Sample TCA Scholarship Application 2014-2015 Current Address:

Sample TCA Scholarship Application 2014-2015
Questions marked with * are required.
Full Legal Name*
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Permanent Address:
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Personal Information:
1. Social Security Number*
2. Applicant Headshot*
Upload a print-compatible (300 dpi) headshot labeled with your full name. Click here to see an example.
3. Birth Date & Place
 Date of Birth*
 Place of Birth*
4. What is your connection to the trucking industry?
 Trucking Company*
 Family Member Name*
 Family Member’s Relationship to You*
 Company President/CEO*
 Address*
5. Please explain, in no more than 300 words, how you or your family member’s career in the trucking
industry has influenced your family life.*
6. Personal Statement Clip:
Judging for TCA Scholarships is based, in part, on support for the trucking industry. If you would like to
provide a brief personal statement about why the industry is important to you, please upload a video or
audio clip that is no longer than one minute.
School & Education Information:
Class in the Fall:*
 Freshman
 Sophomore
 Junior
 Senior
Current GPA*
Current Major*
Upcoming Semester’s Course Schedule*
List academic honors you have received and honorary scholastic societies to which you have been
12. List scholarships, fellowships, and/or prizes you have received during your school career.*
Sample TCA Scholarship Application 2014-2015
13. List and identify the extracurricular activities in which you have participated and the clubs and
organizations of which you have been a member, indicating any offices held.*
14. Financial Information:
 What is the tuition-only amount that will be due for the next academic year?*
 What scholarships and grants will you receive toward tuition for the next academic year?*
 What loans will you receive toward tuition for the next academic year?*
15. Describe briefly any independent study, research, or writing which you have completed or are now
completing, including (1) where and (2) under whom completed. (Do not send copies.)*
16. Please provide the name and address of the college/university to which funds should be sent in the
event that you are awarded a scholarship.
 College/University*
 Department*
 Attention*
 Address*
Career & Employment Information:
Please indicate what you plan to do after graduation.*
Describe briefly military service, dates thereof, and present military status.*
To what extent have you been self-supporting during your school career? ____%
How many hours (average) did you work each week during:
 The last school year?
 The current school year?
21. Describe the nature of your work during your school years.
22. List in reverse order the last three full-time or part-time jobs in which you have been employed for more
than six months, to include:
 Employer
 Address
 Dates
 Type of Work
 Full Time/Part Time
23. Give as references the names of three persons, not relatives, who know your character. A faculty advisor
or professor and at least one other instructor with whom you have studied should be included.
 Name
 Occupation
 Address
 E-mail
 Telephone