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Release date : Oct 17, 2014;
Rated: R; Genre: Action/
Cast: Brad Pitt, Shia
LaBeouf, Logan Lerman,
Michael Pena
TAURUS (Apr 21 - May 21)
This week might be best time to bring out your hidden
natural talents. This week you’ll have a practical approach towards things and experience a calm feeling.
You might also find yourself exploring the beauty of life and find
happiness in your surroundings. You will feel free, down to the
ground and will understand that focusing on one thing brings
benefits in the long run. Keep your important work for Monday
as it’ll be lucky for you this week.
GEMINI (May 22 - Jun 21)
This week will have a positive effect on your behavior.
Your social interactions and mental stability will bring
popularity and benefits to you. You may be the one
offering a helping hand to a person in need. Your
logical mental strength will bring will have a positive effect on
all spheres of life. Keep your bags ready as small trips or nearby
travelling is seen on the cards this week! Wednesday is the
lucky day for you this week.
replacement, a terrified and
ill-prepared combat virgin
(The Perks of Being a Wallflower's Logan Lerman),
who's been plucked from the
steno pool and sent to the
front line. We've all seen
these olive-hued types before:
the tough-as-nails leader with
a hidden streak of compassion (Pitt), the wide-eyed
innocent (Lerman), the
Southern-fried loudmouth
(The Walking Dead's Jon
Bernthal), the soft-spoken
grunt (Michael Peña), and the
(Shia LaBeouf). The problem
is, Ayer, the writer and direc-
tor of such existential macho
action flicks as Harsh Times
and End of Watch, isn't interested in giving his characters
more than one note to play.
It's as if they walked out of
an old Sgt. Rock comic. Pitt,
for instance, could've used a
scene like Tom Hanks' in
Saving Private Ryan, where
we learn something anything
about his life back home and
what he's fighting for besides
the Stars and Stripes. Instead,
Fury (the title comes from the
name of the tank) just plods
from one brutal, bloody combat scene to the next.
Mollie King reveals her favourite
statement bags from Folli Follie's
As it's recently been confirmed
that Mollie King is back dating
male model David Gandy, it's
fair to say the singer has good
taste. Now the Saturday's star
has partnered with Greek brand
Folli Follie to showcase their
autumn/winter collection of
stylish accessories including
ARIES (Mar 21 - Apr 20)
Patience levels are expected to fall more from the
usual. Quick reactions and decisions are also possible in this period. The child within you takes charge
this week and lightens the stressful ambience caused. Utilize
the excessive energies within you in some physical activities.
Take some time off for your favorite sport. This week, the
moon will let you express your bottled up anger and unsaid
feelings as well. Tuesday will be lucky for you this week.
Aside from 1943's Sahara and
1970's Kelly's Heroes, we have
a hard time coming up with any
war movie. Maybe it's because
unlike soaring fighter jets or
loaded-for-bear battleships,
these lumbering beasts of
burden aren't exactly the
flashiest pieces of military
hardware. They're the grunting
workhorses of combat: 30-ton
steel sardine cans on plodding
track wheels that make the
cramped confines of a
submarine look downright
That stifling sense of
claustrophobia hangs over
almost every scene in David
Ayer's new WWII film, Fury.
Set in April 1945 as the Allies are advancing into Nazi
Germany, where the soon-tobe-defeated Hitler is digging
in his heels and mounting one
final desperate push, the
movie tells the story of a
battle-scarred American tank
unit. Led by Brad Pitt's stoic
Sgt. Don ''Wardaddy'' Collier, this band of brothers has
been through hell together —
from Africa to France, Belgium, and now Germany.
Their long march is almost
over, but looking at their
grime-caked faces and
stares, you'd never get the
impression that they're on the
winning side.
As the film opens, the unit
has just lost a member of its
five-man crew and takes on a
statement bags and gold
She told Grazia Daily:
'There are styles for every
occasion and the vibrant hues
are the perfect way to add a
pop of colour to your outfit.'
Among the 27-year-old's
favourite items are a
'Heat4Heart' grey handbag for
£220. She said: 'The quilted
finish is super luxe and looks
great in the warm grey. The
detachable strap makes it’s
really easy to wear.'
She also loves the vibrant
letterbox red Nomad Body
Bag for £150. She said: 'It's
great for when I’m on the go.
It's just the right size to fit all
of the essentials.'
When it comes to jewellery, she said she loves to
stack up multiple bangles on
her wrist in different designs
because 'mixing metals is a
key trend this season'. Rumours have been swirling for
weeks that Mollie is back
dating model David, 34, after
they have been pictured together on a number of recent
Now he has alluded to
their reconciliation in the
Evening Standard Magazine
and even hinted that they
could get married. Writer
Laura Craik spotted that
Mollie has her own labelled
drawer in David's walk-in
wardrobe whilst researching
an article on his Fulham
Oblivious to David's
former relationship with
Mollie, Laura quips: 'Wow.
A lady with her own drawer
in the house, someone book
the church.' To which he
replies: 'There you go. Even
though she steals all my
clothes.' So it seems Folli
Follie may soon have to start
planning some bridal accessories for Mollie. —Agencies
Ph. D. Awarded
Seikholal Kom has been awarded the
Degree of Doctorate of Philosophy
(Ph.D) in Political Science by NorthEastern Hill University (NEHU) for his
thesis ìEthnic Movement for Autonomy:
A Study of the Kukis of Manipurî under
the supervision of Prof. TT Haokip. He
is the son of Pacho Kom and
Nemjaneng of Khundengthabi Village,
Chandel District, Manipur.
Ph.D. Degree Awarded
Smt. Ranjana Rajkumari D/O R.K.
Nilamani Singh and R. K. (O) Achoubi
Devi of Kongba Makha Nandeibam
Leikai Imphal East has been awarded
the degree of Doctor of Philosophy
(Ph.D) by the Assam University Silchar
(vide order No. AURW-13/02R/04/2013
dated 26th September 2014) for her
thesis entitled ìETHNOBOTANICAL
She pursued her research work under
the supervision of Dr. Ajitkumar Das (Supervisor) & Prof. B.K.
Dutta (Co-Supervisor) of Department of Ecology & Environmental Sciences, Assam University and Prof. P.K. Singh (CoSupervisor) of Life Sciences Department, Manipur University.
At present she is working as Associate Prof. Botany Department of D. M. College of Science, Imphal. She is the wife
of Mr. Moirangthem Ibohanbi Singh of Khurai Chingangbam
Leikai, Thingom Leirak, Imphal.
Chrissy Teigen was watching
her figure and she made sure
everyone else was too during
this New York City Wine &
Food Festival event.
The 28-year-old model
opted for a slimming outfit on
Friday as she hit up the Blue
Moon Burger Bash, one of
the festival high points.
Chrissy was wearing an
ultra-short pair of flare shorts
in ivory that she matched with
a stylishly loose white blouse
and white pumps with four
inch heels.
Not surprisingly, Chrissy
skipped the juicy burger and
dug into a more sensible cup
of yoghurt at the Yoplait
Greek station.
The Sports Illustrated
Swimsuit beauty - who
graced that publication's 2014
cover with Lily Aldridge and
Nina Agdal in just the barest
briefs - seemed to love the
lighter fare.
LEO (Jul 23 - Aug 22)
You can expect your high spirits to continue bringing
positivity and happiness your way. Socializing and
sharing experiences will satisfy your need of communicating. Again the week may not improve in terms
of productivity. The present scenario suggests you to uplift your
positive energies to overpower the negativity which tries to
surround you. Sunday will be your lucky day to start something
new this week.
VIRGO (Aug 23 - Sep 23)
The Perfectionist Virgos can welcome the week with
some outstanding ideas and plans. Being an excellent
employee, you’ve always been coming up with great
ideas and this week sees some appreciation coming
your way in the professional front. If you’ve been planning
a vacation since some time, this week can be a great one to
execute it. Wednesday will be lucky for you this week.
SCORPIO (Oct 24 - Nov 22)
This week brings maturity and seriousness in your attitude. You understand the complexities of situations and
act sensibly. You are aware and well prepared to face any
challenge coming through therefore you easily deal with
the situations arising. A positive outlook will further add positivity to
life and create a peaceful aura around you. Choose Tuesday to start
something new or important as the day will be lucky this week.
SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23 - Dec 21)
Sagittarius can welcome the coming week as the perfect time to focus on self. As Mars enters Sagittarius, a
feeling to experience adventure takes over your mind.
You may feel restless due to the excessive energy you
carry. Involving yourself in multiple tasks is a great idea
this week. Invest time in physical activities to avoid anxiety and
stress taking over your mind due to the energy outbursts and delays coming across in all fields. Choose Thursday for special
dealings as this lucky day will bring positive results your way.
CAPRICORN (Dec 22 - Jan 20)
Pluto entering Capricorn will bring out your original
self and superficiality will come to an end. You will look
for authenticity and your intuitive powers will guide you
through for the same. Capricorn will deal with the delays coming their way with positivity and intelligence. This week
you’ll try to achieve something that you’ve always desired. You
will experience inner growth and your ambitions and goals will
appear clearer than ever. Saturday will be your lucky day this week.
AQUARIUS (Jan 21 - Feb 19)
This week you need to keep this thought close to you and
believe in steady progress. This period can be a good time
to experiment with your friendly nature. Talk to colleague
at work or walk over to your new neighbours. Astrologers also mention great opportunities waiting for you in the near future. So take a
deep breath and enjoy. Leaving important work for Sunday will
bring positive results.
PISCES (Feb 20 - Mar 20)
Pisces find challenges coming their way this week,
mainly relating to delivery issues, delays, losses and
misunderstandings. However, the imaginative Pisces
keep their mind at work and try to find the next possible
outcome to any problem which they face during the week. This
week you will feel more connected to the outer world. You may
feel inspirational and self-sacrificing as well, in this period. Thursday will bring positive results in any work that you take up.
Jay Z and Beyonce spend £550 Jena Malone to star in
to hire playground for Blue Ivy the new Batman film !!
Most patrons of the Bramleys
Big Adventure pay around £4
for their young children to
enjoy the play centre. But Jay Z
and Beyonce aren't like most
parents as they decided to
I have lost my service Identity Card of HAG 55476 sp coy
6 IRB issued by the CO of 6th IRB on the way between
Churachandpur and Imphal on 17.10.2014. Finders if any are
requested to give it back to the undersigned.
Sd/- H. Tualkhanlian
New Lamka, Dorcasí Veng Churachandpur
Contact no : 9862199842
The 18th October, 2014
This is to inform to all the teachers who are serving under
Moreh Block of Autonomous District Council, Chandel that
the Education Dept. ADC Chandel is Organising a Seminer
on School Education in Hills (its problems & Aspects) on 21st
October, 2014 at Conference Hall, Trade Centre, Moreh from
10 a.m to 3 p.m in the presence of the Honíble MDCs (Moreh
Block), ADC Chandel.
In this connection, all the Teachers are requested to attend
the said Seminar without fail and if a teacher is neglected
the Seminar, actions shall be taken to those teachers.
Sd/- Zamhao Haokip
Duputy Inspector of Schools
Autonomus District council, Chandel
CANCER (Jun 22 - Jul 22)
This is a moody week for Cancerians. The week brings
outburst of emotions and need of love and security. You
feel comfortable at home, and those having to travel this
week will not be at their best. The week will overall be
a relaxed one with no major disturbances. Moodiness and feeling
of insecurity may try to take over your heart and mind; taking the
reasonable turn will bring out the best in you at this time. Your
lucky day this week is Thursday.
LIBRA (Sep 24 - Oct 23)
The Mercury going into Retrograde will have some disturbances in delivering work, executing plans and
personal relationships. However the diplomatic and
graceful Libra will have no challenges in dealing with
the ongoing changes. The smart mind of Libra will manage to make
something productive out of the week. Leave your important meetings for Friday as the day brings good luck to you this week.
Business leader and financial consultant (agent) for a reputed insurance company of India.
Qualification : 10+2 & above.
Contact number : 8974095651, 8794708483
instead hire out the entire indoor
playground just for Blue Ivy.
Jay Z was seen outside the
venue located in Notting Hill
under the Westway on Friday
afternoon, and they paid a
minimum of £550 for the
Though the adventure park
isn't exactly the most luxurious of establishments, it is
located in the area many believe the couple have bought
It was reported Jay Z and
Beyonce bought themselves a
sprawling £5.5million London townhouse. After looking
both in Mayfair and out in the
sticks – the Cotswolds – the
pair are believed to have chosen a detached property in
West London.
A source is reported to
have said: 'Both Jay and
Beyonce are Anglophiles and
have been toying with the idea
of getting a pad for a couple
of years now. 'On previous
trips, they have stayed in five
star hotels and, on one occasion, a rented mansion. While
money isn't an issue, it makes
sense for them to have a more
permanent base and get to
know one particular area.
As well as a host of trendy
restaurants and Portobello
market, their supposed new
home is near a number of top
primary schools – should the
couple want to make the move
more permanent and school
Blue Ivy in England.
The family of three arrived
in London from Paris having
enjoyed some time in the
French capital to explore the
cultural offerings at the Louvre and other famous
landmarks. On Thursday,
Beyonce and Jay Z were
given a private tour of a community arts project in south
London and sculpture galleries in east London as part of
the Frieze art fair.
They later enjoyed dinner
at Hakkasan restaurant having
taken their fill of the capital's
artistic offerings. —Agencies
Sl.No. J-35
2nd Prize Sl.No. T-73
will be re-draw on 27-10-2014
Sl.No. D-14,
5th Prize Sl.No. Q-19
Sl.No. T-66
Sd/- Makudimliu
Seven Sisters Social Dev. Society
As approved by the Core committee,
An Emergency General Body Meeting of the
Ex-V.V.F. Volunteers Association
As approved by the Core Commmittee in its meeting held
on 16.10.14 an emergency general meeting of the All
Manipur V.V.F. Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association will be
held on 30.10.2014 at 10.00 a.m. in the premises of Tribal
Research Institute, Chingmeirong, Imphal to discuss the following agenda.
Therefore, all the members of the Association are requested to attend the meeting without fail.
Agenda :
1. Progress report as well as the obstacle/hindrance of the
2. Proposal of future Plan for the welfare of the Association.
3. Misc. etc.
Sd/- L.R. MAKI
All Manipur V.V.F.,
Ex-Servicemen Welfare Assn.
Move over Chris O'Donnell
there is a new Robin in town and she is probably going to
look a whole lot better in tights.
The Caped Crusader is
reportedly getting a new sidekick in Batman v Superman:
Dawn Of Justice - and this
time Robin will be played by
a woman. Local Michigan
television station WILX 10
revealed on Friday that Robin
will be played by Jena
While the Batman set in
Michigan is on lockdown with everyone from crew
members to extras sworn to
secrecy - the television station reports a source let the
big casting news slip.
Montgomery revealed: 'The
character of Robin as scripted
now is female actress Jenna
Malone was spotted on set in
Rumours had started to
swirl that the 29-year-old actress had been cast in the film
- which stars Ben Affleck as
Batman - after she dyed her
hair a bright cartoon-esque
Posting a picture on
Instagram on October 3, the
star did not spill the beans on
the reason behind her new
shade. Instead she captioned
the picture: 'Drastic times call
for drastic measures.'
LIC Offers
An Independent Career with a Bright Future
Are you ambitious, sincere, prepared to work hard, and
wish to become your own Master ?
If YOU ARE, you may be right person for solution as a
Carrier Agent.
# Rs.1000/- for first three months.
# Rs.2000/- thereafter upon three years inclusive of finance.
business procured after three months.
# Age : 21-35 years based on last birth day. The age limit
may be relaxed upto 40 yrs for candidates belonging to SC/
ST and Ex-servicemen and those having Sales and Marketing
Employees and Agents of LIC of India, spouse of employees
in Central/State Govt. and Public undertaking are not eligible.
RESIDENTIAL STIPULATION: A resident for at least one
year within the jurisdiction of the Urban Branch on the date
of notification of recruitment.
NOTE: Full details of examination etc. will be available at the
contact place. Please fill up the Bio-Data Given below and
mail it to the Branch Manager, LIC of India, Career Agent
Branch, B.T. Road, Imphal - 795001 where you wish to be
considered for selection so as to reach the Office on or
before 12-11-2014.
1. Full Name : Mr / Mrs / Miss ......................................................
(in capital letter/Surname First)
2. Permanent Address : ...............................................................
3. i. Present Address : ...............................................................
ii. Staying Address : ...............................................................
4. Date of Birth : ..........................................................................
5. Educational Qualification : ...........................................................
6. a) Are you at present employed ?
b) If yes, state full name and address of employer and nature
of employment ?
c) Are you at present a LIC Agent ?
7. Particulars of Relatives who are employee in LIC
(State name, designation, B.O/D.O/Z.O./C.O Relationship)
8. Particulars of Relatives who are employees of State/Central
Govt./Public Sectors Undertakings.
9. a) Do you belong to SC/ST/OBC/NI ?
10. Tel No. ................ Mobile No. ............ (for contact)
I hereby state and declare that the particulars given herein
above are true to the best of my knowledge.
(Candidateís Signature)
Note: 1) Form to be completed by candidates in his own
handwriting, 2) Incorrect or insufficient information may result
in the application being rejected. 3. Residential Certificates
from concerned competent authority i.e. SDC/SDO/
Sd/- Branch Manager, LICI,
Career Agentsí Branch B.T. Road, Imphal
Please contact # 2449634 (O)