How to Build a Web Site using your Web Host’s

How to Build a Web Site using your Web Host’s
Web Site Builder
The actual how to of building your web site depends on which site builder
you decide to use. This tutorial shows you how to set up and build a web
site using Act Now Domains’ site builder because that’s the one I’m familiar
with and like the best.
Setting up your website is really easy. Simply do the following steps. If
you ever get stuck you can always call Act Now Domains or whomever you
bought your website from and they will help you.
1. Go to and login to your Account. Click
the Website Tonight link on the Left menu bar. This will take you to a
page that looks like the one below. Click the Launch link.
2. You will be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions. Click Accept.
3. On the Site Settings screen, select your domain name from the drop
down list and enter your information, then click the Next button in the
lower right.
Note: The password you enter must have be at least 7 characters
long and have an upper case letter, a lower case letter and a number
in it.
This will take you to a screen that looks like the image below. Click
the Get Started button at the bottom.
4. The next step is to decide what type of design you want to use. It's a
good idea to check out the 5 page pre-written site to see if what you
want is there. If you don't want to use one of the pre-written sites I
would choose the middle option of "Choose from over 150 great
designs." Click Select a Template.
Note: You are never stuck with a design so if you choose one and
don't like it you can just click a button and choose another one. Don't
be afraid to check out several to find the one you want.
5. You will then be asked to Select Your Design.
Note: If you see a template you like but don’t like the picture, go
ahead and select the template. You can change the picture later.
Select the category that best fits your website. Don't be afraid to
explore the different categories as you could find one in a different
category that you will want to use for your website.
6. For this tutorial I'm going to select an Animal Template and
change the color from it's original brown to blue. You can click the
Enlarge View button to get a better look at the template.
7. Once you have decided on the template you want to use, click the
Apply to My Site button.
8. Click the Work on My Site button at the bottom.
9. This will take you to your website so you can add your text, change
the images, and basically put whatever you want on your website. The
menu bar that the arrow below is pointing to shows up when you have
clicked on a text box.
To add text to your website - simply click on the content block where you
want to add the text. You can also put pictures and videos in the
content blocks too.
Once you have made changes to your content block make sure to click
the SAVE button in the lower right cancel.
If you want to do something special to just some of the text in
the section (for example, change the size of the font, bold certain
words, underline certain words, center your sub-headings, etc.)
simply highlight the words you want to apply this action to and select
the appropriate icon at the top right.
One icon that will be helpful to you is the UNDO icon. If you ever
make a change and you think “oops, I wish I wouldn’t have just done
that!” simply click the funny looking arrow button.
The other arrow beside it is the REDO button which lets you put a
change back that you just undid.
The cut, copy and paste functions are there as well.
If you want to insert images on your page, simply
click the spot in the section of the content block that you want the
image to go, then click the Insert tab at the top left of the page.
Once you are in the Insert section, click the Image button to insert
your photo.
They have hundreds of photos you can use on your website or you
can insert a photo from your own computer. To insert your own
photo, once you have clicked the Insert Photo link, select the Upload
Image tab. If you want to insert video you simply click the Video icon
in this section.
To Add a New Page to your Website
To add a new page to your website, simply click the Page tab on the
top right of the screen and click the Add Page icon.
To publish your website
To publish your website so it appears on the internet and everyone
can see it, simply click the Publish button at the top right corner of the
Congratulations! A web site is always a work in progress so you’re never
really done, but you should be very proud of yourself. You have a web site
and you did it yourself! Good job!