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High Time update
Today, 30th November, 4.00pm HT Hall, Advent
Course con nues. It is not too late to come if you
have not signed up! Please come along.
Good News!
Wednesday 3rd December, 2.30pm Blackbrook
Park House Carol Service. Singers needed. Please
speak to Garry.
High Time Prayer for this week
Saturday, 6th December, Breakfast Prayer for High
Time 8.30am. Prayers at 9.00‐9.30am. Please
come and support your Church’s cause.
Sanctuary Lamp
Following the recent quinquennial insurance
inspec on during which the sanctuary lamp was
checked, we have been informed that the lamp is
unsafe and requires repairs cos ng approx.
£1,500. This has caused us to review the type and
posi on of the lamp. The Fabric Commi ee will be
recommending to the PCC that this be changed to a
wall lamp at a cost of approximately £600, which
will be a one‐off charge. For reasons of safety we
have been advised to remove the lamp un l we can
make this changeover. Please bear with us.
Help is urgently needed to clear vegeta on
between church and Scout den, to enable repairs to
the chancel to be carried out – date(s) to be
arranged. If you can help, please speak to John
Weekly Gi Envelopes.
Please pick up your Weekly Gi Envelopes from the
back of the church. It is a good me to switch to
Bankers Order and anyone wishing to do so please
contact either Gordon Uphill or Paul Leece
Fareham Borough Council has granted our
planning permission for the High Time Work.
We pray for discernment in appoin ng
the right contractor. We feel the
burden of responsibility!
High Time for photo restora on
Steve Ellis would like to reproduce your “old”
photos back to their former glory. Nominal
fee to cover cost of materials. The rest goes to
the High Time appeal. Please speak to me to
discuss further. Examples of what are possible
are shown on the poster at the back of
Pastoral Visitors—Important booklet on
Safeguarding available for collec on for those
unable to a end last Monday.
Saturday 13th December, 8.45 am Holy Trini‐
ty Parish Hall Men’s Group Breakfast. Bacon
Bu es, tea, coffee and chat. Contact Revd
Garry Roberts for more details.
Sunday 14th December, 12.30pm St Columba
Christmas Lunch. Ticket price £10.00 adult
and Child (12yrs and under) £5.00. Tickets
available from Margaret Handley F. 608817.
The Floodligh ng this week is sponsored by
Hazel, Tim, Sam and Ka e
In thanks for 15 fantas c years in Fareham
No ces
A note to say ‘Thank you’ to everyone who
purchased vegetables in the summer. We
collected £26 for the Basics Bank—Marion
2014 Christmas Day Lunch for People Alone
The organisers of this year’s event are looking
for dona ons towards the cost of gi s and
raffle prizes, small gi s and food items such
as mince pies. Please encourage anyone you
know, who is going to be alone this
Christmas Day to consider coming to lunch.
Contact: Jennie Romecheva 01329 223140 at
Community Ac on Fareham
Christmas Voucher Scheme for the
Homeless. How about dona ng a £5 gi
card? See details on no ceboard in church.
Please purchase your gi and leave with the
parish office by 10th December. Thank you.
Fareham Community Church Vacancy
Full Time Youth Worker: Salary from £18K
(commensurate with qualifica ons and
experience) For more details contact: Mark
Nash on 01329 829121 or email:
[email protected]
Christmas Tree Fes val 4th—6th December
at Methodist Church, Kings Road. Entry £2
including tea and mince pie. The Nu y
Kni ers need your support and vote as if we
win money will be divided between the Hub
and the St Columba Development Fund.
Prayers for the week
People with special concerns: Leslie, David, Julie,
Sally, Audrey, Dorothy, Ruth, Lorraine, and Irene.
Those that have died: Hilda Billimore, Jill
Prayers for the people of the Parish who live in:
Meadowbank Road, Middle Mead, Miller Drive.
Almighty God,
as your kingdom dawns,
turn us from the darkness of sin to the
light of holiness,
that we may be ready to meet you
in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Anniversaries of Death—November/December
30th Irene Bicker, Daniel Saunders,
Jessie Simpson
Edith Godwin
2nd Mabel Budden, Dorothy Chilliston,
Gill Redgwell
3rd Peggy Fraser, Edith Hearsey.
4th Andrew Corbin, Frank La y, Laura
Muncaster, Dorothy Spurrel, Patricia Wilson
5th Wendy Biddis, Lily Emery
6th Ron Locke
St Peter and St Paul, Fareham
The Parish gives thanks :
The con nued support for our church building
by the Friends of St Peter’s.
Cafe Connect which meets monthly in the
Parish rooms.
The Parish seeks prayer for:
Our Christmas Tree Fes val and Bazaar on the
12th & 13th December.
Our ongoing outreach to young families and
the growth of our C Zone Sunday group for
No ce Sheet
30th November 2014
Advent Sunday
Monday 1st December Church open 11am‐3pm
Morning Prayer
HT Church
Tuesday 2nd December Church open 11am‐3pm
Prayer Group
HT Church
Mothers’ Union Advent Service
HT Church/Hall
Wednesday 3rd December Church open 11am‐3pm
Morning Prayer
HT Church
Li le Fishes
HT Hall
Holy Communion
HT Church
Isaiah 25.6‐10a; Ma hew 15.29‐37
Blackbrook Park Carols
Blackbrook Park
Thursday 4th December Church open 11am‐1pm
Circle Dancing
HT Hall
Friday 5th December
Church open 11am‐3pm
Choir Prac ce
HT Church
Saturday 6th December
Church open 11am‐1pm
Breakfast Prayer High Time
HT Church
Choir to sing Carols
at HMS Collingwood
Holy Communion
Steve Dent
Revd Sally Davenport
Holy Communion
Steve Dent
Revd Sally Davenport
Sara Smith
Intercessor: Mary Holliday‐Bishop
Sue Purcell and
Ruth Burridge
Revd Garry Roberts to Junior Church
Revd Keith Wickert at St John’s Church
Readings Today
Isaiah 64.1‐9; Mark 13.24‐end
Services next Sunday
7th December 2014
Holy Trinity
Revd Sally Davenport; Tel: 07500 775926
Email: [email protected]
Asst. Curate: Revd Keith Wickert; Tel: 07717 312426;
Email : [email protected]
Asst. Curate: Revd Garry Roberts; Tel: 07554 142729
Email: [email protected]
Churchwardens at Holy Trinity Church:
Mrs Sheila Holliday ‐ Tel: 01329 310277
Mrs Daphne Armstrong Tel: 01329 280869
Team Vicar at St Columba Church:
Revd Ruth Schofield Tel: 01329 842300
11.30 am
St Columba
Holy Communion
Holy Communion
Bap sm Owen Wills and Scarle Miller
Holy Communion
Morning Worship
Readings next Sunday
Isaiah 40.1‐11; Mark 1.1‐8
Parish Office: Tel 01329 232688. Parish Office, Holy Trinity
Church, West Street, Fareham, PO16 0EL
Opening Times: 9am‐12n Mon‐Fri. Email: offi[email protected]
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