School Dress Code DRESS CODE POLICY 2014

School Dress Code
Wearing of the Uniform
Our school and our students are well respected within the local and wider community. This respect is
largely based on the behaviour and dress of the students both in school and when they are seen
outside of the school. Our school uniform is essential for the school maintaining this community
respect and students are expected to wear the uniform with pride.
Under the Education Act, the Parents and Citizens' Association of this school decided that this school
is a uniform school and recently reaffirmed this decision. It is expected that all parents will ensure that
their children wear the correct school uniform every day at school and coming to and from school. I
am sure that parents want their children to be respected in the community.
Students travelling on excursions during school time, unless otherwise advised, must wear
formal school uniform. Students attending evening functions at the school or travelling with
the school must be smartly and discreetly dressed, if school uniform is not required for the
occasion. Students infringing the Dress Code Policy will be required to accept the
consequences of breaching the policy.
Purchasing the Uniform
All items, except footwear may be purchased at the school Uniform Shop.
Day Uniform
The formal uniform may be worn in its entirety to and from school on nonformal uniform days.
Boys  Years 8–12
College grey school monogrammed shorts.
Bottle green knit polo shirt with vertical grey and white stripe and school
logo. (Years 8–10)
Plain bottle green knit polo shirt, white collar with grey and green stripe
and school logo. (Years 11–12)
Plain white or grey socks (above ankles).
All-purpose leather/vinyl black lace-up shoe. No colours or patterns can
be present on the shoe.
Girls  Years 8–12
Green knit or green cuffed school monogrammed shorts.
Bottle green Cesarella (colour #2331) knee-length skirt with three knife
pleats on each side.
Bottle green knit polo shirt with vertical grey and white stripe and school
logo. (Years 8–10)
Plain bottle green knit polo, white collar with green and grey stripe and
school logo. (Years 11–12)
Short plain white or grey socks (above ankles) or flesh coloured
All-purpose leather/vinyl black shoes. No colours or patterns can be
present on the shoe.
Formal Uniform
Students will be required to wear their formal uniform, on a nominated day of
the week. The formal uniform must be worn in its entirety to and from
school, as described below:
College grey trousers - available from the School Uniform Shop.
White short-sleeved shirt, 2-way collar and CSHS tie.
Plain white or grey socks.
Light grey Cesarella, mid-calf length skirt with three knife pleats on each
Tailored, plain college grey slacks. They cannot however be worn on
formal excursions or ceremonies.
Plain white poly-cotton, short-sleeved blouse with drop collar and band
and CSHS tie.
Plain short white or grey socks (above ankle) or flesh coloured stockings.
Winter Apparel
During the cooler months, students may be required to wear a jumper. They
can choose from:
A bottle green pullover, with school logo.
Taslon jacket, with school logo.
Senior Jersey—design nominated by year level and only worn by Year 12
students, but not on formal uniform days.
Bottle green blazer with school logo—must be ordered through Uniform Shop.
Students not wearing a school approved jumper will be asked to remove it.
Senior Jacket or Pullover
Each year a distinctive article of clothing is chosen to be worn by our Year 12 students. The article is
optional, ordered and paid for individually by Year 12 students through the school.
The senior jersey is not to be worn by other students in the school or with the formal uniform.
It is highly recommended, because of our climate, that suitable hats should be worn by all students for
outdoor activities. Individual subjects do have rules regarding the wearing of hats.
Uniform shoes must be worn at all times. Thongs, sandals, cloth and canvas shoes, mesh sports
shoes, ballet style shoes and other slip-on, are not acceptable at any time. If students have incorrect
footwear, but still meet safety requirements, a note signed by a parent/guardian needs to be
submitted to the Year Level Deputy.
All-purpose leather/vinyl black shoes. No colours or patterns can be present on the shoes.
The following picture is an example of ACCEPTABLE footwear.
The following pictures are examples of UNACCEPTABLE footwear.
Available at the Uniform Shop.
For reasons relating to health, safety, security and appearance, students are permitted to wear a plain
watch and no more than 2 pairs of sleeper earrings or studs. During practical sessions (e.g. Sport,
Science, Lifestyle Technology, Art, Industrial Technology) a teacher may request the removal of any
piece of jewellery if it is deemed to constitute a safety hazard, or ask that hair be tied back. If a
student refuses, the problem will be referred to a Deputy. Inappropriate jewellery will be
confiscated and held at the school office for collection by parents. No other jewellery is
Facial Jewellery
Facial jewellery is not allowed at any time. Students with new piercings must apply for a pass to
allow the piercing to be covered during the healing period. Following the healing process the piercing
must not be worn.
Make-up and Hair
Students are not allowed to wear eyeliner and heavy makeup to school. The judgement of heavy
makeup is to be determined by the Principal. Students will be asked to remove heavy make-up and
eyeliner with make-up remover provided at the health room.
Student hairstyles and colour must be of a natural nature. For example: pink, purple, green hair
colours are unacceptable.
Additional Safety Requirements
Students selecting Industrial Technology practical subjects will be issued a pair of safety glasses
from the SERS scheme, which will be worn at all times during workshop classes. Loss or damage to
these safety glasses will require the student to replace them. Students who do not meet these
conditions will not be permitted to enter workshops.
Students taking Health and Physical Education, Agricultural and Marine subjects that require
considerable outdoor work must have a hat and wear it during outdoor classes in these subjects. Hats
may be of any design - broad brimmed hats are preferred.
The Dress Code Policy is available on the school web site, the student diary and parent handbook.
Uniform Slips
Parents are requested to write a note of explanation if students are unable to wear the full,
correct uniform. Such students will be provided with clothing for the day from the Uniform Shop. If
appropriate uniform clothing is not available from the Uniform Shop, then the student concerned will
be referred to the Year Level Deputy. Exemption slips will not be issued for non-school approved
jumpers, as students will be requested to remove them.