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APRIL 2014
Please review the following information and contact us with any questions.
o On-line Artist Info page:
ART 1ST Gallery Artists:
ALL SALES will be handled at the ART 1ST Gallery Booth, located by the entrance to the show.
Please provide
1. printed and numbered retail price list for your work
2. small white card (no larger than 3” x 5” ) with your name, title of piece and dimensions
3. bio-resume in multiples to hand out if requested
We will provide you with receipts. Upon sale one copy will go to the customer, one to you, and the other to
ART 1ST. Payments will be made to you by check 3 weeks after the show.
You are responsible for hanging your own work; we will have staff to assist. Please bring the necessary tools
and hanging materials. All screws, nails, etc. must be removed at the end of the show.
You may place a small table/chair in front of your art wall if you are on-site during the show; however, you
are not to extend beyond 30” from the wall due to fire regulations.
If you haven’t already, please submit your badge name ASAP. Deadline April 14th.
Each Exhibitor will receive 2 badges upon arriving at the Tunnel. If a name is not provided, the second badge
will read “Artist Assistant.”
Submit Badge Info Here
Each ART 1ST exhibitor will receive an unlimited amount of pre-paid discount tickets (@ $8 each). If you are
inviting clients, we strongly suggest that you reserve your tickets in advance.
Discount Tickets will be emailed directly to your guests. Contact us if you would prefer they be held at Will
Call in the box office.
Admission is $12.00 at the door or $10.00 in advance online. Our show cards will offer $2.00 off at the door.
Click for Discount Ticket Form
Load-In & Set-Up:
You may unload at the entrance to the Tunnel on 11th Ave OR the loading dock on 27th St. between 11th-12th Ave.
FIRST: Drive down 27th St. to register. You will see us there on the right. Your load-in location will be through
the front or the side depending on where your space is located.
We would prefer that as many artists as possible arrive Thursday morning (8am).
A limited number of artists will begin installation at 3pm on Wednesday, May 7th.
Questions? Email [email protected] or call 845.355.2400
p. 1/3
Load-In & Set-Up Cont’d:
We MUST exit the Tunnel no later than 7:15pm on Wednesday.
Installation will begin again Thursday morning at 8am. YOU MUST BE FINISHED BY 2PM.
At this time we will do a walk through to make sure everyone has successfully completed installation.
You are required to remove ALL SCREWS & NAILS from your walls at the end of the show. There will be a $4
charge for each screw or nail that is not removed.
The Tunnel, 269 11th Avenue (Between 27th & 28th Street), New York, NY 10011
Show Schedule:
May 7
May 8
3pm -6pm
8am - 12pm
Move In
Move In
Set up until 7 pm
Set up until 2 pm
May 8
May 9
May 10
May 11
4pm - 8pm
10am - 7pm
10am - 7pm
11am - 5pm
Champagne Preview
May 11 5pm - 9pm
Load Out
MUST be out by 9 pm
Access to Show:
Exhibitors may enter the show on Thursday at 8am, Friday and Saturday at 8:30 am & Sunday at 10am.
Shipments & Deliveries:
YSDS will be handling deliveries and shipments to the Tunnel. They can arrange domestic and international
pick-ups and shipments through various service partners at discounted rates.
To obtain a shipping quote, please provide the dimensions of the packed artwork, weight, and the origin and
destination postal codes.
YSDS is also available to ship work sold at the fair domestically and internationally. For deliveries within the
city, YSDS partners with several local trusted messenger companies.
Call Matthew Arkell at 1 (877) 766 8080 or email [email protected] to make arrangements.
Rates & Fees:
$50 Storage fee for holding and delivering each shipment not sent through YSDS.
$25 Storage fee for holding and delivering each shipment sent using YSDS’s services.
No shipments weighing over 150lbs or larger than 60” x 60” x 8”. Does not include un-crating, installation, or debris removal.
Shipping Address:
Your Special Delivery Service C/O Matthew Arkell
647 W. 27th St 2nd floor
New York NY 10001
Questions? Email [email protected] or call 845.355.2400
p. 2/3
Furniture Rentals:
Tables & Chairs available. Place your rental order by April 21st. Rental Order Form
There will be day and overnight security provided. You are solely responsible for the security of your exhibit,
artwork, and personal belongings.
There will be a storage room available and some storage may be available near or at your space.
Free Wifi will be available.
The login details are: Username: WFNY Guest Password: w@t3rfr9nt or w@t3rfr0nt
Marketing: The American Art Marketing team will continue to publicize and strategically market the show to attract a cross
section of diverse, high quality buyers, and collectors. Our marketing and advertising strategy will be included
social networking, direct mail, print, radio and TV. We reach all of the metro New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, & Westchester markets.
Our advertising will include a Gallery Guide, Chelsea Guide published by Art Net, the New York Times, CBS
Radio, NPR, Time Out New York, and a host of smaller newspapers in the boroughs. Thousands of promotional
pieces are being distributed throughout the city.
Social Media
Help get a buzz going while promoting your work by connecting with us on
Facebook ( &,
Twitter ( and
Pinterest (
Share posts and event details to get the word out about the fantastic work in this show. Artists and businesses
we are connected with on these sites can be tagged and linked to, driving visitors to your website. Successful
social media campaigns are a deliberate and cooperative effort.
Booth Packages Include:
• 8’ high white gallery walls
• Halogen lighting
• Show directory listing with advertising opportunity
• Promotional postcards
• Online marketing: Artist listing to include image and link to your website
• 24-hour security
• Discount tickets ($8 EA)
• Unlimited number of discount cards
Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Looking forward to seeing everyone in May!
Richard & Joanna Rothbard, Directors
Hannah Anderson, Event Coordinator
Bo Eriksson, Creative Director
Questions? Email sho[email protected] or call 845.355.2400
p. 3/3