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BTB Team Operating Agreement
Assignment Name: Team Operating Agreement Project Manager Name: Elena Solanes Project Team Member Names: Wende Baden, Travis Bain, Gabriel Rudd, Elena Solanes, Duvan Vallejo th
Date: October 25 , 2013 Prepared by: Elena Solanes PROJECT PLAN
Team Operating Agreement Mission Statement cohesiveness persistence pertinent resolution cultivate (Written by Elena Solanes) Although BTB’s goal is to assist clients in transforming their business into one that is far “beyond the basics”, our true m ission is to serve with integrity and excellence by m erging the unsurpassed expertise, dedication, and d etermination, of the BTB team, with our client’s values, goals, and vision for each business’ future. Objective (Fictitious Business Objective, still to come is our Group Objective) (Written by Elena Solanes) Clients are guaranteed to have the sole d edication of their o wn p ersonal advising t eam who will be available a round the clock to counsel each client as they together embark upon this rewarding n ew adventure. Together, we will implement an effective marketing strategy and launch innovative t echniques that will guarantee consistency throughout the spectrum of the daily activities. Clients will have access to the most economically efficient m ethods for record keeping, financial activities, and legal aspects of their business, while regularly alerting you of the do’s and don’ts of the business world that continue to change. We b elieve in maintain good standing in the eyes of your competitors and consumers by providing your company with ethical p reparation p rograms that filter out all forms of mediocrity before it enters your work place. Your company will soon be left with an exclusive group of employees that share values and ambitions. We hope to have a profound impact on the efficiency, productivity, and p rofitability on daily activities which will in turn, p roduce long range results. For your employees, our p rograms: 
Are individualized for a ll levels of employees. They will receive “alerts” that k eeps them up to date on the legal and ethical requirements of their department while b eing reminded of your company’s values and long t erm goals. 
Provide daily agendas that help each employee prioritize day to day functions while k eeping them a ccountable through an interactive communication system. 
Provides temporary conflict resolution counseling by recognizing the employee’s job function and comparing it with information, such as latest d o’s and don’ts regarding chain of command and p roper workplace behavior . 
Establish rewarding incentives that inspire employees maintain an atmosphere of encouragement and p ersistent dedication as a cohesive t eam while maintaining the capability of working independently For you we d esire to: 
Walk with you through the establishing and expanding your new or already successful business. Once we embark you will have the option of reevaluating and remaking your personalized business p lan y early as your business reaches new levels of success. 
Guide you through a checklist of fundamentals to first ensure that a ll aspects of a successful business a re in fact a lready established. BTB
25TH, 2013
Develop an eye for what b est works for each relevant phase of your business that is congruent with the changing of our culture. We d esire for you to b ecome experts in your field of business, who t ruly know the ins and outs of your business economy. 
Enable you to recognize and predict both traditional and conventional trends of your business’ market. 
Equip you with the essential tools and exclusive resources n ecessary for you to grow with technology, independent f rom us, while your employees will b e able to function independently from you. Preparation and Quality (Written by Gabriel Rudd) Quality consists of meeting expectations or standards set by our t eam based on a collection of individual ideas of productivity, efficiency and visual a esthetics. A quality submission should b e clean, concise and detailed. A thorough amount of reviews should b e undertaken b efore final submission. An outline o r initial d raft, an edit, a final review and submission should b e the p rocess our works go through. Enough time for this process to take place. Depending on the workload, this could b e a few hours o r several days. Only on certain assignments should t wo o r more v ersions be created to be compared, submitting the best version if n ecessary Quality of Work for our Team: (Written by Wende Baiden) We expect that each t eam m ember takes adequate t ime to complete their assigned portion of the t eam project. Working diligently and completing their portion will ensure that the project will b e well put together at the end. Team Decision-­‐making (Written by Elena Solanes) We b elieve that every m ember has something worthwhile t o contribute, and that each m ember’s perspective is valuable and v ital. A lthough the p roject manager may facilitate communication, h er opinion holds no greater value than that of h er co-­‐members. Every member is absolutely essential in the d ecision making process. Should we have t wo different ideas that somewhat clash, we can handle things democratically by taking a group vote to make the final d ecision. Each m ember is given the opportunity and expected to contribute to every a spect of group activity. The assignments have been b roken up in such a way a s to encourage equal participation. We hope to produce a well-­‐rounded, cohesive work that represents the individualized ideas, sound judgment, and unique p erspective of each of our d edicated team members. Work breakdown structure
(Written by Elena Solanes)
Friday, October 25 :
 Team operating agreement is to b e submitted in the a ppropriate Desire to Learn drop box.  Monday, October 28th: BTB
25TH, 2013
 Two paragraph overview on research topic due (to b e completed b y Gabriel Rudd, Presentations Coordinator. Assignment should b e posted onto Google Drive).  Two paragraphs revealing preliminary research due (to be completed b y Travis Bain, Research Coordinator. Assignment should b e posted onto Google Drive).  Two fictitious paragraphs about BTB’s humble b eginnings, a ccomplishments, direction of the company, and its current philanthropic activities (to b e completed by Elena Solanes, Project Manager. Assignment should b e posted onto Google Drive). th
Wednesday, October 30 :
 Completion of index page due ( to b e completed by Duvan Vallejo, Formal Report Coordinator). This should be posted on Google Drive.  Each member is to submit p ersonal page for group website to Wende Baden. This a lso needs to b e posted on Google Drive. Instructions for this page can b e found on the “week eleven module” under “Team Web Info” on the course Desire to Learn page. st
Thursday, October 31 :
 Website is to b e completed and ready for grading (organized b y Wende Baden, with assistance from Elena Solanes).  Group webpage n eeds to b e uploaded to each member’s p ersonal student website b y 10/31.  Submit p ersonal review of group progress, mini-­‐ review of each p erson’s progress, a long with p ersonal contributions to Travis Bain. Each member should p ost a copy on Google Docs as well.  Group meeting at 7 p .m.  Bring personal reviews to 7 p.m. meeting.  Make certain that every link works on group website on each individual’s personal page.  Take care of last minute d etails for website. rd
Saturday, November 3 :
 Adjusted timeline and p lan of action, to correct any sort of lackadaisical b ehavior, should b e completed and posted on Google Drive. th
Monday November 4 :
 Completed Group Progress Report due. This should include contributions, progress, review of each member, updated s chedule of events, a nd plan of action to correct any deviation from schedule. This should be submitted on Google Drive and a copy should be s ent to Duvan Vallejo. th
Wednesday, November 6 :
 Completed Group Progress Report due (to b e completed b y Duvan Vallejo and posted onto Google Drive). th
Thursday, November 7 :
 Group meeting at 7 p .m. BTB
25TH, 2013
Group is to review, amend, and edit our group progress report. Discuss key components to b est a ccomplish tasks in a timely manner for formal report. Design detailed, individualized p lan of action to b est accomplish each aspect for the remaining assignments. Friday, November 8
 Each group member is to submit on or b efore November 8th one page of notes on research topic a long with five sources with all possible citation information to b e put into correct format a t a later time. This is to b e posted onto Google docs and a copy should b e s ent to Travis Bain, Research Coordinator. th
Wednesday, November 13 :
 Outline for formal report and n otes due (to b e completed by Travis Bain with assistance from Gabriel Rudd. This should b e posted onto Google docs and a copy should be s ent to Duvan Vallejo, Formal Report Coordinator. th
Thursday November 14 :
 Group meeting at 7 p .m.  Discuss each member’s progress, obstacles, and accomplishments.  Discuss any adjustments that n eed to b e made  Discuss goals for the following week th
Monday, November 18 :
 Formal report first draft of the body with informal citations, a nd notes/ideas for the introduction and conclusion is to b e posted on Google Drive by Duvan Vallejo. (Introduction and conclusion will b e put into a ctual form b y other members.) th
Wednesday, November 20 :
 After review of first draft, each member will b e responsible for reviewing and editing. Wende and Elena will b e responsible for the introduction and conclusion. They can either submit their assignments as a s eparate google d oc, or add to the actual paper on or before November 20th.  The route to formalize citations in APA format will b e d ecided upon at a later time. st
Thursday, November 21 :
 Group meeting at 7 p .m.  Together, review final draft of formal report, and take care of last minute details.  Make certain that we have engaged the s even C’s in our report, included well-­‐
thought out recommendations, and make certain that each source is truly solid.  Discuss presentation d etails, availability, and make arrangements to take care of remaining assignments. nd
Friday, November 22 :
25TH, 2013
 Project manager or other a greed upon group member is to submit formal report b y 5 p.m. through Desire to Learn drop b ox. Thursday, November 28
 Group meeting at 7 p .m. Team Meeting Attendance and Policy Schedule
(Written by Elena Solanes)
According to each member’s schedule, we have mutually decided that it would be best to meet
once per week to check our group’s progress, finish last minute details, and discuss what needs
to be done the following week. Because not all members are local, we have chosen to meet
online for our weekly meetings. We will meet each Thursday at 7 p.m., as this was the
consensus of members who participated in this discussion. If a member cannot make it to the
meeting, that person will need to contact the group to let them know in advance. Disbursement of
necessary tasks and all decisions regarding the directions of the assignments or group as a
whole will be left up to those who attend the meetings unless previously arranged amongst the
group. Although group members are welcome to update the absentee through our “reply all”
system of communication, the responsibility to inquire about new tasks, relevant changes, or
other pertinent information will lie solely upon the absent group member.
On Thursday evenings, at 7:00 p.m., the project manager or any other member will “kick off the
meeting” by emailing the other members’ g-mail address. The team will each discuss the
outcome of their tasks from the previous week, the overall progress of the group, and any
additional topics. Should a member choose not to fulfill their previously assigned duties,
attending members will need to determine the allotment of the remaining tasks. Members should
attend the meeting having already made arrangements for assistance if they are behind
schedule, become overwhelmed, or feel their workload cannot be realistically completed.
October 31st November 7th November 14th November 21th November 28th December 5th Finalize webpage. Present "personal reviews". Review Group Progress Report. Discuss formal report. Group check in. Review final draft Go over check list Discuss presentation plans TBA TBA Non-Performance
(written by Travis Bain)
It is the goal of our team to build cohesion and cooperate effectively
and efficiently in order to achieve the best results on this project. While
all team members plan on participating equally and share in the
25TH, 2013
responsibilities, it is understood that this may not always be the case. It
is essential for all group members to perform their assigned roles within the allotted
time frame, as specified in the group dialogue. A failure to do so by a team member
would cause for an undue burden on the remainder team members. Therefore, a set
of guidelines and consequences for those individuals who are unable to, or unwilling
to work in accordance with the team expectations must be put in place. Should a
teammate fail to maintain an active role in group discussions, or perform their
assigned roles or tasks:
-Firstly as a group it will be determined whether that person's schedule or allotted
workload is fair and reasonable.
If it is determined that both of those are fair, then we will proceed with discussing the
expectations required of each member. Also we will ask the individual if they believe
they are able to perform their expected duties.
The individual workloads for this project may prove to be stressful for some.
Therefore, we shall allow an individual to assess and determine whether or not they
feel that they are in the appropriate position to take on the task. We will also be
willing to work with that individual so as to reassign to a position that more
appropriately fits their schedule, and abilities.
-Secondly if the problems continue to persist. It will then be necessary to reassign
that person so as to achieve the most effective performance out of that member.
Should a group member continue to fall short of the expectations set for them,
despite previous intervention, then the decision will be made by the remainder of the
team to place that person in a new role.
-The third option is to penalize that team member on the teammate scoring at the
end of project. Their rating will reflect their participation within throughout the course
of the project.
-Finally if the members lack of participation proves to be detrimental to the overall
success of the project and team, it will then be necessary to involve Professor Perry
in order to determine the appropriate course of action. The individual workloads for
this project may prove to be stressful for some. Therefore, we shall allow an
individual to assess and determine whether or not they feel that they are in the
appropriate position to take on the task. We will also be willing to work with that
individual so as to reassign to a position that more appropriately fits their schedule,
and abilities.
25TH, 2013