Handmade Cards by Village of Hope Children

Handmade Cards by
Village of Hope Children
Prince of Peace
is a …
• Hub of
using God’s
and Prayer,
• Equipping us
to build
networks of
vibrant Christian
• Extending to
our homes, to
our neighbors,
and beyond,
disciples of
Vol. 15 No. 39
September 29, 2012
Jwaye Nwel! That is Creole for Merry Christmas! It is almost that time of year again.
Do you have your Christmas Cards yet? Would you like to help support the Lazarus
Project in Haiti? The children of the Village of Hope have designed 4 NEW
Christmas Cards and 1 NEW Everyday greeting card. They are beautiful, 5x7 high
gloss finish and available to order now! They are packaged in boxes of 16 cards for
$20.00. A complete information sheet is available in the PoP office.
Tiffany Sears 703-451-5855 [email protected]
Haiti Mission Trip Interest Meeting
Tuesday, October 30, 7:00pm ~ in room 21
Join us as we share information and determine interest in our mission trip to Haiti
May 16 to 21, 2013. We will be supporting the Lazarus Project missions in Haiti—
the Village of Hope School, the Health Center and the Little Children of Jesus
orphanage—see www.lazarusprojecthaiti.org for more information.
This is a life changing experience where you will be able to spread God’s love to
the people of Haiti and add perspective to our lives here in the US.
Ray Schaible 703-470-4138 [email protected]
PoP Communicator
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Vol. 15 No. 39
Student Ministry
Wednesday Morning Women
Prayer & Praise Service
Wednesday, Oct. 3, 7:00 pm
in the Sanctuary
Join us for an evening of song,
Scripture, and prayer led by Living
Water, the youth band.
The Wednesday Morning Women’s Bible Study
warmly welcomes women of all ages, stages
and church affiliations. The group meets at 9:15am
for refreshments, fellowship and devotions
in the Fellowship Hall and then divides into
five small groups for study until 11:30am.
At the September 19 gathering, small group facilitators
introduced the following studies, which begin on September 26.
Select an offering and plan to attend this dynamic group!
Confirmation Camp-In
Oct. 5, 6pm-Oct. 6, 10 am
Required for all confirmation
students. Check your email for
more details. Let Karin know if
you can help and/or bring a tent.
Sunday School
Sundays, 9:45-10:45 am
in Room 27
Bible Study
Wednesdays, 7-9 pm
in Youth Room
Fall Retreat
Oct. 26-28 at Meadowkirk
Cost: $150, email Josh to sign up
Contact Info Update
It’s that time of year again – time
to update your contact info so that
you can get goodies and updates
throughout the year! Go to
www.poplc.org/collegeinfo to
update our records.
Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God
by Henry Blackaby
Deepen and strengthen your faith as you learn to have a love relationship
with the Lord.
Facilitator: Nancy Boriack. Cost- $15
Learn how to share the Gospel with our Muslim neighbors.
Facilitator: Yvette Moy. Cost $15
Counterfeit Gods by Timothy Keller
Explore the unvarnished truth about faith, our hearts’ desires, the pursuit of
happiness and where all of it can ultimately be found.
Facilitator: Nancy Seemann. Cost- $10.25
Spiritual Warfare: Overcoming the Enemy by Kay Arthur
Gain knowledge of our spiritual enemy’s tactics and leave equipped to stand
firm against these attacks.
Facilitator: Melinda Reidy. Cost $8
1 and 2 Peter by John MacArthur
Study two practical and encouraging letters of the New Testament.
Facilitator: Lola Coyle. Cost $10
Books will be available for sale on September 26.
Lola Coyle 703-323-0669 [email protected]
Susan Herbert [email protected]
Please contact Lola to reserve childcare. http://www.poplc.org/wedbible
PoP Communicator
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Vol. 15 No. 39
PoP Chess Group
Wed., October 3, 12:00pm
Room 24
This group meets the first
Wednesday of each month. Each
session last approximately two
hours, duration flexible to meet
individual schedules.
BEGINNERS). Chess sets are
amply provided. Please feel free
to bring your own lunch and/or
Herm Schmidt 703-913-0093
[email protected]
Life Chain
Sunday, October 7, 2:303:30pm
Franconia Rd & Elder Rd,
This year's Life Chain will be at
the southwest corner of
Franconia and Elder Roads. We
will spend an hour of quiet
prayer and witness to the sanctity
of life and need to ask God to
change the hearts and minds of
Americans to respect and protect
the unborn.
Jim and Susan Herbert 703-9225836 [email protected]
First Communion Class
October 16, 23, 30, 7:00-8:15pm
in the library
Prince of Peace offers the First
Communion Class series a few
times during the year so that
younger children can benefit
from the powerful resources that
Jesus provides in the Sacrament
of Holy Communion. DCE
Karin Meissner teaches the
classes. Because our classes are
designed for children and their
parents, the students are always
accompanied by at least one
parent. It is important that
children and a parent attend all
three classes in the series. The
First Communion Class we offer
is designed for children from 3rd
through 6th grade. Class size is
limited to 10 students and will fill
up on a first come, first serve
basis. To sign up, email your
child’s baptism date to Karin.
Karin Meissner 703-451-5855
[email protected]
Friday, October 19, 11:00am
Bavarian Chef, Fredericksburg
For our next gathering (at the
restaurant, Bavarian Chef),
Pastor Tim graciously offered his
chauffeur services again. Details
about the trip will be
Our group last met on Friday,
September 21st in the
fellowship hall. The McKays
provided the main meal of ham
and potatoes and others
furnished an assortment of
tasty side dishes and desserts.
Pastor Ken informed us about
the status of our chosen interim
pastor Peter Alexander. A short
Q & A session followed his
presentation. We always enjoy
meeting new people. Please join
us (55+).
Marlis McKay 703 239-8562
[email protected]
Men's Book Discussion
Friday, Oct. 19, 7:00-9:00pm
Gary Brodersen’s home,
5404 Water Crest Ct, Fairfax
The book to be discussed is
Interpreting The Holy
Scriptures by Herbert T. Mayer.
The books are in the church’s
office for $7.
Gary Brodersen 703-278-8652
[email protected]
PoP Communicator
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Vol. 15 No. 39
Practical Personal Ministry
Fall Workshop
Saturday, October 13
Concordia Lutheran Church,
Triangle, VA
All Ladies are invited to
attend the LWML Fall
Workshop. Our theme is
God’s People – We are the
Church Together “Everyone
who calls upon the name of
the Lord shall be saved.” Acts
Join us for a wonderful
morning as our Eritrean
Sisters teach us about their
country, culture and faith!
The morning begins at 9:30
with our opening and
welcome (registration starts at
9:00 a.m.- $5.00 to cover cost
of lunch).
Our In-Gathering will be
Cheerios or Chex cereal to
support the food pantry at
Sunday, October 14, 1:00-3:30pm
in the PoP fellowship hall
with lunch at 12:30pm
plus Care Ministry Training, 3:00-4:00pm
childcare provided
Compassion into Action
This year’s theme, “Fix Your Eyes on Jesus”, calls us to focus on
Jesus and follow His example of obedience and love, which
enables us to win the race. Jesus willingly offers us what we need
to get out of the grandstand and down on the racecourse of life to
do what God has called us to. Still, we may be frustrated as we try
to implement our intentions into everyday life.
Help is coming. Popular teacher Duane Skjervem will return on
Oct 13 & 14 to teach at worship services about putting our
compassion into action. Then on Sunday Oct 14 (1-3 PM), Duane
will lead a seminar designed for everyone to prepare for personal
ministry to our neighbors. We all know people who are troubled.
Through his faith-inspiring teaching, Duane will train us in
practical and specific ways how to bless others with God’s love
and power for living.
In fact, if you want to develop these ministry skills and practice
them in low risk situations along with other members, our Care
Ministry Teams provide ready-made opportunities and could use
your help. To learn more, you are invited to attend training after
the seminar (3-4 PM) in specific Care Ministry procedures.
Gary Miller 703-239-2065 [email protected]
PoP Communicator
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Hispanic Mission Celebration
Saturday, October 13, 5:00-8:00pm
American Legion, 6520 Amherst Ave, Springfield
You are invited to celebrate another year of Hispanic ministry,
hosted by St. John’s, Alexandria along with co-hosts Grace,
Woodbridge and Prince of Peace, Springfield, covenant
congregations for the Hispanic Mission Development of
Northern Virginia. Bring your friends for an evening of fun.
State Senator George Barker will address attendees.
Testimonials from those served by the ministry as well as an
update on the overall program by Pastor Pedro Lopez will
complete the formal program. Music and dance
demonstrations, silent auction, raffles, and cultural food
samples will round out the evening.
To learn more about this ministry, please visit…
Registration for the event is on line at
www.seatyourself.biz/sjlc . General admission (age 13 and up)
is $10 plus a nominal service fee. Child care provided for
children through age 10.
Childcare will be available for those under 13 (please preregister your child/ren). To register for childcare please contact
Susan Caputo.
Susan Caputo 703-451-4863 [email protected]
Vol. 15 No. 39
Themed Baskets Needed
Is your family or group (small,
music, youth, seniors, prayer,
etc.) looking for a project to do
together? Use your imagination
and put together a themed
basket (i.e. gardeners delight,
kitchen gadgets, reader’s
corner, movie night, Man-cave
snacks, Driver’s safety, music
lovers, sports enthusiast, or
anything that comes to mind!).
The baskets will be used as part
of the fundraising effort at the
Hispanic Mission Celebration
on October 13. Your
assistance with this project is
greatly appreciated. Please sign
up at the Hispanic Ministry
display in the Narthex. Deliver
your basket to church by
Sunday, October 7.
Cookies are needed for the
October 13th celebration. If you
can provide a couple dozen or
so cookies we would be ever so
grateful! Please sign up at the
Hispanic Ministry display in the
Narthex. Bring the cookies to
church by noon Saturday,
October 13.
Susan Caputo 703-451-4863
[email protected]
PoP Communicator
Youth Room
Hang Out
Open for 7th -12th
grade kids
The PoP Youth
Room is open after
school until 5pm,
• play on X-box,
Wii, PS2 •
• a place to work
on a group project
with classmates •
• or … homework •
Josh Rusnak •
High School Ministry •
703-451-5855 x163 •
[email protected] •
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Vol. 15 No. 39
Did You Know?
Lutheran Witness
If you are interested in receiving
the Lutheran Witness please email Marcella. Deadline is
October 10. If you are already
receiving the Lutheran Witness
and want to continue you do not
need to respond.
Marcella Schmidt 703-451-5855
[email protected]
Baby Bottle Campaign
You can help CHANGE a life
by participating in the Sanctity of
Life Ministries Baby Bottle
Campaign. Starting Sept 22-23
we will be distributing empty
baby bottles. Take a baby bottle
home, put it on your dresser on
your kitchen counter and fill it
with spare change, a check, or
cash and return it to PoP four
weeks later. Your contribution
will allow the Sanctity of Life
Ministries to help pay for
medical care including
sonograms and doctor visits as
well as providing new mothers
and expectant mothers with
material needs such as diapers,
wipes, and other baby items.
Each year, PoP raises roughly
$2000 during this campaign
(thanks to all for your
generosity!) And thanks to the
Debolt and Urps families for
helping out again this year!
Jay Sonstroem 703 704 1299
[email protected]
Identifying Services and
Resources for Older Adults
Thursday, October 4, 7:00-8:30pm
Kings Park Library, 9000 Burke Lake Rd
An Information Session for Faith
Communities, Sponsored by Faith
Communities in Action Older Adult
Ministries & the Long Term Care
Coordinating Council. Register by
October 2. 703 324 3453
[email protected]
BoSL Meeting Summary
The first BoSL meeting of September
began with a devotion from 1 John
4:13-16. BoSL used these words to
reflect on how we acknowledge God
in our world and lives. After the
devotion and a prayer BoSL focused
on the creation of a transition team to
work with Pastor Pete when he
arrives. This team will assist Pastor
Pete with events and creating a
congregation profile. The
congregation profile will help Prince
of Peace in the search for a Senior
Pastor that best fits the congregation.
BoSL also looked at small group
training for Dulles South that will be
happening later this month. Finally,
BoSL received an update about LINC
DC. Please have BoSL and Pastor
Pete in your prayers as the transition
process begins to ramp up.
Many Blessings ~ David Mahen
PoP Communicator
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A critical event is “When one Lutheran
Christian gives witness about Jesus of the
hope that is within him or her to another
person so that person may encounter Christ.”
You can share your Critical Event stories by writing them in the “Friendship
Folder” at any worship service, or by sending an e-mail to
[email protected]
Germany and the Reformation Tour in June
Have you ever had the desire to explore
the roots of your Lutheran faith by
walking in the footsteps of Dr. Martin
Luther in the very places where he carried
out the Reformation? Have you thought
about making a trip back to see the
“Mother Church” of every Lutheran and
Protestant Christian in the world? Here’s
a great opportunity!
Rev. Keith Loesch and his wife, Joan, will
be leading a marvelous tour to those very
places on June 5 – 17, 2013. Called
“Germany and the Reformation,” the tour
will focus on the roots of our faith and
build a deeper connection between your
faith in Christ and your Reformation
heritage. It will be a veritable pilgrimage
to the very places where Dr. Martin
Luther lived, taught, preached, made his
famous “Here I Stand” speech, translated
the Bible, burned the Papal Bull of
Excommunication, the Augsburg
Confession was presented, and many
This tour is being offered in Lutheran
congregations in the greater Washington
area so that the majority of participants
will share a common spiritual background
and focus. What a joy it will be to learn to
know fellow members of other Lutheran
congregations and share this common
experience together!
You are invited to request a full color
brochure from Pastor Loesch that
provides complete details of the daily
itinerary, costs and arrangements. You can
trust that every dimension of this tour will
be of the highest quality, including the
modern tour bus, excellent hotels, meals,
and professional tour guides. Pastor
Loesch has planned this tour to be an
inspirational journey, informative, scenic,
fun and fulfilling. He and Joan invite you
be a part of it!
Rev. Keith Loesch 703-494-0602
[email protected]
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Vol. 15 No. 39
At Your Service
Board of Servant Leaders
David Shaddrix
BoSL Chair
home: 703.913.7139
[email protected]
Mark Boriack
BoSL Vice Chair
home: 703.385.9587
[email protected]
David Mahen
BoSL Secretary
[email protected]
Carolyn Thomas
[email protected]
John Storm
[email protected]
Julie Eichhorst
[email protected]
Ministry Staff
Pastor Peter Alexander
Interim Senior Pastor
[email protected]
Kenneth D. Green
Assc. Pastor, Minister of Equipping
Home: 703.455.7959
[email protected]
Tim Christenson, Assc. Pastor
Home: 703.644.4228
[email protected]
Wallace Horton, Min. of Worship
and Spiritual Transformation
[email protected]
Judith Meyer, Minister of
Community Outreach
[email protected]
Joel Dietrich
Family & Children Ministry
[email protected]
Karin Meissner
Junior High Ministry
[email protected]
Josh Rusnak
High School Ministry
[email protected]
Cindy Deatherage, Principal
[email protected]
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Special Events
Oct. 13
Oct. 14
Oct. 20
Dec. 2
Hispanic Ministry Celebration
Prac tical Personal Ministry Seminar
All for $1 – Yard Sale
Advent Candlelight Gathering
Vol. 15 No. 39
If you’re not familiar with
any of the events listed here,
please don’t hesitate to
contact us! 703-451-5855
[email protected]
Regular Meetings
Bible Study
Saturday, September 29
5:00p Care Ministry
5:30p Worship (Communion)
Sunday, September 30
7:45a Care Ministry
8:15a Worship (Communion)
10:30a Care Ministry
11:00a Worship (Communion)
11:00a Jesus First Korean
11:00a Grace Ethiopian
11:00a S. Asian Church of Christ
12:30p Grace Ethiopian
12:30p Jesus First Korean
12:30p S. Asian Church of Christ
2:30p Grace Ethiopian
6:30p Nepalese Worship
Monday, October 1
7:00p Hispanic Praise, Prayer & Wrd
Wednesday, October 3
9:10a Preschool Chapel
12:40p Preschool Chapel
7:00p Youth Prayer/Praise
7:30p Grace Ethiopian Prayer
Thursday, October 4
9:10a Preschool Chapel
Saturday, October 6
5:00p Care Ministry
5:30p Worship (Communion)
Sunday, October 7
7:45a Care Ministry
8:15a Worship (NonCommunion)
10:30a Care Ministry
11:00a Worship (Communion)
11:00a Jesus First Korean
11:00a Grace Ethiopian
11:00a S. Asian Church of Christ
12:30p Grace Ethiopian
12:30p Jesus First Korean
12:30p S. Asian Church of Christ
2:30p Grace Ethiopian
6:30p Nepalese Worship
Saturday, September 29
7:00p Confirmation Class Witness
Sunday, September 30
9:45a Connections
Monday, October 1
6:30p TOPS
7:00p Boy Scout Troop 1145
7:30p ESL
Tuesday, October 2
10:00a ESL
6:30p Confirmation
7:00p Financial Peace Univ.
7:00p Properties
Wednesday, October 3
12:00p PoP Chess
6:30p Toastmasters
7:00p Cub Scout Meeting
7:30p Girl Scout Seminar
7:30p ESL
Thursday, October 4
6:30p Brownie Troop 2547
Friday, October 5
9:00a Infant Massage Training
9:30a Infant Massage
10:00a ESL
10:30a Al-Anon
6:00p Confirmation Camp In
Saturday, October 6
9:30a Infant Massage
5:00p All for 1 Meeting
Sunday, October 7
9:45a What We Believe
Saturday, September 29
6:45p Small Group
Sunday, September 30
9:45a Sunday School
9:45a Adult Bible Studies
Monday, October 1
11:00a Senior Bible Study
7:00p Seekers
Tuesday, October 2
7:00p Small Group
Wednesday, October 3
9:15a Wed. Women’s Bible Study
7:00p FUEL
Friday, October 5
7:30p Ethiopian Bible Study
Saturday, October 6
7:30a Men’s Bible Study
6:45p Small Group
Sunday, October 7
9:45a Sunday School
9:45a Adult Bible Studies
Sunday, September 30
5:00p Junior Choir
5:00p Primary Choir
6:00p Orchestra
7:00p HIMnals
Monday, October 1
7:00p Bells of Peace
Tuesday, October 2
6:45p Youth Bells
7:00p New Canticle
Wednesday, October 3
6:00p Living Water Band
Thursday, October 4
7:30p Chancel Choir
Sunday, October 7
5:00p Junior Choir
6:00p Orchestra
7:00p HIMnals