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August 2014 Newsletter
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Summer Reading Program Wrap up!
It’s not too late to sign up and join in on the fun this summer! To end off Summer Reading with a bang,
we have planned spectacular Wrap Up Events!
Thursday, August 14
2:30 PM
Get ready for some sizzling excitement when you join Mad Science for this show. Learn
about physical and chemical changes and experience the “screaming screwdriver” and
the “Mad Science Shower,” and learn all about dry ice. Everyone who participated in this
year’s Summer Reading Program is invited to attend.
Friday, August 15
Teen Center
7:00 PM
Celebrate the end of the Summer Reading Program! The library will be closed and we will
be playing library mini-golf, singing karaoke on the big screen, getting temporary tattoos,
enjoying games and having fun. What better way to celebrate all the fun that you had
this summer? In order to be eligible to attend, you must have logged at least 5 hours of
reading by August 13. You must have a signed permission form to receive a temporary
tattoo. Sign up early - space is limited!
Saturday, August 30 1:00 PM
Have you joined in on this year’s “Groundbreaking Summer Reading program?” When you
have read at least three books you will receive an attractive book bag filled with lots of
goodies. When you read at least five books you will be eligible to receive a special prize
at our annual Summer Reading Party! ALL REGISTERED MEMBERS are invited to our
celebration that features food and live music. This is one party you will not want to miss!
The Films of Marlene Dietrich
Teens: Make
Wednesday, August 13
6:00 PM
Blonde Venus
Wednesday, August 20
6:00 PM
Blue Angel
6:00 PM
In her American film debut, sultry Marlene Dietrich is a cabaret singer who arrives in Morocco &
continues her wicked career by enslaving all the men in sight, but true love reaches her at last.
Your Hero!
Stop in during the month of September and practice using Sphero MacroLab on our iPads! Program a routine for Sphero to complete, and compete with others for most original and/or complex routine. You don’t have to be a hacker to figure this little robot
out! You’ve got one full month to complete your program. Must be available for official contest on Friday, October 3rd.
Check-Out Discounts
The Library has once again partnered with the Port Jefferson Chamber of Commerce and local businesses to reward
cardholders. Show your PJFL card at participating businesses
to receive a discount or gift. Visit our website for a list of
participating merchants!
An aspiring young actress gives up the stage to
marry a hopeful scientist. When he’s afflicted with
radium poisoning that only a costly European
specialist can cure; she returns to cabaret life and
meets a wealthy playboy who gives her money for
her husband’s treatment, and moves in with him.
Wednesday, August 27
A middle-aged schoolmaster becomes infatuated
with and marries a singer from a sleazy cafe. When
she leaves him for another man he returns to his
school as a broken old man.
The Greater Port Jefferson Chamber of Commerce presents:
Dragon Boat Race Festival
Saturday, September 20 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Join us for the very first Dragon Boat Race Festival which will include Asian performing arts, retail and
food vendors. Entertainment will include Lion Dance, Taiko Drumming, performances by Nano and Hsunami, Asian Food Vendors and Children’s Dance Performances/ Arts and Crafts. The Port Jefferson Free
Library will have its very own team of dragon boat rowers! Stay tuned for Asian themed programning
during the month of September. We will also have some dragon themed crafts and programs the day
of the race. Save the date for this fun and educational event and do plan to come down and cheer on
the Library rowers! Participation is generously made possible by the Friends of the PJFL.
Harborfront Park, Centennial Park
(East Shoreline of the inner Port Jefferson Harbor)
Contact: [email protected] • (631) 473-1414 • www.PortJeffDragonRaceFest.com
Take out a Museum Pass today!
• American Airpower Museum (Farmingdale, NY)
• Cradle of Aviation (Garden City, NY)
Port Jefferson Free Library
100 Thompson Street • Port Jefferson, NY 11777
Phone: (631)473-0022 Fax: (631)473-4765
• Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum (NYC)
• Long Island Children’s Museum (Garden City, NY)
• Long Island Museum (Stony Brook, NY)
Printed on Environmentally friendly paper
To Celebrate, the Library is hosting:
Taste of Korea:
Korean Cuisine Full of
Wisdom & Nature
Tuesday, September 30
6:30 PM
The Korean Spirit and Culture Promotion Project returns
to present this program on Korean cuisine. Members of
this group will demonstrate the preparation of Kimchi
Salad, Kimchi being called one of the five healthiest
foods in the world! Also prepared, Bibimbap (rice with
vegetables), and Bulgogi (soy sauce and marinated beef).
Following the presentation all those in attendance will
have a chance to sample prepared dishes.
• Old Westbury Gardens (Old Westbury, NY)
• Nassau County Museum of Art (Roslyn Harbor, NY)
• Vanderbilt Museum (Centerport, NY)
Non-Profit Organization
U.S. Postage
Permit No. 38
Port Jefferson, New York 11777
Children’s Services
*Registration is in progress unless stated otherwise in description*
Secrets of the Seas
Thursday, August 7 Sizzling Summer Science:
11:00 AM Construction
Thursday, August 14
For Grades 3 - 5
Dive into a marine biology adventure as we explore the
secrets of the seas through first-hand underwater experiences and marine biology research. Join us to stimulate the imagination and learn while having fun with:
fitness skills, cooperative games, stress management
and improvisational acting skills. Please wear sneakers
and comfortable non-restrictive clothing.
Hat Birdfeeders
Saturday, August 16
pink? Then come join us for our Pinkalicious Pinktacular! We will read Pinkalicious, make pinktastic
creations and enjoy a pink frosted treat! Come
dressed for a party! This program may not be
appropriate for those with food allergies.
Let’s Get Ready for Nursery &
Preschool: Frog Number Train
Tuesday, August 19
6:30 PM
Ages: 3 - 4 years old with an adult
Friday, August 8 2:00 PM Help your child prepare for school as you participate
Families - Children under the age of 9 MUST be accom- alongside him/her in this educational program of
panied by an adult. Registration is not required. stories, songs, creative movement and a craft.
Rated: PG Running Time: 101 minutes
Marshmallow Shooters
Monday, August 11
Firefly Story/Craft
Thursday, August 14
Sizzling Summer Science:
Water Properties
6:30 PM
Ages: 8 - 12 years old
After sharing poetry, picture books and a clever tale
about one of our state’s most famous waterways, your
curiosity will be “wet” to learn, hypothesize and experiment with water.
JumpBunch: Volleyball &
Paddle Sports
Friday, August 22
Ages: 18 - 36 months old with an adult 10:00 AM
Ages: 4 - 5 years old with an adult
11:00 AM
Time to let the kids run! We’ll use fun games and
JumpBunch imagination to develop basic sports skills.
Sure to be a fun time for all!
Summer Beach Party
5:00 PM Wednesday, August 20 Ages: Birth - 36 months with an adult
New research demonstrates the critical role fathers
play in their babies’ healthy development. To assist
you in this task, we invite you to join us for this special
program filled with songs, stories and fingerplays for
dads or male caregivers and their young children.
2:30 PM
End of Summer Reading Thursday, August 14
Get ready for some sizzling excitement when
Program 2014:
you join Mad Science for this show. Learn about
Fire and Ice Show
physical and chemical changes and experience
the “screaming screwdriver” and the “Mad Science
Shower,” and learn all about dry ice. Everyone
who participated in this year’s Summer Reading
Program is invited to attend.
Wednesday, August 27
The Science of Ice Cream
Thursday, August 28
Let’s Get Ready
for Kindergarten
then, plant our own seeds. Registration begins August 5.
Ages: 2 ½ - 5 years old with an adult 10:00 AM
11:00 AM
2:00 PM For Grades K - 2
Join us for a “Super Surprise” picture-based BINGO
Families - *Children under 9 years of age MUST be
game with fun and prizes for all! Registration begins
accompanied by an adult*
August 5.
Rated PG. Running time: 110 minutes
Registration is not required.
My First Art: Mosaic
6:30 PM Dork Diaries Party
Saturday, August 30
For those entering Kindergarten with an adult
Help your child prepare for school as you participate
alongside him/her in this educational program of stories, songs, creative movement and a craft.
Our Living Heritage
Heritage, Genealogy & Local History Programs
Saturday August 2
11:00 AM
A Walking tour of the Dyer’s Neck – East Setauket shipbuilding
areas as it was in the 1850s and 1860s when there were shipyards all along Shore Road. See the homes of those who worked
in the industry on a walk from the Brookhaven Town Dock to
Scott’s Cove. The Tour begins and ends at the Brookhaven Dock,
Shore Road, East Setauket. All tours are $3 for TVHS Members
and $5 for non-members.
So You Think You Know Long Island
Monday, August 4 7:00 PM
Local historian, Gene Horton, will be here to quiz you on your
Long Island history!
World War I as Seen Through Hollywood’s Lens
Tuesday, August 26 clips of both silent and early sound film excursions into
the subject of WWI, starting with the propaganda films of
D.W. Griffith and Erich von Stroheim, as well as examining
later films and made for TV productions dealing with the
subject of the war and its aftermath.
Meet the Author: Lake Ronkonkoma in History
& Legend, the Princess Curse and Other Stories:
A Lifeguard’s View by Dr. David S. Igneri
Wednesday, September 10
Join Keith Crocker as he gives a presentation using vintage film
10:30 AM
Ages: 1 - 3 years old with an adult
Do you know that a mosaic is a picture that is made
For Grades K - 3
1:00 PM
up of little squares? Join us in making this fun craft
For Grades 4 - 6
2:15 PM
where the emphasis is on the process, not the product.
There’s more to this cold, creamy dessert than you
Registration begins August 5.
may know! Join Suffolk
County Farm educators to
Sizzling Summer Science:
hear all about ice cream and
Life Cycles
its history. Students will
Thursday, August 28
6:30 PM
learn to make ice cream the
Ages: 8 - 12 years old
old fashioned way and will
In addition to being a general and the first President
get to taste the result. This
of the United States, George Washington was also a
program may not be suitfarmer who enjoyed experimenting with seeds, tools
able for children with food
and fertilizer. After reading a unique biography of
Washington, we will explore these experiments and
Monday, August 25
Down the Ways: The Wooden Ship Era Maritime Tour
Tuesday, August 26
Family Film:
2:30 PM Monday, August 25
Ages: 7 - 10 years old
We will play some fun games, and then Chef Rob
Scott will lead us in a watermelon eating contest.
The lucky contest winner will take home a personal
smoothie maker. This program may not be appropriate for those with food allergies.
Nature Buddies Explore
Hermit Crabs!
Ages: 3 - 5 years old
11:00 AM
For Grades K - 2
1:00 PM
Where do hermit crabs live? What do they eat? How
do they move? Come to the Library and find out what
it takes to be a hermit crab! Children will meet a live
Mother Goose Rhyme Time
Saturday, August 23 10:00 AM hermit crab, learn some crabby facts, read a crabby
story and create a unique hermit crab to take home.
Ages: Birth - 36 months with an adult
Registration begins August 5.
Introduce your infant or toddler to rhymes and songs
while helping him/her develop motor, social and pre- Ellen & Doreen Present:
literacy skills in a fun way.
Super Surprise Bingo
10:30 AM Muppet’s Most Wanted
2:00 PM Ages: 2 - 5 years old with an adult
Saturday, August 23
One of the most memorable things about summer is
Wednesday, August 20
For Grades 3 - 5
Who says science can’t be fun? Join us as we assemble chasing after fireflies at dusk. Listen to some firefly
the perfect projectile-emitting device and test out stories, sing a few songs and fingerplays, then make
our creations with a marshmallow shooting contest. your own sparkly firefly.
Man in the Moon
10:30 AM
Ages: 3 - 5 years old with an adult
Peacocks are some of the most beautiful birds! Join us
as we read a peacock tale and then you will make your
own glittering peacock to take home!
2:00 PM Thursday, August 21
Thursday, August 7
6:30 PM For those going into Kindergarten
Get ready for Kindergarten as we share this book about
Ages: 6 - 9 years old
We will share the story, Brimsby’s Hats and find out everyone’s coolest cat-friend and then do a craft.
what true friendship really means. When Brimsby’s Pinkalicious Pink-tacular
best friend follows his dream to become a sea captain, Monday, August 18
2:30 PM
Brimsby uses his hat-making skills to help some birds. Ages: 4 - 7 years old
We will then design birdfeeders with a hat motif.
Do you suffer from Pink-itis? Do you like all things
Fizz Boom Family Film - Rio 2
Pretty as a Peacock
6:30 PM Thursday, August 21
Ages: 8 - 12 years old
After sharing the book, Sky Boys: How They Built the
Empire State Building, you will create your own structures using recycled materials.
Pete the Cat:
I Love My School Shoes
You must have a
Port Jefferson Free Library Card
to register for programs.
7:00 PM
Join Author, Dr. David S. Igneri as he discusses his newest book that chronicles his lifeguarding career at Lake
Ronkonkoma that spanned 33 years. Follow along as he
describes the history and folklore of Long Island’s largest
lake including the Princess Legend. Dr. David S. Igneri was
born in Brooklyn in 1944 and grew up in Patchogue, this is
his fifth book. A book signing and refreshments will follow.
2:30 PM
For Grades 3 - 6
Attention dorks, grab your diaries and join us as we
celebrate Dork Diaries! Registration begins August 5.
Travel with the Library
A Cross Sound Trip on the Bridgeport-PJ Ferry, guided
tour of the Hill-Stead Museum in Farmington, Connecticut.
Lunch at Apricot’s Restaurant
Date: Thursday, October 23 Price:$98
Depart Village Hall: 7:00 PM
Join us on this wonderful trip to the Hill-Stead Museum in Farmington, Connecticut. Housed in an architectural treasure, the 1901 Pope-Riddle House, our guided tour will include originally furnished period
rooms, French Impressionist paintings by Carriere, Cassatt, Degas, Manet, Monet, McNeill and Whistler,
decorative arts, Japanese Woodblock Prints
and ceramics. We will also have time for a
guided tour of the grounds of this country
estate which include several out buildings
and beautiful gardens. Lunch will be at
Apricot’s Restaurant, located on the shores
of the Connecticut River in Farmington.
Long Island Railroad into N.Y.C.
Saturday, September 27
Depart: 8:42 AM
Cost: $10.00 for roundtrip ticket (non-refundable)
Travel on the Long Island Rail Road, departing from the Port Jefferson Train Station and spend some
time in the “Big Apple.” With your ticket you can RETURN HOME ANYTIME THAT DAY. Check or money
order only. Registration for PJFL cardholders begins July 30 and for non-cardholders August 13.
Teen Center
Introduction to Video
3:00 PM Game Design
Handy with a marker? Good at scribbling and doodling? Wednesday, August 6 and
MUNNY is anything you want it to be! Create your own Thursday, August 7
Make Munny
Friday, August 1
Appetizer Beach Party
Wednesday, August 13
6:00 PM
In this 2 part series students will learn how to build Code
Tape Resist Watercolor Creation statements that will focus on coding random and conSaturday, August 2
12:00 PM trolled movements, animation, scoring with variables,
Learn how to make an abstract watercolor painting using use of conditional statements and game design. Bring
a USB flash drive or purchase one at the library to take
the Tape Resist method.
your game home with you.
Name That Tune
Monday, August 4 3:00 PM Leaf Imprint Jewelry
Think you know it all when it comes to music? Then test Friday, August 8 Make a beautiful organicallyshaped leaf necklace with
Jackie Dunn using polymer
clay as a base and actual
leaves to imprint texture.
your skills with Theresa as we play Name That Tune. Can
you guess the song and artist? Are you great at music
trivia? The top 2 winners receive a prize! Food products
used in this program may contain allergens.
150 East Main Street
Port Jefferson, NY 11777
Students must be in grades 6 - 12 only and a
valid PJFL cardholder to attend any programs
in the Teen Department. Registration is in
progress unless stated otherwise in description.
6:30 PM
Join Chef Rob as you eat party foods such as nachos,
mozzarella sticks and chicken fingers while playing
summer themed games. Food products used in this
program may contain allergens.
Invisible Ink
Thursday, August 14
2:00 PM
Using basic ingredients we will be writing secret messages with our homemade invisible ink!
Uno Tournament
12:00 PM Monday, August 18
2:00 PM
We will be having an Uno Tournament. Will you be able to
have the bragging rights to say you are the Teen Department Uno Champion?
If I Stay - Book Discussion
Tuesday, August 19
6:30 PM
Fresh Fruit Basket with Cream
Tuesday, August 5 3:00 PM Apples to Apples
Chef Rob will be here to help you pick out all your fa- Friday, August 8 vorite seasonal fruits and put them in a crispy dessert 3:00 PM
shell. Then we’ll teach you how to make your own sweet Join James the uber competiFrench sauce to drizzle on top. Food products used in this tive gaming librarian for a night of Apples to Apples fun.
program may contain allergens.
Perfect Pancakes
The movie based on the book is being released on August
22. Come in and discuss the book with others who have
read it. You must have read the book prior to this program.
It’s Dicey
Wednesday, August 20
6:30 PM
Monday, August 11
1:00 PM Stop by for fast-paced dice games like
Mystery Writer Workshop
ba- Zombie Dice, LCR, and Farkle!
Tuesday, August 5
6:00 PM
Would you like to write a mystery? You will be given a nanas and chocolate chips in them. You will then enjoy
case, and a bag of clues to solve it. Your mission is to eating them with assorted toppings. Food products used
in this program may contain allergens.
write the story behind the mystery.
Quick to learn, easy to play.
Geek and
Nerd Alliance
Thursday, August 21
Chain Macrame
6:30 PM
Relief Foil Art (Art with Joanne) Ball
Tuesday, August 12 2:00 PM Calling all Fanboys and Fangirls! It’s time for the monthly
Wednesday, August 6 3:00 PM Learn basic macramé and make this latest style bracemeeting. Join us for an evening of geeking out as we do
Back by popular demand! Joanne Manning will be here
let. We will be using hemp, and environmentally sound
twine in your choice of colors!
to teach you how to create beautiful foil art.
Marble Painting
Wednesday, August 13
all things inspired by our favorite pop culture obsessions!
If you are into comics, sci-fi, books, tv and more, join us
and have fun nerding out with us!
12:00 PM Super Smash Bros.
Advanced Techniques
Friday, August 22
Shaving cream isn’t just part of grooming anymore.
Combine it with food coloring to make cool art!
Macrame Earbuds
Wednesday, August 13
2:00 PM
We will be using a set of earbuds as a base for macramé.
Use different knots on each section, switch up the colors,
or both! Use your own buds or ours.
For Adults
Point and Shoot Digital
Camera Photography
Thursday, August 21
Mindfulness Meditation
Tuesday, August 5
1:30 PM
Focus on being in the present moment while learning how to use the breath as an anchor for the wandering mind. Learn to cope with stress, anxiety, and
negative thinking. Instructor is Certified Holistic
Practitioner Marcia Reass.
Social Security:
Your Questions Answered
Wednesday, August 13 7:00 PM
Social Security can be confusing to many people.
Join us and have your questions answered including when should YOU start taking benefits, taxes
and more. Program presented by Certified Financial
Planner Michael Sceiford.
Monday, August 18
7:00 PM
Learn all about Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel) - a
not-for-profit organization dedicated to inspiring adults to
learn, discover and travel. Programs range from hands on
skills instruction (bridge, golf, arts and crafts) travel/lecture
tours and intergenerational
designed for grandparents
and grandchildren. Presented by Frances La Duca,
Road Scholar Ambassador.
The Fourth Fridays Book Club
Friday, August 22
Discussion Group
Thursday, August 14
English Conversation Group
11:00 AM Saturdays 10:30 AM
This book club meets the second Thursday of each This free English-only class is for adults learning English.
month. The book for discussion is Old Filth by Jane Registration not required. Instructor is Certified ESOL
Gardam. The Discussion Facilitator is Diane M. Konoski. Instructor Mary Leming.
Senior Advocate from the Suffolk ESOL Workshop
County Department of Aging
Thursdays Wednesday, August 20
3:00-5:00 PM
Seniors can meet one-on-one, with a trained senior
advocate from the Suffolk County Office for the Aging.
Information about benefits such as HEAP, Medicare,
Medicaid, home care, ID and other assistance for seniors
will be provided. No appointment is necessary.
Enjoy a movie and pizza on one of the last evenings of
your summer vacation. Food products used in this program may contain allergens.
Duct Tape Madness
Tuesday, August 26
6:30 PM
Anime/Manga Club
Wednesday, August 27 6:30 PM
Make a creation out of duct tape. After you learn these
easy projects, you can come in and use the Make-it Lab
to continue making fabulous creations.
Come join us to discuss which Anime/Manga series you’d
like to see in our collection, or just talk about old titles
you love with other fans!
Stained Glass Sharpie Art
Friday, August 29
2:00 PM
Create stained glass inspired art without any glass. Use
sharpies to draw your design and then hang it in the
window to see it shine!
Gamers Gathering
Fridays beginning Sept 5 3:00 PM
Candy Bingo
Friday, September 5
6:30 PM
Craf ternoon
Thursday, September 11
3:30 PM
T.G.I.F. -- Teen Gamers It’s Friday! Join us after school every Friday to get your game on. We will be playing classic
games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and new favorites
like Mario Kart 8. We also have board games for those
that want to unplug. Whatever your gaming pleasure,
our Teen Center has got you covered. No registration required. Food products used in this program may contain
You survived your first week of school, Now sit back and
have fun playing bingo with friends. We will provide the
candy and bingo cards, you provide the willpower not
to eat your game pieces. Food products used in this program may contain allergens.
Join us for an afternoon full of creating! This time around
we’ll be crafting up some back to school accessories.
Wild Dogs of Long Island
Sunday, September 28
Saturday, August 30
1:00 PM
Now that you have learned the knit and purl stitch
you are ready to join knitting instructor Sharon
Barnes for this monthly class. Take your knitting
to the next level by learning lace work and how to
cable knit. You will complete small projects using
different knitting patterns.
2:00 PM
Frank Vincenti, Director of the Wild Dog Foundation will be
here to lecture on red foxes and other wild canines such as
wolf and coyote. Mr. Vincenti will discuss their ecology,
behavior, and how to coexist with them. He will also
discuss how the red fox is re-bounding in many Long Island
Urban Gems with
Knit & Purl: Library’s
Pat Sommerstad
Monthly Knitting Workshop Monday, September 29 7:00 PM
Go off the beaten path with tour guide Pat Sommerstad as
she visits some urban gems in and around New York City.
Enjoy favorite destinations from a new perspective and discover exciting and often underappreciated sites. As always,
Pat pairs her destinations with great restaurants to dine at.
Everyone receives a handout of places visited, and prizes
will be awarded to those who can answer her brain teasers.
For more information or to become a member of any of these groups,
please stop by the Reference Desk or call the library at 473-0022.
The Poetry Zone @ PJFL
10:00 AM First Tuesday of the Month
Tuesday, August 19 7:00 PM This is a library sponsored book club with meetings held
The Discussion Facilitator is Linda Ruben. This month’s at the Rose Caracappa Senior Center located at 739 Route
title for discussion is The Immortal Life of Henrietta 25A in Mt. Sinai. To confirm a meeting date, find out
which title will be discussed, or pick up a book, please
Lacks by Rebecca Skloot.
call the Senior Center at 476-6431. Facilitator: Sharon
The New Voices Book
7:00 PM
This program, presented by professional photographer John Spoltore, will help you learn more about
the features of your camera and how to make the
most of them. Composition, framing of the subject,
basic camera controls, using the flash and loading pictures into the computer will all be covered.
Ongoing Adult Programs
Tuesday Evening Book
Discussion Group
2:00 PM
Are you interested in learning super advanced Super
Smash Bros. techniques? Join Gamer 1 Flo as he teaches
you what he knows and shows you some of the coolest
tricks you’ve ever seen. After reviewing some techniques,
there will be a special tournament with official rules.
Amazing Spiderman 2 Movie
and Pizza
Monday, August 25
5:30 PM
please bring them with you to the meeting.
6:30 PM
This group does not meet in August.
Everyone is invited to be part of the library’s Poetry
Club. Join us and bring your poems to share and
stories to inspire. Program Leader is Kate Lamberg.
The PJFL Photography Club
Tuesday, August 26
Long Island Quilters
Meets Every Monday
5:00 PM
If you are a quilter and would like to join us, bring your
machine and a project. New members please call the
library, in advance, to be certain the group is meeting
any particular Monday.
6:30 PM Great Decisions Discussion Group
This club consists of photographers of all skill levels who This group does not meet in August. Their next meetwant to share their work and their passion and broaden ing will be on Wednesday, September 24. Discussion
their photographic horizons. Group Leader is John Dolan. leaders are Margaret Foster and Jerry Reinhold-Shor.
PJFL Mah-Jong Club
Meets Every Wednesday
Blood Pressure Screening
10:00 AM Wednesday, August 13
2:30 PM
This club is open to PJFL cardholders and all levels of Lori Green, RN, will be here at the library to take your
6:30 PM play are welcome. If you own a set of Mah-Jong tiles, blood pressure free of charge.
This formal ESOL class, held every Thursday, is for adults
18 and older, who speak English as a new language. If
you are a non-native English speaker who wants to learn
and practice English, then this class is for you. Classes are
taught by Certified ESOL Instructor Mary Leming, and are
free and open to every adult.
Tech It Out at PJFL!
Mac/iPad User Group
Like us on Facebook:
Port Jefferson Free Library
Need help with your tablet, e-reader or handheld device?
Schedule a time with a librarian for some one-on-one
device advice! Book an individual session with a librarian to answer some of those pesky iPad, Nook, Kindle or
tablet questions! Call the Reference Desk or email [email protected]
portjefflibrary.org to schedule your appointment today!
Wednesday, August 6
Tuesday, August 12
7:30 PM
Mac enthusiast, Arnie Lustig, will be on hand to help you
answer your Apple questions. If you want to download, upload or just send an email, Arnie will help you figure it out.
Introduction to Microsoft Word
Device Advice fo
Your Tablet
All About the iPad
This hands-on class is for people with little or no computer experience. You will be shown how to use the mouse,
how to turn the computer on and off and find your way
around the screen. Also shown will be how to create,
edit, save and print a document, how to change fonts
and many other beginning topics. Prerequsite: Computers 101 or equivalent computer knowledge. The program
instructor is Kristine Cucinello.
Monday, August 11
6:30 PM
Learn all about Apple’s hottest gadget. In this class, you
will get an intro to the hardware, learn how to access
the internet and your e-mail, understand the settings,
Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands
Top Secret Twenty-One
The Silkworm
The Matchmaker
Be Safe, I Love You
One Plus One
How to Tell Toledo from the Night Sky
Nantucket Sisters
The Care and Management of Lies
Music CDs
The Black Keys Mariah Carey
Doris Day
Bob Dylan
The Monkees
Linkin Park
Benmont Tench
Jack White
7:00 PM
In this class you will see how iTunes works with iPhones,
iPads, iPods and Personal Computers. Learn to transfer
music CD’s to play on your computer, build playlists,
download apps, sync pictures and more. Class instructor
is Computer Consultant Kristine Cucinello.
Cool Apps for the iPad & iPhone:
Thursday, August 28
6:30 PM
With thousands of apps out there, how can I find ones
that are useful? How do I use the App Store? How do
I find free apps? Come to discover apps you can’t live
without. Bring your device or just come & listen. Program presented by Sharper Training Solutions, Inc.
This is just a sampling of our latest additions!
10:30 AM
In this hands-on class you will learn how to work with text
including inputting, inserting, moving and erasing, and
other basic word processing skills. Prerequisite: Completion of Computer Basics: Part 1 or equivalent knowledge
prior to taking this course. This class is being presented by
the library’s Technology Manager Tom Arancio.
10:30 AM All About iTunes
Wednesday, August 20 Friday, August 8
PJFL Media Collection
Chris Bohjalian
Janet Evanovich
Robert Galbraith
Elin Hilderbrand
Cara Hoffman
JoJo Moyes
Lydia Netzer
Nancy Thayer
Jacqueline Winspear
This is a support group for Mac users at all skill levels. your iPad and your questions to class. This class is being
Improve your computer skills, learn software programs, presented by Sharper Training Solutions, Inc.
the internet and more. Bring all of your questions for our Computer Basics: Part Two
Mac expert Arnie Lustig.
Mac / iPad Problem Solving
Device Advice
use the apps and learn how to get new ones, download
6:00 PM eBooks and audiobooks and much more. Please bring
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Blood Ties
The Color of Lies (French)
House of Cards. Season Two
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
Lone Survivor
True Detective. Season One
Son of God
Forget the World
El Camino
Me. I am Mariah
The Essential Doris Day
Highway 61
The Best of the Monkees
The Hunting Party
You Should Be So Lucky
30-Minutes to Fitness: Start Here
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
Escape from Nazi Alcatraz
Hard Times: Lost on Long Island
Liberty! The American Revolution
Jones Beach: An American Riviera
Modern Marvels: Brewing
Unforgettable: The Korean War
Film Matinees
The Amazing Catfish
Friday, August 15
War Horse
Friday, August 22
2:00 PM
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2:00 PM
Eric Lomax was a British Army officer who
was a POW forced to work on the ThaiBurma Railway. Years later, he is persuaded
by his wife to find and confront one of his
captors. Lomax manages to track down his
captor from the prison camp in an attempt
to let go of a lifetime of bitterness and hate.
(116 minutes)
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Friday, August 29
The Friends of the Port Jefferson Free Library
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The Railway Man
2:00 PM
Set against a sweeping canvas of rural England and Europe during the First World War,
a story of remarkable friendship between a
horse named Joey and a young man called
Albert, who tames and trains him. When
they are forcefully parted, the film follows
the extraordinary journey of the horse as he
moves through the war. (146 minutes)
Martha, a mother of four, finds solace when she
meets the younger woman, Claudia, and quickly the two build a strong relationship. When
Martha invites Claudia to live with her family,
Claudia unwittingly takes on the responsibility
of becoming a surrogate mother to Martha’s
children. (89 minutes)
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Labor Day
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Flat Case: Landscape Photographs by: Bernadette Flaherty
Tall Case: New American Folk Art by: Hettie Fleckstein
Meeting Room: Nature Landscapes by: Frank Margiotta
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Photos from the book Images of America: Port Jefferson
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Port Jefferson Historical Society
Our Living Heritage Area: Wall of Honor
Our Living Heritage Display Case: PJ Fire Department
September 11th display
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