reimbursements on auto
grants take about 10 days to three weeks to
process. Dealers may call their regional VA
office or 800-827-1000 with questions.
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page 6
Red Flags Enforcement Date
Extended to August 1
he Federal Trade Commission
will delay enforcement of the new
“Red Flags Rule” until August
1, 2009, to give creditors and financial
institutions more time to develop and
implement written identity theft prevention programs. For entities that have a low
risk of identity theft, such as businesses
that know their customers personally, the
commission will soon release a template
to help them comply with the law. The
announcement does not affect other federal agencies’ enforcement of the original
November 1, 2008, compliance deadline
for institutions subject to their oversight.
“Given the ongoing debate about whether
Congress wrote this provision too broadly,
delaying enforcement of the Red Flags
Rule will allow industries and associations
to share guidance with their members,
provide low-risk entities an opportunity
to use the template in developing their
programs, and give Congress time to consider the issue further,” FTC Chairman
Jon Leibowitz said.
The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions
Act of 2003 (FACTA) directed financial
regulatory agencies, including the FTC,
to promulgate rules requiring “creditors”
and “financial institutions” with covered
accounts to implement programs to
identify, detect, and respond to patterns,
practices, or specific activities that could
indicate identity theft. FACTA’s definition of “creditor” applies to any entity
that regularly extends or renews credit
– or arranges for others to do so – and
includes all entities that regularly permit
deferred payments for goods or services.
Accepting credit cards as a form of payment does not, by itself, make an entity a
creditor. Automobile dealers that provide
or arrange financing are among those
businesses required to comply.
“Financial institutions” include entities
that offer accounts that enable consumers to write checks or make payments to
third parties through other means, such as
other negotiable instruments or telephone
During outreach efforts last year, the
FTC staff learned that some industries
and entities within the agency’s jurisdiction were uncertain about their coverage
under the Red Flags Rule. During this
time, FTC staff developed and published
materials to help explain what types of
entities are covered, and how they might
develop their identity theft prevention
programs. Among these materials were
an alert on the Rule’s requirements, www.
alt050.shtm, and a web site with more
resources to help covered entities design
and implement identity theft prevention
programs, The
compliance template will be available on
this web site.
The FTC works for consumers to prevent
fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business
practices and to provide information to
help spot, stop, and avoid them. To file a
complaint in English or Spanish, visit the
FTC’s online Complaint Assistant or call
877-FTC-HELP (877-382-4357). The
FTC enters complaints into Consumer
Sentinel, a secure, online database available to more than 1,500 civil and criminal
law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and
abroad. The FTC’s web site provides free
information on a variety of consumer
June, 2009
Dateline: NH a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
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June, 2009
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page 7
Dateline: NH
a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
Unique Path – continued from page 1
the dealer-manufacturer relationship.
One particular hurdle to overcome was
that we even had a franchise law on the
books already. The one-on-one personal
meetings were crucial because they put a
human face and voice to the bill. At each
of the hearings, we packed the room with
dealers and employees.
To channel our grassroots, then-chairman
Scott Holloway and I, along with Dan
Bennett and David Donohue of Griffin
York & Krause presented the bill at five
town hall meetings. I deputized each board
member as a “precinct captain” who was
charged with following up with about 10
other dealers. We also gathered dealership employee names and hometowns to
further fortify our grassroots. These came
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page 8
Nat Stout, our new communications director, dedicated whole new sections of our
web site to cover SB153. Most significantly,
he worked up automated e-mails that allowed members to easily and quickly send
letters to their elected officials.
At the Statehouse, Dan Bennett and I
were joined by Jim Demers of the Demers
Group and Jim Bouley of Dennehy &
Bouley. Together we engaged in various
skirmishes with the half-dozen lobbyist
from our many opponents. As I write
this article, we are still battling the RV
manufacturers, who are trying to chisel
away at the newly poured foundation of
the DBR.
Behind the scenes, a negotiating team
consisting of various NHADA directors
met with the groups opposing the bill and
also held several internal discussions, some
of them late at night, to discuss strategy. The
end result of much back-and-forth resulted
in about two dozen changes to the bill.
The last two days before the bill became
law were the most intense, though the
prior five days were equally as busy internally at NHADA. Recognizing that GM
and Chrysler were readying to eliminate
dealers, we pushed to have the bill passed
by Wednesday, May 6. The hearing before
the House Commerce Committee was
scheduled for May 5.
Normally a bill like this would be assigned
to a subcommittee, which would then
meet for a week or two before making
recommendations to the full committee.
Due to time constraints, the subcommittee met immediately after the hearing on
that Tuesday.
Between the hearing and the subcommittee, we reached several compromises
with all but one of the opponents of
the bill. The subcommittee adopted the
June, 2009
Dateline: NH agreed upon changes, after which the
full committee unanimously adopted
the recommendation of “ought to pass as
amended” for SB153. This whole process
took about eight hours.
The next day, nearly a dozen dealers
arrived to hand out flyers and meet
with various representatives outside the
House chamber. Suddenly, I received an
e-mail from NADA that GM was already
notifying dealers that they were being
terminated. This revelation made it even
more pressing to have the bill passed and
signed into law quickly.
We thought that SB153 would be the
first bill to be heard that day but it turned
out we were second to last, just before
the some other controversial legislation.
All the other bills were heard first, one
trying to name a certain breed of dog as
the state dog. Before the full House, the rules were
suspended to allow SB153 to be heard
that day. This required a two-thirds vote,
requiring a bipartisan vote. The vote was
316-45. Next was the motion of “ought
to pass as amended,” which passed
295-66 after some debate. The bill was
then brought over to the Senate, which
concurred with the House changes on a
unanimous voice vote. The bill then proceeded through several
enrolling steps before it reached the
Governor’s desk. This involved various
staff members from the House, Senate,
Governor, and Secretary of State offices,
who physically shuttled the bill through
the process. Finally, the bill reached the Governor’s
desk during the early evening at which
time, Governor Lynch kindly had a public
signing. This entire process took just a few
a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
Meet Your Association Partners
American Fidelity Assurance Company
“NHADA partner for voluntary benefits”
For more information, please contact
Chuck Guerin at 888-373-2636.
Chuck Guerin
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we can help you with:
• Operational audits
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Automotive Dealership Group
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Unique Path - Continued on page 10
June, 2009
page 9
Dateline: NH
a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
Unique Path – continued from page 9
short hours when normally it could take
weeks. Clearly the various leaders of the
House and Senate were concerned about
the dealer body and their employees.
This is not a path I hope to have to travel
again. Like all committees, the House
Commerce Committee takes pride in
deliberating over, and fully understanding, the bills brought before it. Committee
members are meticulous and good at what
they do. Though many of them recognized
that the legislation was needed quickly, the
committee members did not like having
to work at that speed.
Routine Physical
Drawing Winners
The 2009 first quarter Routine Physical
Drawing winners were randomly selected
and each received a check from the
Insurance Division of NHAD Services,
Inc. for $250! The lucky recipients are:
Robert Stanley, spouse of Donna
Stanley, 1400 Motors of Nashua, Inc.,
Candace Fitzgerald, Concord Lincoln
Mercury, Inc., Concord;
Lakes Region Community College is seeking two adjunct faculties to teach classes
within the Automotive Service Education Program (ASEP). The successful applicant must have ASE certifications in the areas to be taught and at least five years
experience as an automotive technician. Previous teaching is experience preferred.
Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college
or university with major study in a subject area closely related to field of automotive or education. Possession of a bachelor’s degree in Education, shall require
an associate’s degree in Automotive and three years of teaching experience in
automotive or three years of business or industry experience in automotive, or
associate’s degree from a regionally accredited college or technical school with major
study in a subject area related to automotive and five years of teaching experience
in automotive or five years of business or industry experience in automotive.
Special requirement: ASE certification.
Deborah Lawn, State Line Truck
Service, Inc., Fitzwilliam; and
Najat El-Khoury, spouse of Amis ElKhoury, Banks Chevrolet, Concord.
All full-time employees (and insured
family members) of an NHADA company
member insured through NHADA/
Anthem, both at the time of the routine
physical, and at the time of the drawing,
are eligible to participate.
For more information on this program
or to acquire registration forms, please
contact Wellness Educator Lisa Duclos,
at 800-852-3372, ext. 308 or by e-mail
at [email protected].
Salary commensurate with experience.
Please submit an application, resume, and copies of college transcripts to:
Thomas Goulette, Vice President of Academic Affairs
Lakes Region Community College
379 Belmont Road
Laconia, NH 03246-1364
State applications are available at or our web site at
Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Application review will
begin on July 1, 2009.
Equal Opportunity Employer
page 10
Save the Dates!
(Watch for
Additional Information)
September 18
NHADA Golf Tournament
Lochmere Country Club,
Tilton, NH
November 17
NHADA Fall Business
Meeting & Partner Expo
Grappone Conference
Center, Concord, NH
June, 2009
Dateline: NH a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
Annual Meeting Brings Members Together During Difficult Times
hrysler and GM closings aside,
the NHADA Annual Meeting
brought friends and colleagues
together to plan and strategize the uncertain future.
Over 100 NHADA members and partners
joined together at the Radisson Hotel
in Manchester during the afternoon of
May 13.
Joseph “Jay” Alosa, Jr., Freightliner of
New Hampshire, was elected Chair of
the Board of Directors, succeeding Scott
Holloway, Holloway Pontiac Buick GMC
Cadillac, who has been reelected to the
board for a subsequent five-year term.
Roger C. Groux, Honda Barn/Nissan
of Stratham, was elected Vice Chair.
Reelected to the board for one-year terms
were Treasurer Holly Carlson of Carlson’s
Motor Sales, and Secretary Donna Gaudet
Hosmer, of AutoServ Dealerships. Peter
McNamara was reelected as NHADA
H. Andy Crews of AutoFair Group was
elected by the franchised membership
to serve a five-year term in earlier voting,
along with Scott Holloway.
A panel of state regulatory officials advised members at the 2009 Annual Meeting.
Of course, there was the time-honored
handing out of Workers’ Compensation
rebates (see article on page 14).
Reelected on May 13 to the New
Hampshire Automotive Education
Foundation were: Mark Tulley of Tulley
who will serve a three-year term, and one
year as president; John Bunce of Keats,
Inc. to a three-year term; and new member Dick Horan of Precision Imports, to
serve a three-year term.
Meet Your Association Partners
ADP Dealer Services
“Provides integrated computing solutions”
For more information,
please contact Maria Trezza
at 800-827-8500.
Governor John Lynch spoke briefly at
the reception of his support for the state’s
automotive industry and the communities
they support.
A panel of state officials spoke on regulatory matters. They pledged their
cooperation in helping automotive businesses comply with state requirements.
Included were: Director of Motor Vehicles
Virginia Beecher; Dept. of Labor Counsel
Martin Jenkins, Sr.; Assistant Attorney
General Richard W. Head; and Banking
Commissioner Peter Hildreth.
June, 2009
Endorsed by
page 11
Dateline: NH
a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
2009 NHADA
photos by Michael Rosenblum and Dan Bennett
Above (l to r): New
NHADA Board of Directors Chairman Joseph
“Jay” R. Alosa, Jr., Freightliner of New Hampshire, Inc.; and
outgoing Chairman Scott Holloway, Holloway Pontiac Buick
GMC Cadillac.
Upper right (l to r): Rick Chergey, Saturn of Nashua; Sean Van
Praet and Todd Page, both of Porsche/Audi of Stratham.
Immediate right (l to r): NHADA Director Andrew G. Costello,
1400 Motors of Nashua/Infiniti of Nashua; Rep. Sherman
Packard (R-Londonderry).
Middle (l to r): Newly elected NHADA Vice Chairman Roger
Groux, Honda Barn/Nissan of Stratham; Governor John Lynch.
Lower Right (l to r): Sam Verge and Vicki Marcinkevich of Team
Nissan, Inc.; Amanda Grappone Osmer, Grappone Automotive
Group; Frank Leone, also of Team Nissan.
Below (l to r): NHADA Director Chris Weiss, Crest Auto
World; Joe Walier, Walier Chevrolet; and Jim Knight, Wyman’s
page 12
June, 2009
Dateline: NH a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
Annual Meeting
Above (l to r): Newly Elected NHAEF Director
Richard Horan, Precision Imports, Inc.; Phil von
Hemert, Environmental Equipment of New England,
a Bronze Partner; Charlotte and NHADA Director
Bill Gurney, Automotive Repair. Inc.
Immediate left (l to r): Peter Herz, Lakes Region
Volkswagen Audi; NHAD Services, Inc. Chairman
Doug Miles, Seacoast Volkswagen; Ed Reilly, Ed Reilly
below (l to r): Former Director Paul Gladstone;
Wayne MaKechnie, Holloway Pontiac Buick GMC
Cadillac; Joe Yergeau, Holloway Automotive Group.
June, 2009
page 13
Dateline: NH
Claims Corner
a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
$2.6 Million Returned to
Workers’ Compensation Trust Members
Peter Sheffer, WCT Director
he NHADA WCT Board and
staff are pleased to return $2.6
million to our members as a
rebate this year. The actuarial released
money from 2002 through 2007 fund
years, with the majority coming from the
2007 fund year. Therefore, members with
poor 2007 claims experience will receive
reduced rebates compared to rebates
returned in 2006 and 2007. Due to high
reserves, high claims costs, and the uncertainty of claims development, no money
will be returned out of the 2008 fund
year. As a result, members who joined in
2008 will receive no 2009 rebate. We are,
however, cautiously optimistic that claims
staff efforts will positively impact claims
development, and we will see some of
the reserves on 2008 claims freed up for
rebate in 2010.
WCT one of the most successful selfinsured groups in the state.
From the claims perspective, members
should avoid the use of emergency
rooms whenever medically appropriate.
Hospitals are one of the major workers’
compensation cost drivers. Members
should call Nurse Case Manager Marta
Robbins immediately after an injury
occurs so that she can assist with an appropriate choice of medical provider.
This year’s rebates have been negatively
impacted by three factors:
1) Heavy snow and ice in 2007 and
2008 resulting in serious injuries and
costly claims;
2) Workers’ compensation medical
costs continue to outpace medical
inflation – they have doubled in the
last decade in NH; and
3) Investment income is down.
These factors eroded the available money
to be returned to members in 2009.
Members can influence their claims experience, thereby positively affecting their
rebate. Despite the challenging times,
members must continue to adhere to the
basic principles of claims management
and loss prevention that have made the
page 14
Annual Ritual: David Allen, NHADA Workers’ Compensation
Trust board member, hands a rebate check to Dennie Foss of
Foss Motors, Inc. at the 2009 Annual Meeting in Manchester
May 13.
Avoiding lost time claims is the single
most effective way to control workers’
compensation costs. The longer an employee is out of work, the less likely that
employee will return to work. Remember,
medical-only claims are discounted 70
percent when the experience modification factor is calculated. Even one day
of disability can impact the experience
modification factor.
From the loss prevention perspective,
members must remember to perform
pre-placement drug testing. The Workers’
Compensation Trust Board mandated
pre-placement drug testing in 2008 for
all WCT members. National studies have
found that illegal substance users cost
employers time and money in workers’
compensation, health insurance, disability insurance, and lost productivity.
Preventing the employment of illegal
substance users is the first step in personnel risk management.
Members should have safety committees.
They heighten safety awareness among
staff and have been proven to reduce
the frequency of injuries. As mentioned
above, slip-and-fall-on-ice claims have
been a major cost driver for the past
two years. Members should develop and
implement a snow and ice, slip-and-fall
prevention program, and they must
hold staff accountable for its success. If
we could eliminate slip-and-fall-on-ice
claims, we could return as much as 20
percent more money in rebates.
The NHADA WCT continues to be one
of the most successful self-insured groups
in the state. We have returned over $50
million to members since our inception
in 1996. With members’ help providing
safe work environments and managing
claims, we will continue to be successful
into the future.
For assistance with our loss prevention programs or pre-placement drug
testing, please contact Brian Duplessis at
800-852-3372 or by e-mail bduplessis@ For assistance with claims
management issues please contact Pete
Sheffer at 800-852-3372 or by e-mail at
[email protected].
June, 2009
Dateline: NH a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
D20950BG NHADA Endorsed.qxd
11:15 AM
Page 1
abcWhat if you knew your insurer
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Contact Ken Desmarais
Regional Sales Manager
We help build F&I profits and protect your dealership.
Zurich provides the strength, stability and specialization to help cover your
dealership risks and build F&I profits. With this powerful combination, let
Endorsed by
for Property/Casualty
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GAP Insurance
us help support the success of your business with insurance solutions that
fit your needs. Property & Casualty • GAP • Dealer Risk Management
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Underwriters Service Corporation. Certain coverages and products and services are not available in all states. ©2007 Zurich American Insurance Company.
June, 2009
page 15
Dateline: NH
a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
Focus: Prostate Health
Wellness Corner
Lisa Duclos, Wellness Educator
f you don’t know what your prostate is
or what it does, you are certainly not
alone: most men do not know. You
really should though! More than 30 million men suffer from prostate conditions
that negatively affect their quality of life.
The prostate is a walnut-shaped gland
found only in men. It lies in front of the
rectum, sits just below the bladder where
urine is stored, and surrounds the tube
that carries urine from the body (urethra).
The gland functions as part of the male
reproductive system by making a fluid
that becomes part of semen, the white
fluid that contains sperm. Testosterone,
the male sex hormone, causes the prostate
to slowly enlarge with age. The prostate
gland grows quite a lot during puberty
and then does not change much until
about age 40, when it slowly begins
growing again and, in many men, does
not stop. Half of men are not bothered
by their growing prostate. But the others
will develop one of three prostate diseases:
enlarged prostate, prostatitis, or prostate
cancer, or may have more than one.
BPH – Enlarged Prostate
Prostate gland enlargement (benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH) rarely causes
problems before age 40. More than half
of men in their 60s and as many as 90
percent in their 70s and 80s experience
symptoms of BPH. At some point, about
30 percent of men with BPH require some
kind of treatment for the condition.
Just as BPH symptoms vary with the
individual, they also differ as the condition progresses. The discomfort and
page 16
June 15-21: National Men’s Health Week
complications associated with an enlarged
prostate are related to a combination of
problems that develop over time. In the
early phase of prostate enlargement, a man
may find it increasingly difficult to urinate
because the bladder muscle has to work
harder to push urine through the narrower
urethra. This extra force may eventually
thicken the bladder muscle, making the
bladder overly sensitive to the presence
of fluid and resulting in an urgent and
frequent need to urinate. Over time, the
bladder muscle may weaken, so that urine
is not completely excreted. Any unusual
variation or difficulty in the pattern of
urination is a red flag that a prostate
problem may exist.
Initial treatment for an enlarged prostate
may be medications that reduce the size of
the prostate gland or improve urine flow
by relaxing the tissues in the area of the
prostate gland. Various types of surgery
can reduce the size of the prostate.
Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate that may be caused by an infection. It
is the most common prostate problem for
men under 50 – so common that about
half of adult men will be treated for it in
their lifetime. Prostatitis is a clinical term
used to describe a wide spectrum of disorders ranging from acute bacterial infection
to chronic pain syndromes affecting the
prostate. Diagnosis of prostatitis is usually
made during a digital rectal exam, where
the physician inserts a lubricated, gloved
finger into the rectum to feel the prostate,
or by examining fluid from the prostate
under a microscope. Some doctors use a
symptom index questionnaire developed
by the National Institutes of Health.
Still, diagnosing prostatitis is not easy,
so the most important diagnostic tool
your doctor has is you and your detailed
descriptions of your symptoms.
Prostatitis is not considered a serious
disease, and it has not been shown to lead
to cancer. But, it is painful, extremely
inconvenient, and sometimes difficult to
cure. There are a number of treatment
options that usually provide relief. These
include antibiotics, anti-inflammatories,
and surgery. According to the National
Cancer Institute, prostatitis is not contagious, and the vast majority of cases are
not spread through sexual contact. Only
a doctor can tell one form of prostatitis
from another.
Prostate Cancer
The third major problem that can occur
in the prostate is cancer. Prostate cancer
is the most common cancer in men, and
the second leading killer of men, behind
lung cancer. Prostate cancer is generally
very slow growing, and most men die
with prostate cancer, dying from some
other cause, rather than from it. Still,
it kills approximately 30,000 men each
year. Prostate cancer grows quietly for
years, giving most men with the early
disease no obvious symptoms, sometimes
referred to as a “silent killer.” In its early
stages, prostate cancer stays in the prostate
and is not life-threatening. But, without
treatment, cancer eventually spreads to
other parts of the body, often resulting
in death. The good news is that, detected
early, it can be cured.
Prostate - continued on page 18
June, 2009
Dateline: NH a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
Exiting your dealership today is commonplace.
Doing it right requires expert guidance.
How you exit your dealership today will affect the rest of your life. To avoid
costly mistakes and optimize the value of your assets, you need a trustworthy advocate with a record of results and a reputation for excellence.
From determining your dealership’s true value to orchestrating
the many legal, financial and franchise issues in your best interest,
Nancy Phillips Associates is a name you can trust.
a Name You CaN TrusT | siNCe 1989
dealership sales · evaluations · liquidations
603.658.0004 · [email protected] ·
June, 2009
page 17
Dateline: NH
Prostate – continued from page 16
Doctors have several ways to treat prostate
cancer. The choice depends on many factors, such as whether or not the cancer has
spread beyond the prostate, the patient’s
age and general health, and how the patient feels about the treatment options and
their side effects. According to both the
National Cancer Institute and American
Cancer Society, approaches to treatment
include: watchful waiting to see whether
the cancer is growing slowly and causing
symptoms; surgery to remove the entire
prostate and surrounding tissues; and
internal and external radiation therapy,
both of which use high-energy rays to kill
cancer cells and shrink tumors. Hormone
therapy and chemotherapy drugs are
approved to treat the various advanced
stages of cancer.
Experts agree that the best protection
against prostate problems is to have
regular medical checkups that include
a prostate exam. The prostate should be
checked yearly after age 40. The American
Urological Association (AUA) issued new
guidelines on prostate cancer screening for
men in April 2009, which goes against
much of the recent advice of other groups,
and recommends that well informed
a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
men aged 40 and over who have a life
expectancy of at least 10 years should be
offered the prostate-specific antigen (PSA)
test (a blood test) in order to establish
a baseline reading and that PSA testing
should be individualized rather than a
blanket annual test for any man aged 50
and over. There has been a lot of controversy lately about when men should start
regular PSA screening, how often, and at
what point should a biopsy be indicated.
The AUA said that when offered and
interpreted appropriately, the PSA test
helps doctors diagnose, assess risk, and
stage prostate cancer pre-treatment, and
then monitor progress afterwards. Men
who wish to be screened should be offered
a PSA test and a DRE (digital rectal ex-
amination). In order to better assess risk,
doctors should also take into account their
patients’ family histories, overall health,
ethnicity, and age, said the AUA’s new
guideline. Doctors should also discuss
the pros and cons of screening, such as
the possibility of over-detection, whereby
cancers that do not need attention right
now might show up; this can cause patients to worry unnecessarily, for example.
Dr Peter Carroll, chair of the AUA
p a n e l t h a t d e ve l o p e d t h e s t a t e ment said the most important message of the new guideline is that,
“Prostate cancer testing is an individual decision that patients of any
age should make in conjunction
with their physicians and urologists.”
He said there was no single universal
standard that you can apply to all men,
and nor should there be, given the current
tools available. He also said that the panel
looked at all the recently reported trials of
PSA testing in the US and Europe before
issuing the statement.
For more information or presentations
on other wellness-related topics at your
business, contact me at lduclos@nhada.
com or 1-800-852-3372, ext. 308.
Meet Your Association Partners
Hold on to your seats!
Accelerate: Rev It Up to the Next Level
is coming soon!
Watch for more information about this
new and updated summer fitness challenge! Or contact Lisa Duclos, Wellness
Educator at 800-852-3372, ext. 308 or
e-mail: [email protected]
page 18
Lift Works Corp./Sullivan Tire Inc.®
“Automotive service equipment specialists”
For more information,
please contact Ray Russell at 800-392-6330.
June, 2009
Dateline: NH a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
Proud Sponsors of the NHADA
June, 2009
page 19
Dateline: NH
a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
School’s Out for Summer...
Mark Broth, Esq., and Margaret O’Brien, Esq.
...well, almost. Given the number of snow
days this winter, the school year is extending a little longer than usual. However, as
employers are gearing up for the summer
hiring season, we thought this would be
an opportune time to review the laws
governing the employment of individuals
under the age of 18.
Which laws govern youth employment?
The federal law is the Fair Labor Standards
Act (FLSA). Statutes include the New
Hampshire Youth Employment Law and
the Massachusetts Child Labor Laws.
Who is a “youth?” Any individual under
the age of 18.
When does the law prohibit the employment of a youth? In general, any youth
under the age of 14 may not work.*
Additionally, most youths may not
perform “hazardous” work, such as, but
not limited to, commercial driving, excavation, manufacturing explosives, and
operating many types of power-driven
equipment. In Massachusetts, youths
page 20
may not work alone after 8 p.m., and must
have either adult supervision or a security
service on the premise.
Permissible work hours
14- and 15-year-olds:
• Youths who are 14 and 15 years of age
may work in various non-manufacturing,
non-mining, and non-hazardous jobs.
• They are permitted to work three hours
on a school day and a total of 18 hours
during the school week.
• On non-school days, they may work
eight hours per day. During the summer
vacation, they may work six days per week,
but not to exceed 40 hours in Massachusetts
or 48 hours in New Hampshire.
• They may only work between 7 a.m.
and 7 p.m., except from June 1 through
Labor Day, when they are permitted to
work until 9 p.m. (For Massachusetts,
hours are extended to 9 p.m. from July 1
through Labor Day.)
16- and 17-year-olds:
• They are not permitted to work more
than six consecutive days during the
school calendar week, which is Sunday
through Saturday (MA and NH).
• They may not work more than 30 hours in New Hampshire or 48 hours per
week in Massachusetts during the school
calendar week.
• They may not work more than nine hours a day in Massachusetts or more than
10 hours a day at manual or mechanical
labor in any manufacturing establishment
or more than 10-¼ hours a day at manual
or mechanical labor in any other employment that is not exempt by NH statute.
• From June 1 through Labor Day
(“vacation weeks”), these minors may not
work more than six consecutive days or
48 hours in any one week in either New
Hampshire or Massachusetts.
• In New Hampshire, they may not work
more than eight hours in 24 hours or
more than 48 hours during the week if
performing night work.
June, 2009
Dateline: NH • In Massachusetts, on nights preceding a
regularly scheduled school day, they may
not work before 6 a.m. or past 10 p.m.,
with the exception that if the establishment stops serving clients at 10 p.m.,
the minor may be employed until 10:15
p.m. On nights not preceding a regularly
scheduled school day, they may not work
before 6 a.m. or after 11:30 p.m., with the
exception that minors working for restaurants or racetracks may work until 12 p.m.
• In Massachusetts, the work schedule for
minors should be posted, with start times,
stop times, and meal breaks shown on the
schedule. A list of all minor employees must
be maintained in the workplace.
16- and 17-year-olds not enrolled in
school (NH):
a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
Employers are required to keep these
respective written documents on file.
Massachusetts employers must keep certificates from the school districts for youths
ages 16 and 17, and must maintain employment permits for youths ages 14 and 15.
State and federal laws can differ, so when consulting with agencies about youth employment
laws it is important to inquire on both the
state and federal level and to follow the more
stringent requirement. As with many other
laws, there are many exceptions to the federal
and state youth employment law, and you
should seek legal advice if you have any questions or concerns about youth employment.
* Exceptions are made in extremely limited
circumstances, such as news carriers, farm
workers, “casual work” (NH only), and in
(Mark Broth and Margaret O’Brien work
with Devine Millimet, a Silver Association
Partner. You may call 695-8582 to access
Devine Millimet’s free Employment Law
Does your current F&I provider
offer a full deck of solutions?
• They may not work more than 10 hours
a day or 48 hours a week at manual or
mechanical labor in any manufacturing
• They may not work more than 10-¼
hours a day or 54 hours a week at manual
or mechanical labor in any other employment that is not exempt by statute.
• They may not work more than eight hours in 24 hours or more than 48 hours
during the week if performing night work.
Exception: In general, the minimum age
requirements do not apply to minors employed by their parent or by a person acting
as their guardian.
You don’t have to keep
the hand you were dealt.
You can rely on your Protective representative
to be more than a different voice on the phone
every month. When we walk through your door,
we’ll be holding more than donuts. Because when
your profits are on the line, we think a valuable
relationship is the best thing you can have.
New Hampshire requires most youths
under the age of 16 to acquire a New
Hampshire Youth Employment Certificate
from the school district within three business days of the first day of employment.
For 16- and 17-year-olds, the employer
must obtain a signed written document
from the youth’s parent or legal guardian permitting the youth’s employment.
June, 2009
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Dealer Participation Programs I F&I Training I Advanced F&I Technology
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Find out how we can enhance your dealer profits
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contact Protective’s New Hampshire
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Vehicle Service Contracts (VSCs) and GAP are backed by Lyndon Property Insurance Company in all states except NY. In NY, Old Republic Insurance Company backs VSCs, and GAP
is not available there. Credit Insurance is backed by Protective Life Insurance Company in all states except NY, where it is backed by Protective Life and Annuity Insurance Company.
page 21
Dateline: NH
a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
The Best of the Best Compete
Education Corner
Jean M. Conlon, NHAEF Programs Administrator
On April 30, ten New Hampshire and ten
Vermont schools participated in the Ford/
American Automobile Association (AAA)
Student Auto Skills competition at the
New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The
winning team from each state advanced
to the 2009 national championship in
Dearborn, MI, on June 16.
High school students first took a comprehensive written exam developed by
the AAA and the National Institute for
Automotive Excellence. The top ten
teams from each state were chosen for
the subsequent “hands-on” competition.
Competing teams were required to repair
identical vehicles, which were deliberately
bugged with faulty parts and other mechanical problems.
second was the team of John Fichter and
Josiah Gould of the Seacoast School of
Technology. Placing third went to Paul
Wainwright and Brandyn Costa of Salem
High School Vocational Center.
The remaining New Hampshire students, who all did a great job and received
scholarship offers, included: Ben Allen
and Austin Richard of Somersworth
High School; Kurt Serveiss and Joe
Knott of Seacoast School of Technology;
Justin Broman and Daniel Steadman of
Concord Regional Technology Center;
Samuel French and Adam Doyle of
Portsmouth High School; Dustin Jones
and Steve Clavett of Huot Tech Center;
Total *
Adam Minihan and Mike Lenox of
Mascenic High School won both the
written and hands-on competition and
will represent New Hampshire. A close
United States
New England
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
page 22
A number of NHADA members participated as judges and officials, assisting
the Ford/AAA team in putting together a
first-class event.
Dr. Ed Taylor of the NH Department
of Education and New Hampshire
Education Foundation Director worked
hard with the Ford/AAA team to make
the event a success.
Our congratulations to all the students
and to their instructors, who gave them the
knowledge to truly be the best of the best.
Safety/OBD II Inspections Statistics
The 40 students participating from New
Hampshire and Vermont are the best of
the best, and they should all be proud of
their accomplishments.
2009 Unemployment Rates
by Area
John Hargis and Jaren Smerdon of
Manchester School of Technology; and
Jesse Lush and Zack Bilodeau of Region
9 Vocational Technical Center.
April 09
% of Total
YTD 09
% of Total
(1996 and newer)
* Total numbers include OBD II Inspections
Statistics provided by Gordon-Darby
June, 2009
Dateline: NH Claims Corner
Brian Duplessis, Loss Prevention Coordinator
lthough the NHADA Workers’
Compensation Trust continues to
be an overwhelmingly successful
insurance vehicle for its members, it has not
been totally immune to the effects of the
economic downturn that has so adversely
impacted the retail automotive industry.
Reductions in WCT member payrolls,
buyouts of WCT members, and the
closing of a number of dealerships have
resulted in premium levels decreases. The
total premium of the WCT is still very
healthy with 355 members. The premium
level, however, has dropped from the
middle of the decade when the WCT
counted over 370 members.
The concern is that the trust operates best
Benefits Corner
Susan Manning, Account Producer
ifficult economic circumstances
call for a review of current
financial planning strategies.
Not many people feel good about their
401(k)s, but financial advisors will most
likely suggest continuing to invest in a depressed market. While that’s sound advice,
now is also a good time to reevaluate the
impact of the market downturn on your
long-term financial plan.
Many people are not aware that traditional
health insurance and Medicare, when you
reach age 65, do not pay for long-term
care. This is a problem projected to affect
more than 60 percent us. Medicaid is a
June, 2009
a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
The WCT is Looking for a Few Good Members
with a wider base of well run businesses.
As with a large herd, there is safety in
numbers. So, although the membership
numbers remain respectable, we must
look for opportunity to grow the WCT
in a responsible way to preserve the
advantages the program provides.
We have had good luck in the last several
years in bringing in new WCT members
from homogenous industries such as farm
equipment and powersport dealers. These,
along with other large equipment dealers,
are certainly important areas of potential
growth for the WCT.
What we look for in approaching a
potential member is quite simple. First
and foremost, a successful member is
a conscientious owner and manager
whose business is operated well, and
whose facilities are well maintained.
The WCT staff will market the program
statewide to potential members. We ask
for your help in networking with us to
bring in more desirable businesses.
If you know of anyone who might be a
good fit with the WCT, please let us know
and put in a good reference with them
for us. If you’re not sure if someone is a
member, contact us; we’ll check. Thanks
in advance for your help in this important
We are available to answer any questions. For more information on joining
the NHADA Workers’ Compensation
Trust please contact Brian Duplessis at
800-852-3372 or by e-mail at bduplessis@
Long-Term Care Puts Your
Retirement Savings At Risk
welfare program that will pay for long-term
care services, but only in a nursing home,
and only after you have spent your assets
down to poverty levels. Federal legislation
introduced over the past several years is a
signal to plan for your own care. Tightened
Medicaid eligibility rules will force all but
the truly needy to pay for care themselves.
NHADA is introducing a long-term care
insurance benefit to help our members
learn about this issue now and provide
access to coverage with discounts and
underwriting concessions. Learning about
long-term care when you’re young and
healthy, provides an opportunity to avoid
a problem facing millions of Americans.
EM-Power Services, a firm specializing in
long-term care insurance, has been endorsed
by the NHADA Services Board to provide
this opportunity to our membership. You
will soon receive an opportunity to learn
more about long-term care insurance in the
mail from NHADA. If you have interest
in learning more about this new benefit
offered through your association, please
return the card that will be enclosed and
you will be contacted personally.
In the meantime, if you would like further
information, please call Vicki at EMPower at 800-483-1115, x222. Thank
you for considering programs through
your association.
page 23
Dateline: NH
a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
2009 Association Partners
(as of May 21, 2009)
New England Dodge DAA
New Hampshire Union Leader
Wiggin & Nourie, P.A.
ADP Dealer Services
Aftermarket/Royal Administration
AHC, Corp.
Alan Scalingi (Morgan Stanley)
Albin, Randall & Bennett
Amy Martineau (American Hardware Mutual)
Auto Auction of New England
Auto/Mate® Dealership Systems
Bellwether Community Credit Union
BG Products/Warehouse Dist. of NE
CompPartners (BOAC, MVOH, SOAC,
St. Joseph’s B & H)
Cook, Little, Rosenblatt & Manson, p.l.l.c.
EM-Power Services, Inc.
Environmental Equipment of New England, LLC
F & I Resources
G&K Services
GW Marketing Services
American Fidelity Assurance Company
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in NH
Citizens Bank
Devine Millimet
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Manheim New England
New England Chrysler-Jeep DAA
Northeast Delta Dental
Southern Auto Auction
St. Mary’s Bank
Tyler, Simms & St. Sauveur, CPAs, P.C.
Windward Petroleum/Exxon Mobil
Hunter Engineering Co./Lappen’s Auto
Jewett Construction Co., Inc.
Lift Works Corp. / Sullivan Tire Inc.®
Lynnway Auto Auction
Macdonald Page & Co LLC
Nancy Phillips Associates, Inc.
Northeast Auto Auction, Inc.
Occupational Wellness
O’Connor & Drew, P.C.
Rath, Young and Pignatelli, P.C.
Resources Management Group
Robbins Auto Parts, Inc.
Sanel Auto Parts, Co.
Seacoast Media Group
TD Banknorth
Tire Warehouse
Willis of Northern New England, Inc.
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New Hampshire Department of Safety, Division of Motor Vehicles
Title Statistics Report Month Ending: 4/30/09
April ’09
April ’08
’09 YTD
’08 YTD
Titles Issued for New and Demo Vehicles:
Titles Issued for Used Vehicles:
Titles Issued with a Lien:
Titles Issued with no Lien:
Salvage Titles Issued:
Salvage Tags Issued:
Titles Issued for Heavy Trucks More than 15 Years Old:
Titles Issued for Heavy Trucks 15 Years Old or Less:
Titles Issued for Trailers:
Titles Issued for Motorcycles:
Titles Issued for Motor Homes: