An Independent Public School

An Independent Public School
Community Newsletter
Issue 14
Wednesday, 12 November
School Details
21 Ambrose Street, Innaloo, WA 6018
Phone: 08 9244 5422
Fax: 08 9446 6195
Email: [email protected]
Absentee Text: 0418 949 529
School Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Recess 11:00-11:20am
Lunch 12:20-1:00pm
Finish 3:00pm
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Yuluma Dental Clinic
Operated on Yuluma Primary
School site, Monday – Friday
Uniform Shop
Phone: 08 9446 8990
Tuesday 8:30am – 9:00am
Thursday 2:45pm – 3:15pm
Finish 2:30pm
Coming Events
14 – Kindy 2015 Info Session
20 – Year 5 Assembly
21 – Family night and disco
24 – Year 5 National Trust
26 – Volunteer Thank you Morning
28 – Kindy 2015 Orientation Day
Term Dates
Term 4 2014
Mon 13th Oct – Thurs 18th Dec
Canteen Days
School Development Days for Term 4
Students do not attend school
Fri 19th December
From the Principal
Greetings All,
Our newsletter this week marks a significant point in time. This week we
start the election of a new school board of staff and parents that will
guide the strategic direction of the school over the next three years.
Nominations are now called for each of 5 parent positions and 3 staff
positions on the board. Parents and Staff are invited to nominate
themselves or another person (with their consent) by completing and
forwarding the slip on the back page to the office. Parent nominees must
be the parent or guardian of an enrolled student at Yuluma PS. All staff
are eligible to nominate. Electronic or paper nominations will be accepted
by the front office till 4pm on 18th November. (Cut off on the last page of
this newsletter)
Elections for the positions will be held from the 19 – 24 November and
the new board announced on 26th November. The Board meets twice
each term in weeks 2 and 8.
The board will, with the school, promote strong values, academic goals and overall strategic direction and will
encourage for example, respect for self, others and property; the promotion of honesty and integrity; and ethical
and moral mores such as commitment, transparency and fairness. I encourage you to consider this opportunity.
Nominations close 18th November.
19- 24th November 9am
Board Announced 26th November.
Recently, surveys of staff, students and parents were launched
from the Federal Government’s website allowing all three
stakeholders an opportunity to comment specifically on their own
school. Student feedback was sought from years 5 to 7. Feedback
from the surveys will help improve the goals and the running of
the school. The surveys will be available this term only at Parents
For specific current student issues please contact your child’s
Congratulations to Mrs Hadfield and all students in the
Performance Extension Program (PEP) group for their fine display
at Westcoast Songfest at the Joondalup Arena last Thursday.
PEP is also singing at K Mart Innaloo today (Wednesday
12/11/14) with the launch of the Christmas Tree.
Finally, students from yr 3-7 were fortunate to catch the Western Australian Youth Orchestra’s String Quartet in their
performance of 5 pieces in our under cover area on Tuesday. Thank you WAYO.
Our Remembrance Day assembly was held at 11.00am yesterday with student leaders Eve Coen and Alyssa Whalen
conducting proceedings and the reading of ‘In Flanders Fields’. Next year and Anzac day particularly, will be a
significant continuation of the centenary of memories beginning in Albany a week ago.
Kim Pitts-Hill
From the Deputy Principal
Thank you morning tea
On the 26th November staff will recognise the efforts of the ever growing group of parents and community
members who give up their time to support our school and students. We are incredibly fortunate to have the support
of so many adults who give up their time on a regular basis for many varied, but important, tasks. Whether it's
changing a reading book, helping a maths group, filling a bowl at breakfast club or giving up time to help with
fundraising we would like show our appreciation to those members of our community that generously give up their
time to make our school a great place. Invitations for this morning tea will go home over the next week.
Kindy Information Session
On Friday morning we welcome our 2015 Kindy parents to the school for the Parent Information Session. In this
important session we will overview the Kindy organisation for 2015.
Care Award
At the beginning of the term I had the pleasure of talking to each class about the term's Care Award and the high
standard we have set relating to behaviour and attendance. It is very rewarding to see so many students working
towards these standards. Those students that earn 9 Care Stamps this term and have less than 3 instances of
unexplained absence and/or lateness will receive an invitation to Events Cinemas Innaloo to see a surprise movie on
December 12.
Edudance 2015
Edudance will run over term 1 2015 starting week 1. The cost will be $25 per child and can be paid at the beginning
of 2015.
Year 3 and Pre-primary Zoo Excursion - By Urvi Patel
On Friday 24 October the Pre-primary and Year 3 class went to the
Perth Zoo. I took my camera with me. We saw the African Savannah
with the African Painted Dog, Cheetah, Fennec Fox, Grant's Zebra,
Hamadryas Baboon, Lion, Radiated Tortoise, Rothchild Giraffe,
Slender Tailed Meerkat, Southern White Rhinoceros, Spotted Hyena,
Ring-Tailed Lemur and Black and White Ruffled Lemur. After that we
went to the Asian Rain Forest where we saw the Asian Elephant,
Small Clawed Otter, Komodo Dragon, Nepalese Red Panda,
Sumatran Orangutan, Sumatran Tiger, Sun Bear, White Cheeked
Gibbon, Reticulated Python, Good Fellows Python and Javan
Gibbon. We went to the Australian bushwalk and saw Dingoes, Emu,
Koala, Numbat, Quokkas, Red-kangaroo, Red-legged Pademelon,
Short Beaked Echidna, Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat, Tammar
Wallaby, Tasmanian Devil, and Western Grey Kangaroo. It was a really great day at the zoo. Thank you to the
teachers and parents for coming along with us.
ABC Act-Belong-Commit String Quartet
We had a fabulous visit from the Youth Orchestra String
Quartet yesterday. We were entertained with some familiar
pieces of music and given messages about being mentally
and physically healthy. The Act, Commit, Belong program
sponsors many programs in our community encouraging
young people to make healthy lifestyle choices and keep fit
both physically and mentally.
Sandra Barnes
Deputy Principal
Library News
Our library is looking very smart and colourful with 3 new couches.
One partly purchased with funds from the visiting Japanese
students and Saint Hilda's Library kindly donated the brown one for
our use. Students have enjoyed reading library books in this
relaxed environment and are taking very good care of them!
Something that may be of interest to avid readers of Jackie French
books is the Family Open Day to be held at the Literature Centre in
Fremantle on Sunday 23rd November from 10 am to 3 pm. Ms
French will be holding two sessions on the day and guarantees to
find the "magic book" to hook your child.
See their website for more details.
Please note there are just 3 weeks of library book borrowing left!
The school library will be closed for borrowing from Friday 28th
November and all library books will need to be returned week 8.
Jenni Alderton
Pre-Primary News
Our pre-primary’s have been learning about festivals and last Friday was Diwali which is an Indian Festival.
Music News
Last week our amazing PEP (Performance Extension Program) kids took part in the Westcoast Songfest. They
represented our school with pride and we received many compliments on their singing, their drumming and their
behaviour. There is a Westcoast Songfest Facebook page with some photos that you may like to peruse. Thanks to
parents, families and staff for the support required to participate in these events. This is what the Music Program is all
about – opportunities to perform!
Our PEP Choir sang at the launch of the Kmart Wishing Tree at Innaloo Shopping Centre this morning. It was great to
see so many supportive faces in the audience.
held in Week 9, on the evening of
Tuesday 9
December. We are
planning for every student in the school
to take part, but we need to know that
they have permission to do so. A
permission note with all the details will
be sent home soon, which we would
appreciate being returned as soon as
Cheryl Hadfield
Music Specialist
Year 1 Assembly
Year 4 Duyfken Excursion
The Year 4 History programme of Exploration and Discovery had their learning experience enriched by visiting one of
the rarest ships in the world - a faithful replica of the first European ship to reach Australia, the Duyfken. The tour
provided a unique history and cultural lesson while exploring the floating museum of the Duyfken, 1606 Replica. The
excursion provided opportunities to find out and experience the primitive conditions on board and how people lived in
the olden days. The Duyfken is a story of the Dutch spice traders and their maritime explorations which led to the
mapping of the western coast of Australia. To go on board a replica of the vessel that made the first European contact
with Australia and Aboriginal peoples was a fabulous learning opportunity and here are some of the Year 4 student
comments about the excursion.
‘Going on the lower deck was scary because we had to hold on to a rope and go down these tiny steps.’ (Michael)
‘Under the main deck, there was a large cargo room, where Elly told us about spices and how one nutmeg was worth
the same value as a horse in the 1600s.’ (Jennifer) ‘On the bottom deck there were lots of valuable spices and there
were some spices which worked like medicine, in those times.’ (Heather) ‘Margo took us down to the Captain’s cabin
and told us the rules and consequences if a crew member went down there.’ (Gabrielle) ‘I had a fascinating journey on
the Duyfken and I wish I could have another interesting excursion like this one.’ (Kaining) Thanks to Ms Poole, Mrs
Moldrich and Whittle sensei for a great excursion.
Year 5 Assembly - Thursday 20th November, 2014.
Synopsis: Entrapment
As young children they dream that they have 'All the time in the world' to find their way, to create, to be whomever
they choose to be. The children work hard but the wicked forest bats entrap all their creativity. Find out if the children
can imagine again and if happiness returns to the forest.
Running / Fitness Club
Running club is still going strong, on Fridays, with a great turn out of students and parents. Tania Maslin
OSH Club – (Outside of School Hours Care)
Hello Families,
Last week at OSHClub was Halloween week. We spent the week making monsters and witches and all kinds of
spooky things. On Halloween we had an awesome party where we all dressed up in costumes and had a lot of fun.
The week before we had animal week. We made animals and homes for them. We talked about where they and
how they survive. We learned about animals which lived long ago and even discussed legendary animals.
And we talked about Australian animals.
Next week we will be learning about the beach and what you would find there. We will also discuss ways to stay safe
at the beach and in the water.
OSHC program phone: 0401567594
Coordinator: Christina TSE
Assistants: Kiralee GIRVAN
OSHClub Head Office: 08 9261 3200
All families must be enrolled to attend the program, remember this is Free!! Please create an account online at all bookings and cancellations can also be managed via your online account. For on the day
bookings please contact the Coordinator direct at the program.
Reliability means that others can depend on you to keep your commitments. Reliability is
doing something that you have agreed to do without forgetting or having to be reminded.
When people are unreliable, others can’t trust them to keep their promises.
It is important to keep your word.
School Development Days 2015
January 29th and 30th
April 20th
October 12th
December 18th
P&C News
Family Disco (please see attached flyer)
We are asking all students to bring in a donation of Christmas food/item for the hampers we will raffle on the night.
Donations can be left in the front office.
We will also need parent volunteers to help on the stalls on the night. Pleases place your name on the sign up sheet in
the front office.
A big thank you to all families that have returned their Lapathon sponsorship money. We have raised $1659 so far.
Congratulations to the year 6/7 class that won the class prize for the most money raised. The Individual prizes will be
drawn at Thursday’s assembly.
The canteen is in need of parent volunteers. Your children
would love to see you helping for a couple of hours and they
will also love the free icecream they receive for you helping
out. If you can spare 2 hours please see Sally in the canteen
and sign up on the volunteer sheet. Your time is greatly
Bunnings Sausage Sizzle
We had another great sausage sizzle and raised a record
A big thanks to all the parent volunteers and a special thanks
to Tania and Raelene from the office for volunteering also.
Little Feasts
‘Little Feast meals can be ordered via email at [email protected]. There are now 5 different delicious varieties
in 3 different sizes – a handy, healthy option delivered frozen for your convenience! The benefit to our P&C has
increased with 10% of all purchases (net of GST) donated back to the school. Delivery is Thursday 27 November
(Week 7) so get your orders in before these dates. For more information visit’
Artists of the Month
Ruby and Eve
Aussies of the Month
Mark and Tarquin
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position on the Yuluma Primary School Board.
Nomination accepted _________________________ (signature of nominee)
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