Document 9820

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lur'ylnel Jju:«ed«ct'cn c*ee)
code lb.
tne natter oft
sci -ob'ede Oiaadra eoot 4 utters... .Jet<t<oeare.
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r c n s -
ttete of ttrtMi «i ethers.
.... Opy.Part fee.
i»9«r*ptfoa ox dam—inf.
writ *et«t«o*.
cert* fed copy of the order
dt.3.12.200» pesced «B I.A. fie.772/2000 ^r*>31
ox tnc w.j.(«r.iHvo.)l
atrox cert'f*cd copy ot order dt.
S^ <1o 3,%"
13.1.2009 of the D*otr«ct Judga
«ros copy of Caveat «fc'on
*>.3o6/*>09 tncd by o.*. us. io
3T «i0 tyl
represented by
*erex copy of letter Nd.9222
t/& rfo ST^
£c.23.6.200S of BJNffi received under
a s Act.
JSjrox copy of letter Uo.3555
&2> Joty
Pt. 23. 2. 2010 of TDwo rcce'ved under
AS Act. 2005.
sere* copy of tic letter Jto.lOSOS
^J rfo^^f
dt. 17.6.2009 of idcu rcce'ved under
afl Act alon^w'th the 'nion«at«oa
iroot copy of the letter dt. 12. 3.2007
eocened to tnt letter dt. 23. 2.2010 of
Ipwic rece'ved uj
rr Act.
Dbccc\.z'nQ of docuw ntc.
..y or «.k (C) Ud.7084/06
eiongw'tn all anncxures.
aarax co^y at the letter dt.
I& 1 ~fo I $ ^f
24.10.2009 of IDCo alonyw'th the
allotment letter and <nfonaet'on
supplied en dor An Act, 2005.
Annexurt -io
MSB copy oi chs letter **>. 206
dt.4. 1.2010 of Ii^.v_ «nroro?t«on
supplied under all act, 2005.
^laTaTir 11
•crox co^-y of *ntervent<on yCt«t'on
m*> /ga
In #i!ac.Cace i». 12690/2009(Ar*n«ng
out of
.-.v-> ac. 13186/2009).
«>nix.xurc-!2 u r ' t c
jferjx c-^y of the appl'cat'on/
/2r3-1o £/?
conplalnt to d'ifereot autnur* t«ee.
Jterox c«vy o*. cue letter Pa. 13513
3%0 4* 5S /
dt. 17.7.2008 «n rtspect of ATI Act,
2005 froa KiBe*
oy the Wffoncr through*
-llfOT CXMSB OP 00308*, C B t f l
Hfelcloal dtorlofltflfeinei Qmb)
K»P,(0 saw
ajjjitiiialiiB oodar Artlcl 0-22S and ttf
a* infltat
Oateania-ti *
of It
art bulMiAKjs uajBOnfl by xogd is
o f V 0 « Obaoul^rooy aoppioaal?)
Ma,. «/a M
sbiatiesMi <Pf Mri^asB
iitanap PvtuLbO** atA Tuitaaagtlaa A
logy. Btoatitimi Pal aaaaattrai «odoty
Ae,2.000 o*l«d craa* by AaBa
la «t*cb art C£jap oaawr astro,
ch-rteroa Ace*a*ant la 'ii.-oefcJ.y law lvofl
gad baa dirooa iiaaesest*
BJ c BataeMl v •
Cttneoll-jtloa of tha UoaaaO of 0*1 Dljap BaBOt
ni practice aa a char*nod
tor bio atsuimno* la abstaining
boa fits faaa zooo tor vMdb iupttaaii-ai to la
a Oiuanawfl •mitTiana.
bets© a r>-rtn r of
K/e pro Aaaaclaaaa* Bbnbs* cv-c.
Gabled Ob-asScs Boat* aood
70 yosL-o*
8/oe Lata Laaoan Hoot#
Ooat» aged «b->ut 00 years*
o/o, La'.ts •jiiilaaaUnsB Boot,
BassotaQha Root* aaoi about 60
avte. t i o TUgjjdmr Boot,
AU see rosacea* of TOJUoe-oatia,
P«0#a*atla* Bit
^ Otsaa of Orleas xjorsroaantod by Its aossot^ry,
taasrOrlnn nap pTlasaai*, atxawt-^in^Oxicse*
of oiricas iiipinpspjisl by Its apooiaB
BaOBa JUW6 t^eea*
of Police. Ocleaaa*
Ooacral of Police, crass Branch.
or: BiJay ramr asses* aced abaat 40
a/a. opt atJas Putea, •• u Masai ad
Otoe Bd.315. DtOysO Base* Obia-IO*
B/e «0 rsusi.Uiinay asrslcostF)
by 1< a PUoater otjay
Sheet 48 pBdae* O/o. Ori Arjas
off Plat na*JOl* Badyot
Baib*XV, Dlss>aBoaaar*oio«aas»ds»
B/a JOB It aoluti as fvt.Ltr*.,
saojAstessd aaYaat the provipiooa
Act biTlasj Ho need Office
AOedsb floor * xoco taasso.
sspssassaad tSBaasJ
ori cijay
B/a OSB Coacalean*)
bf lta Dir ci l- bssj Patjayaan as****
B/a sxa
t unseated by aijay
r ^ro, Vo. an
Ptat Be*Jt8» BaOyst
plot iaa**lf» Badyst
by i f o
< as
o» r
lbs laatltuts of
Accountant as?
Bars. Post osb fle»7ioo#
oat of abtai
tarit amplication
Oaoat to Its
anas or any o'.ter boss assnsspppor) •
4 //
fhs 080*010 ahrt Jbet?.ea v.ODpal
fas iBjsV f JsKtios of orioas Bi4b Costs and ma
u>rdebxp*c fasyastaBi JBotieo* or tt»
petition oi
tho pstttieecss la talo «rit petiti-a cb-rlloa a
of allaaanat iaai Inasn of lav's and rooajjsaaA
to be prociss 4 in rases* of o*P*Sa*8*2 in fotsaff
in favour of 0*P*Bo«io a i t sad S in
by 0*o*B0*9 * 4 bapJOap one la fssour of 0.p*13 by BOB O.A.
state %p%» of orioas boiao ill oat* sad tasropc*
ajgl iCIiia sad r*r*sy for caacollatl-n/aetBBBBBBBOtfttB
of lands oat boil laos eteVOi ass
'Ira n no
tianc •
0*ap of
lanfi ailotod at the
of land*
and Caao*
Per Xttn no.1
otjay Basat
be 4* pleas*
Bar Xtas Qo*3
and a. ploaes
«do» *or xaaa uo.7r
Please aoa oi.
~ofrtnaatlea A
aaoean o-4
•eaOefS* tbaa no*0
flolutl :.o
Pvt*LS .
Biiay Oaswr taboo
12.1.99 a .do- tor ibm ae.9
Aaasi enra-9
81J ay rjaaar sehoo
under which
§ acre* of
lead h** baaa
POP Building
"*"*" Ko.x« awth
Particulars of the
has alio tee at haa
aa area of
baaa applta d for
989 decieal
baa baaa
aadar All Act and
allotted v*de
l e t t e r mo.
will be
as seas ss recei
5597 dt .
Lsad neaour'ng
ac. 1.970 haa
bees allotted
v*da letter s
an. 26076
Lend asoeur<ng
-art*cuiare of
ac. 2.000 has
allotment haa
been allotted,
beea appi'ad undor
AS Act for the
«nfon«*tioa 4a
rece'vedd,<t uUl
as filed.
Jhat the petit'oners further pray that
the profsss'oaal
greased to o.p.a^.6 by W..-.14 to carry oa pr ct'oe
aa a bartered Aeseuetaat be cuo^eadBd/asrsilBata d end
calcelled fa*
unethical pract'ees sod profsesloeel
// 4
t for having aotalced allotusn t -cea-leaas el
ral psreais of lead as asll sa build* nga froa PICO
iw.p.*o»3 * 6) and the
u*A.Otpt* la
favour of the ab
id wP.a 40.0 to 13 wherein he h'acelf or h«e
wife or bla father or h*e daughter act aa Che*
Bab ajtae.
Of rector or Director SB decretary or v« tally *nte retted. It «e
grayed that this Hoa'aie court be pleased to direct tb
Central aesaau of iaveet<gat«oo (8.8.1.) or Cr«wlnal drench.
Cttttaeh to hold ea cnou'ry and or lBveet«got*ce aa to hew to 13 la which or bla tally aaabera sea
vitally <e«*res88d aed act am -hair Pereoe/Oireetor/Aruot ce/
aaeastary eta could aequ'rs
eeatioasd m
the eefd properties aa set
-bole-A frcai 1000 ( a 4) ea well as a.a.
oeparassat i v. *••**>. 2) aed person
or peraoas who ore
reapaaalble auca arbitrary aad oaleflda
Aiat Baa petitioners ana
c«t<aen a of India and
rea'de at tee address g<v*a above,
Bat Caasa of ect<oa
far filleg this wr*t amplication have er<een w«th«a the
rltojMal jur4odlction of th«e »ton*ble
Biat facta rslovant for d'eposal of th'e wr«t
application ana as followe*3.1.
Oast the petit*oners sad their co, chore core have
filed e civil eu<t bearing £.8^-6*^2004 <e the court of
the Civil Judge (asnior etv<s*oa) ansbaasswar la respect of
ik»l Plot mj«44 appertaining to abate 612 of aouas Oiaadresekbar-
pur for dscsarat«oc ot their occu^aocy^tjtue and for 'njeaattea
ate pleading, stati of ur'eea* u.A.Drpt. mm Osfeadaat jo. 2 and m.c*iuww &
Lrseedaet ao.1. After the t_C4>
repress seed by Maaasjie g Director io.v.iio.4) entered appeereaaa la tea aoova noted eu't.
the later nea wranted sllotocnt-
of Ac. 1.620 out of Plot *3.44 of absts ae.611
of tjouea wbeBdraeekharpur(vlds
fil.u>.8 in £able-A) in favour
of «... 40.10 on 25.2.2008/9.5.2808 xepreeenosd by its
Director, to.p.ab.8(Qijay *onar aahoo).. Even OaSSBBj It
was clearly a lis pandenop transaction as beceeaa xocc
(0-1 la w.8. 40.4*5/2008) had already entered appearance
by then In 0*8* *^425/2006 , aecii oiloheent-cun-leans was
graeead In favour of w.*.*o.lO. Meedlese to say, Mr.D'jay
Aaear aehoo I, e charter* d accountant by pro^eae'on
e partner of a/a 888 Aecoeiatoa,abaeaaeawar la
the Director a
of the above noted «!xai (w.p.ab.10).
ahlla tea natter etood thus, though 1ta
pleactor, **ijay JUaaar aahoo (wP.tie.8) filed c.s. aa. 1134/2008
before the Civil Judoa (a*a1or ptvlaiond Bhubaneewar
praying for injunction against the plaintiffs of C.a. ah.623/06
iPstltlonars bexaia
aad their cceosrerore) re precanted
by w.*.8 filed I.A 4O.772/2B00 for caaperary injunction against
these petit'saera aad other co.eharerore la the aaidaalt*
ttiat after then* petitianera end others appeared and
conteessd i.a *o. 772/2008, the CW<1 Judge(£tenior D*v«*«oe)
bhubaneewar revieed its experts ad-iotcr*et injunct'on graatsd
is favour of u.p.po.8 aad 10 and by order dt.3.12.2008 directed
ooth the partiea to ateintaie etetae quo over the eoif land
vi'thjeegord to poeaeae'on thereof, wh'ch orArf on pajsjajj
vide l.A.c. so. 9V 2080, filed by i.*.ja.a and 10 wee cop freed
oy cue oietriet judge, Ohubancewar, the appeal having been
A copy ex the order dt.3. 12.2008 of the civil judge
(senior Division) Jhuoencsuer snd orde r dt. 13.1.09 of the
Oistrlct Judge, abubaaaoeer in «*A0 *n.97/2O0O are filed
herewith an d carted mm Anssxere-l a 2.
due it la apposite to seut'on
here that tha
civil judge (senior Divie'oa) Bbsbaseswsr by order dt.
2.12.2008(Aa nexurc-1) an d D«ctr'ct Judge, Ohubaneawar
by BAB order dt.l3.U2009 (Aneexnrc-2) have
categorically held thot the leaaa in favour of u.p.
M9.8 0nd 10 granted by IDCC (aa0aOa*J aad 4) oa 25.2.08/
9.5.08 la iaproper and 1nv*l*d and ie h«t by the provieions
of aectloe 52 of the z«P.Ast* being a i«e pendsaaa transact'on.
fast being aggrieved* u.f.aD.10 thrcugh fUsd
aeObfOl Ohj3020/2009 la the High Court of HMeee,Catt?ck
ohallaagieg tha aferaaaid order <XlAa. 1.2009 (Anneaare-2) of
the Dietrict Judas* ahebamm/ar. 'jut aa he la sure enough that
he would not be able to percuadt tha
den'oie court to tabs
a different view uhst the civtl Judge (8r. Div. ) Bhabaaeeyer
and Dlatrlct Judge,abeb.neewer xaapectlvely la I.A. 4t>.772/2006
and 4Aw <*o.97/2000 have taxes, he haa act
of the ea'd writ patit-'oe to work out their reerd'ee,
ead the aaae la now *cod'ng in
Oiat deep i be
»f ony
thia Hoa 'bla Court.
the order of status on© peered by the
civil judge (senior division) ohubaoeswar aad oonf'read by
tee Dietr«ct Judge, Bbubancewar et'll preveillag since
3.12.2008 and 13.1.2009 respsetlvsly, u.p,nb*lO repreeeatad
by ~.«-.*c.8 haa violated order of statue quo on seversl
deees for which petitioner do. 1 of thia writ petition haa
filed aa ueny aa 6 'ntcriocuetory applicat*one bearing t.A
*o.9A/2O09, I.A. *o. 199/2009, I .A. mo. 274/2011,
X.A.fcO. 316/2011,
t..*.A« (I.A.) *JC>. 373/2011 and C.M.A.U.A) ^u.383/2011 U/o-39
2(A) 0«p.c..
£ie aoovs
noted v'olat*on pet*t'one ere
pandleg fee adjudication by the c«v«i judge (senior division)
Oast It way be pertinent and appoa'te to oention
here that wf.10 represented by u.p.&n.o filed Caveat Jwt't'oa
no. 356/2009 ie the aon'ole high Court of orieea, Cut rack
aonetiae la the month of May, 2009 ay a* not these petit* one re
and other ccoberorora *nplceding then ae w.Ps wherein «n
psre 2* 3 and 3 they have stated thus a
Vsra-2. aba petit*oner/caveator, ee ple4ntiff filed
e ault for permanent injunct'on la the court of the
learned civil judga(er.d1v.)8hubaneewar which was
regietered aa C.8. to. 1134/2000 with a prayer to
reetra'n w*.e from cooing over the ru*t lend ead
iaterfcrlng with the peaceful poeoeeo'on of tha
appsllaet. Jhe iion'ble <-ourt by order dt.3.12. 2008
directed the parties to nalntein ststue quo over
eu*t land with regard to pocreoe'on.
Pere-3 xxx ami xxx. the lend which «e near
asathar peace of lend ot the pet't*~ner, where
8AX International -chool *e running wss/le
allotted to tha petit'oner for eetabl'ehwent of
en i f Industry, for uh*ch it has speet s eubetant'el
atxjucc. in caee the ccnetruct'on work ie stopped, the
petitioner ahall be h«ghly prejudiced end ft would
suffer irreparable loss *n cAcc the le,ee dead
date mined.
Para-5. Xhat new the pal 1118888 haa started the
cooetructadd work on the o*'d land, xxx xxx xxx. •
»# fron the caveat Petition, it *a cryatal clear
that h ad atartcd aonatruetlon octivit«ea ea the suit
lead la
the aoath of May 2009 and or prior to that
even though he haa been boead dcwa by aa order of
status gee since 3.12*2000 end conf'med oa 13.1.2009,
wh'cb Illegal activities, w...po.d was st*ll carrying
on t i l l 24.4.2011.
Ass copy Oi. snc -avaat Pet*t'oa 40*334/2900
alongwlth tha postal cover nerved on the pet»tieasrs
ere filed herewith and uar*ed en Anncxure-3.
Skat It will thee appear that these petit*onera
and other cceharerora who ere f*ghting out a litigations
la the civil court hav'ag filee c.a. io.4 25/2006 for
declaration 8d their occupancy right over 44ml j»lot fco.44
of Abate ^b.612 in iOuae-Cfaandrass Sharper which land
having been recia*acd by the*r rorexethera siaca 19X0 sad
having planted nundrede of aungo and other fruit bearing
trace which sra alao 70-80 yeara old* have
baea hsraeeed
by 8*0*0 o.8 nnd 10 who have fraudulently and illegally
obtained a p*ece of land asasur*ng Ap. 1.620 out of Mai
Plot ao.44 free 1800 (o.*».ao.3 and 4) la the year 3000
which la pr<aafacla and caseda hit u/e-52 of the *-.P.
Act. abile tisj
pst1t«oacre sra patiently pursuing tha
course of just«ce la filiag c.a. ab.423/2004 and hove
d the status one order dt. 3.12.2000 of tha 01810
i(senior Dt*ie«es> Bhsbaaaewer *n let her and apint*
tee W.4D.8 and 39 have coeeaaptaouely and with all
inpunlty at t»xnr ecaaased viol, ted the ee*d order tine
end agaia which ie fact aaad an proof ie view of the
stales ions cede la CP* 4o* 334/2009 (v« da
B&at tha petit ♦oners rei'ably learnt that Jijey
(o.p.ND.8) ie e land grabber and land
11 / /
aad he daaa so by hook or by crook by nisesing his official
reiatloaship with liXO (u.p.pd.3 and 4) and aloo othcre le
*>vt. circle* die aa*d Pljay aaanr aehoo (c.p.tb.8) h»8
crested end netabl'ebsd several firaa and using tha aaes
of the sa'd 'Irs to hie sdveotagc haa sceeired valaeble
parcels of land and bu*id«nws froa ioco(0.p.Ba.S A 4) sad
w.A.Dapartncnt* aba ***d o.*.tXx.8 haa inducted his father,
wise end de chUdrae ee aloe hlaaelf aa Chair person.
aaeretary, Director end partners etc of the. f <rne which
w.*.ss.p to 13.
*bot xor exeevie. Cf.ab.9 ie a director ef o.p.9
(«/a J-ss coaeultancy Asrvleaa Pvt.Ltd.) aa it appears froa
letter •o.9222 dt.23.6.2003 of 1008* Ac. 1.000 lead ant ef
Aevenea Abate *c.6ll of Cb.iadaks industrial Area wee allotted
aad leased oat to 00 oetr'gnc . ayoeet bee«e fa*
aatabllshMant of a software 8BtO*
Am letter no.9222 dt. 23.6.2005 of TDCC *s filed
herewith end worked aa *n arxure-4.
3het a**illarly# under 1000*8 ( A 4) Utter
40*19076 dt. 1^. 12.2004* a pises of land of Ae. 1.153 fron out
of •scenes abate 4o.612 «a Cbandaka laduetricl Estate wsa
provisiwoelly alietead ee out right payee at bade te o.p.10.9
for eetabilahaoat of en
13. itss, bpc, co». Bw above
lafueeeitlona h.-ve been *v+vi*cd to petitioner ab.1 by IOCS
tw.p.eo. 3 « 6) la their letter no. 3553 dt. 23. 2.2a 10 undrr
axx sat, 2003 and the seas ie filed herewith aad earkad aa
that It la farther brought to the notice of tha
nodule court that the pct*t'~ncra obtained *nforw»t*on
Act. 2005 fron iDCw wdch wee supplied aader thdr ictte
4*0.10505 dt. 17.6.2009. As psr the information attached to the
latte r dt. 17.6.2009, it clearly appaara that represented
by Its D*rector(w.'.to.a) waa granted as osn y aa 4 alletnents
of land m
industrial Area* Cbsndeke between 1.1.09 to
30.4.09. Ae per the ea«d inforoet'oo sheet,
•••ae.9 repreae nted
Oy w.P*4S.8 was allotted a piece of land on 3.5.2005(,
18.1*2004 (a*.**0*82), 25.11.2006 (%.iio.l32>* 9nd 14.11.2007
(A\.*o.249). out of theae four allotuenta of land* two are
paaeloly covered under Annexure-5 eer*ee*
She la tear m,. 10505 dt. 17.6.2009 of 3000 (e*es*J A 4)
aiongwlth the Infarction anee t arc f«lcd heeedti: ind narked
^wrefexe. It clearly eeargss from *'n nrxure-6
thst v.*.*o.9 represenaed by u.p.8 has been g*vea at least
four allotwent-cuai-ieeae of leads on four different dates,
alone and alone.
AVtt Slallar) I
-.- .i*o.8 is a Director of &**«*7 8*
evident fron Amaa wo 1 and 2 wh o baa obtained illegally
Ac. 1.620 of land froa 1800 (o.P.ko.3 A 6) on 9-5.2008 froa
out of •'lot **o»44 for which C*S« -j.4 25/2006 hae been filed
by the aa petlc'oosra end th clr co.oharcrors.
BbM likewise* Q*P#ae.ll(*/e sm Consultancy Fvt.Ltd.),
fat* Oaijayant* aehoo* the daughter of c.p.uo.8 *e a Director
end w.r.AO.11 haa 100 office in Bat St h floor* icco tower,
letter 40.4051 dt. 12.3.2007 of I0C©( A 6)
a proviaional allotnent of 5 noe of bounded were house building
st Infocity, Chaadoka Industrial Eatate oo outright payeent
baala for
eetaoii abase t of a APO has be en
Beds *o favour
of o.p.ab.11* Oaj above *aforaat*oB haa been supplied by
w.p.j*o.3 aaal41UB0BJ vide ita letter -o.3552 dt.23.2.2010 te
petitioner ao.1 of th*s writ petition under an Act 2005*
3bc letter dt. 12.3.2007 aa na aad to letter dt*
23.2*2010 of toss** are filed herewith aa d narked as
J*at it ia further appropriate to br*ny it to tha
notice of thia .Jon'ble
Court abet u.p.11 which f«ra is
repreos nted by the daughter of C.P.4O.0 bad also secured
another allotuent-cuo*>lcaee of land froa idco (0Pmd*3 a 4),
apart froa what aha secured undrr *nncxere-7, which ia alee
evident froa Anno sure -4* it dearly appears froa nana a era f
that aa v*da and oa 3.2.2007 vidB Sl.»o.l90
w.*-.*o.ll got ailotbent-cuu-lcaaea froa loco 4op to.3 * 6)*
s Director
It hoc been rcl'ably learnt
th t
c.p.a is also
ie ee If fire by nana 8XA Infomet'on end technology
|0*0.12> and the ee*d fira hea been graate d ollotaeni
leeaa land la
Ita favour oa 25.2.2008 vide of
ihat your heebie petit* rare further crega to brief
It to ene notice of the <x>e*ble court that o.p.Ba.13 (at.l*r»di
sal I ducat* on Society) filed a writ petition bearing m.p.(C)
«o*7084/06 against X0O0 (o.P. io.3 «. ml challenging the
procaedlng inltleeedO ago'net the c**d Society by IOCS under
tee 8ifa9,Bat vde «-.*-. p.c^ae ao.879/03 and further praying
for cased eg of the se*d proca cd*ng etc.
Jbs xerox
copy of the wr*t applleat*oa
all ennexeraa are filed h erewith and verbad
9tit it ajartoo fOas the •saerasicioe of
ef at. AUradt Oat llbiidflfno aactotyCvida pega 15 to 39 of the
said erit BB8*0Oa*jfcxa} that A*Joo aahoo* fatse* ef Q*B*Bo*0
ctjsy asaar oahoo <o*p*3jo*0#* o/o. a*Jbb aahro* atlpi 8a!ro*
wife of 0***jBb*0 anas roepoctivoly the Chair Puraen* aotsotsTy
sofi BOaBcosf tbe stove stoeofl aoctatoe
*riKD(0»P*lr>#3 A 4) fbsuiigii tbci* public TiiabBBBtliia
offtarr tinea gajajdlit inaesaall ti vitf» their lotto* ito. 18089 dt*
26*10*2000 on or RTX Act. 3005 to patttiono* no*t of tbla
paBtStes wndch ludlsetO that Ae*5*000 of land in tba
aaaaatrial tatato ess provided to the above St
Co*P*Bo»lS) oa oat riobt piiyaoat bosts os 14.U1090*
aoeoa copy of tbe aotso* of moo
seanierUb ess ellofncot lotto* aad iafotaatlon
nyy act* 2005 aao OlaO aaeaaOaa Bad earbed mm
Xt wlU appear fr-» asm earn 0 ttrtt 0*P*B**J sad 4
leased oat tbe astd Ac.5.000 of land esly ibr a sattry aaaast
of 84*50* in tba yea* toop* whoa tba arataaj vases of
tba peeporty BO shea 6*08) sea sore than tat croeea pa* aero
than (1909) which la at preaast Uataaruj 9j*0 caoreo to a*io croeaa
per aero*
*h-* tho pstitl^ne* ao*l of tbla srit petltioa aaaoat
for eoaa bobs taAaisutlon fsas xnco wbtah was eapplled vido thai*
iio*300 at*4*U301° ens* *rt act.3005* Wo laxseaatioa
ia s j-iiuuiBaBaB aboot attached to tiw said letter will
leaixnta that aetoalXy aoro than Ac.5.000 of land has
25 //
UM as 0*0.1* asd Z»» ~«** a ess of 9^**24.172/.
l-safl coat* fbi an fur*, it ia now oetidesB daae too
abaaa inaSit^ca a ^
allotted aDOtba* dasab of lssd ep*% «BoB eba% tba
had bass BiAOOOod to 2990 and the aatd BpasBOS 1c **oaixy U
ehidb iaBinajtlon 18 enrolled onrte*
of s ass of a**!* 30*04* m*-
of the losSo* no.204 dt*4*i**)a0 of toco
ggjrjllrfi an^O *« Ante*)** ia «t*cd borooltb aad
1U5. Olrtt A1181491111 It sill fartbo* indicate ttwt bofers
MM than S asao* of Isafl «BB a*aBttjed la fraws* of 0*r.ta*
tbo oano «e* «BBBOad bat aso lata* reeohod as pa* the no*as
of Bas toco Board*
a>* fvjUtloeco vkHl b^viasj «a» 08 enow «**
C»#P*BS»11 8ep*0aBBB**3*B
acAOOO o* aa*» «a»
zoo* fpo 9b«J AS 4) by f«a**lcot ooans
*ieaalen awoao Aaaoasra-fl sal
. i r r i «»o aaas te faeUtbO* Ba^llsddaest of
Rfi Act and the ablleaess:
QjniliBial onr." * Aane.a«h»0*
Corr >ii:sx*>
in etoaO favour
in •
lot oo*o/s i
SlaPaV- - MIA******** aaaPt IPC
Old* Ds*J(M of X.r.#
Oxs^aasa* bat boon
allotted ea leaoo basis as
a/a Abj*^birdx Oai
copy of
so atom eian and if ae* a
copy tlv^rsof mug bo
to tba etajfticant*
Xf allotted on loaea to
of the alasOBBBea
poaassBt-o of Plot n>*Va
^ ^y^*^ , ^i e
21*1*00* the
oaob no*4Ca| of x*B*.ai^aaa
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the person and IreKitettoB if
aay aay be indicated)
Xs not the .niuaaaaInn of Plat otncloeaea of
Ho*VA ie nov ne'er si jay Baaa* io-oaaati aj
Aoboo oa behalf of At* Airidl
Ooft aascataon society.
ie not loaolhsQ ao tba
esaoto* has roeervoti ae
mat rut supply of
Alter cancellation of the
loess aisouuat vida lotto*
BasBrn T/20 at*4.1.2003* to
abas Plot Be.S/A ia Z*s*
Csaadba «•* boon allotted*
eanitnc iitioati oa
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pnbllc lMtmt9t taeolvad
Xf it ia arjain allottee te
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tion baa not boon
asiiaSBj anananatafl by its
ouatetary 01Jay *aaa* aahoo*
tfcoBesoo* what c^rces^tansoo
tbe eoid land was osce again
Bid tba above o-ood lost*
pay a esa of 9*48*3* l^hc
tpaaodo B*P* daoa* tf not
•jiaOj aaasast tia oatf
ronittofl as id oo'or treat
tf Plot noeO/A has boas aosta
allotted as leas* to tin above
Bated feMPtiaasiro after cancella
tion as 4,i*Ot by . .IU.1DCO,
// 1? //
tssaaaaaitoB aabod far
0CO**t on one of the groan a
the antd Plat bad not
otilined by ttra by tba
allottee tfwa an e* that cirt*o Ir-ai
the rota a
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(If any) oa lcaas baoie later*
Xf obBt BBeVA baO been aUstbod
to the aVow© noted Xoetitstioo
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cietariptfuaffai the paid land oao
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is gucatfai
taaVab aaaBBBatonel XoetltjaataB and by
aamsb nan Is now is being sas ewe*
Plot no*VA and If aa ciacB aboa t
fbat caao thoueto tba eajaaBtans aoao apaaii ic aofl
pxilatort osea* the a«pliaeno report fo*n?
will oo to ehaa that virtually eeeeOfcm bo*3*4*8*o*7*0 A 0
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eaoght fa* oss not
proaateBfobeiooaly O*PeBe*0 and bis relatione) boo roi
pj aSjej pj asBsB bBOBO 80 PeefOI
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lltioatloos* Apart froa tha
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na*3 to 0)* it io en atat da* that o*»a Bo*0 aad
relations xess tabes lata <•Bifida bob sad eaaeaiaai by
> Oat li was lug tha oBSotioBa o* infoeaatfaa abend So*
aald lueUtnsl uaCXOCO)* tbi0 will clearly teoblloht*
that 3000 900 Bb*3 0 4) bad already uurvaiaVeod
itaalf to o*p*Bo*0 in the oaten* of con actinp its day to
day atrairs aboeo asrf ahaa o*** so*s n-fctrasd*
that it ia alee rell^ly ueeastiitaid tb~t 0***flb*t
A 4 (xoco) baas granted all nMeant ast teaas in resjBirt of tea*
pasts boarino Qo*b*>ab* ti.34* b*40 A B*do. all aa nHauafliiQ
As* 1*970, vicia thai* lotas* Bo*0007d dt.3i.i2.2010 ts 0***fle*i3
assBBaBated by o*p*do.8 ao lbs BiaoaBot casa tbongh be ie
eoeratary of O*r*oo*i3 as pa* anjaaai at*
that lihowfaa 0*0* fio«0 A 4 boat erases* atlubes it.
coaUoaee of tboi* *ta? building oe*l A t and taaaOoitb 090
of land v«dO thai* lotto* ai*ta*t oa^l7*3*3030 ia
O.?* which in ropsetansal by o..aa*0 as its
aaaBal I Oaal aOJ
^ at at aBaaTaajOOj ol • •
.:- aa -.- r
tbnt it oiil thee appear tbaO BittOn*!
aSassaaaatBAvj heeoolf mm the aearotaty of o* *na*l3 and ens
taae as its biixxator has bean able te all
eoaac of lands and boiicin^s ifsch is aava tbaS
factarea*) bosldss two bail^ima at cb ode* Sadootxial -^otoat
. .
5-. as pBBO oy)
pj Oat H
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beat sat oat the least* tba otataj
also allotted
r«3*000la proaj ef last
fstats is fatas* of at.etridi oai
which ia
aad bhonafrn* eoceaaarily by o***as*s*
as* be atatod that eass af •tbe still
bat filed 01*11 salt
^iti/tJOVToo/lOOl aootnaO the
bad a piled so* tba said eaash of
Baa alaiutiff whs filed a***A*
aso boataote withdrsaa by tap pta
30.4*3010* Attn* tta pl^iaclfro atfABsajP tba
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a-asaves* eeSsaLv s&OBBVaBajH QvoT
by o.:*Bo*0 aha bad 1011)9111,9*14 la ebs writ patlttooCe) Do*13l00
of 3000 and tha aaao aao filed by bob o*-h * than tba gtatattff
*B Ceo* 0e*l31/a>0V7i30/3Dd8e tbe ttiBovvceo* i*ee Colette. 13)
ait rut af Ae«3*J000 of land is cbaadka
f * abiah la
•♦'•(c) rta^ittOtyiOOO and C*a*
east filed by asstiill *aaa* Ob the
Obs oodd land bat bean 1IUM1I te o***s*)*13 for a
rag mam daraadlaaj apes the
' .actvontoa petition U
Bo.12000/3000(A^icia-j eat of t . . (3 no. 13338/30003
filed taoBUtb aad eiarbad as •iaeiaaui
i .
SVt y.TS* poti
at fho door of all :' a
oath -m
in*" to
l*a\* of crioo Branch to*?* Be.*)*
e f *oli<
. . b*U BasasAOjajtasBj Bt BO Pf ataasjy ad bSBbs] POT •1 5.c
. :; -
. . . '.
to basal
filing ou*
r* C^*Bo*S* 0*P*Ob.C
nfl o^*£o*7* 0***
o.i *bo.i3 ivjpp baaa jlInt.tart Ac«3«oostappxoaJ of land
vetata aad aoo batiataar Ba.3 and 0
ftlud by tha potiti aora oa 30*£o*>09
. . of Orioas).
) Bat
. . <OP (i*c. of
.12.3009 <OaaduMl.>iM* of palloo)
pat adaeaat of ptot
(O.r.aa.3 & 41 a
. i t s 4t.i7.7*300B in
to BOB Aet*B8Bs has cntogwlaaUy eBaaed that Obri
•tOBJ tstea* oabas ( • *Bb*a* is a
pf B/h BOJ
aad tho said flea is
si / /
a 4* otiile as daaaaa
abba ta aisaao bio peeltana and has
• *jasa| od land besinas
batirrmjil fr-et toot apart fayn
Op say*
* •***•£ »jbile acting as a
IbCO to*J>*Ba*3 A 4) beta? B ytsBaa*
-*••*» aaa
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oBsSatteel aetaatwp3sw1 sonatas*** and aaaaaadaat is
uq loaxas fr>va 1
u Jiirassd do* praesmctng as a
y *:
be laBaat 0.13513
by 20QB ia
il d basco*$l
ad ae
.4>*na*j o 4 iwst
stab 0m-r Jts*B at ^tJataasnt jadats af tots so at te
fsatUta a wBSat of aUoaa ab.aasT.laBd and bail, ta* leant*
•a* earning Utwgat baa rate £e* taaaaatvaa*
that Ha a* sati^'eioaa etas* •ease of aaa*
t>eas as aaaat aata at
Sitiea by ap of a^ltiooa*
crava tha labjt jui a
at the
psOttluiairs to file any -« annata paBttasl-rly is
Am* to. 11 * 12 of table** of this *•*.< ) a* nay bo
tb-t the petttJotera h-va got at
aasliabio to *hco east
tba taxied
flaat this BoB«blo ooert
Opa#*artiua to
to . 8j :-
A writ of
ohall v-•-
of TatnatH|i Alton <c»n.y.) a* Crxao
pad 0 te it ooaldbo orastod as cany as *1
teas* fa* e.2*000 by tba e*>&. nayiJBtjirint ovt of
•-- .
a c • •'. kafPSJ
aaasOasBasaoa of tbe •apart ed the uwo*** or
aa* ba. a and the
ased to ft»PiBS*e by A»P*B3*l4
practice as a
// ?3
Op* aa* pattest?
osoer>n act and aratbtaat satastoe*
80s apndaaaeaa*
Xf tha OpnaO":
-w canoe o* ahos
Aed pap* eoeli other o*da«feedar* as dcened Jest ant
proper in
JQunat-aaina* of tbe cane.
tod for 49
defy bouai'r s
so* pray.
ctitiiioto at la
Of ttw* petit1 tear
X* cqvind 8basd*B A at. agod abovt 10
ViiXao^rfatis*tCsOatda*;. pa
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eolcealy affias and otato as fbl?.o- ot.
that x ao t«a Poti
aad t
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no file
that tia f-cto seated abova are tt-xs to tba bast of
a*/ BSoesjoflQB aad be i lei .
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